I haven’t prepared meatballs for 3 years. These snails are tastier

Campfire Cooking – Pigs in a Blanket

Campfire cooking recipes are not complete with out the family favorite, the pig in a blanket. They can be made with hotdogs, jumbo hotdogs, little smokies, breakfast sausages or brats and the blanket is usually made from either a bread dough or a slice of bread with a toothpick inserted to hold the slice together.

Dinner Recipes Can Be Easy If You Know the Secrets

It’s nice to know there are a lot of ideas around for quick meals. Many types of chores get neglected as well as other things. Unfortunately, that includes fixing meals as well.

Is it Possible to Cook a Lobster Humanely?

The first time that you cook Lobster can be a little disturbing. The idea of tossing a live animal into boiling water just doesn’t seem right. Learn some of the alternatives in this article.

Clay Bakers – Ancient Crock Pots

Clay bakers have been used throughout history by monarchs, merchants and peasants for everything from royal feasts to simple bread. Their use and production is on the rise as they provide extremely healthy meals and simple clean up. Find out what you’ve been missing!

Appetizer Tips

Generally appetizers are used in the parties to have a fun filled atmosphere. The appetizer ideas deal with every aspect of the party from planning the party to managing the party.

I’m Sick of Store Bought Pasta – Time to Make My Own

Did you know you can quite easily make your own pasta? I’m a big fan of spaghetti, but I’m getting tired of overpaying for bland tasting noodles at the store. With the price of wheat going up so much the “horrible for you” regular pasta we have to buy is even more expensive.

Green Cooking – 24 Ways to Reduce Kitchen Energy Consumption and Increase Efficiency

Americans waste hundreds of dollars per year when cooking because they are unaware of the opportunities to save energy and time in their home kitchens. Based on ongoing research and kitchen observation, most cooks use inappropriate appliances, misuse kitchen tools and select the wrong methods for their cooking tasks. These seemingly minor decisions made when cooking result in countless hours lost and energy wasted every day. While much progress has been made in making the public aware of energy conservation throughout the home, the kitchen, with its many appliances and high energy usage, is often overlooked.

Wild Mushrooms – The Superstar of the Vegetable World!

As a professional chef for the last 25 years, I have come to the conclusion that wild mushrooms are one of the main gems of the kitchen. Their versatility and flavour are second to none, and when in season definitely worth indulging in and experimenting with. I have included a simple recipe you can try which will give you a great introduction to them, if you haven’t used them before.

What is a Shallot and How to Cook Them

Ever wondered what is a shallot and how you might use it in your cooking? In France, shallots are used often in recipes, where their mild onion taste subtly flavors sauces and other dishes. Learn how to select, store and prepare shallots, adding a flavorful ingredient to your kitchen repertoire.

Ideal Cooking Equipment For Your Kitchen

There are many types of cooking equipments. A good choice of cooking equipments will ensure that you will have the best cooking experience and enjoy the food you cook. Learn more on some of the essential equipments needed for your cooking.

Betty Crocker Cake Decorating Kit

Cakes are cut in celebrations like wedding, anniversaries, birthday parties or in social gatherings to climax the event. It has to be decorated in carefully chosen colors to be attractive. Common decorations done are icing and drawing flowers.

Cake Decorating Classes

The demand for cakes has really gone high. This is due to increase of social functions like birthdays, weddings and large scale weddings. Nowadays, the menus of these social functions have changed to include desserts like pastries, chocolate fudges and decorative cakes.

Seasoning Food and Hot Drinks With Herbs and Spices Will Jingle Your Taste Buds This Holiday Season

We all need a healthy chef in our lives. Food that is healthy for us can be simple to prepare if we learn to become our own healthy chef.

Some Cake Decorating Ideas

A cake decorating idea that should not be hard to come up with is one that is meant to beautify a bakery product that is supposed to go to a loved one. Are you getting the idea? Yes, a heart shaped design will do the trick for you.

Cake Decorating For Halloween

Among all the functions for which you can decorate a cake, none makes a more creative work of art like Halloween themes. The culture dates back to the Celtic rituals that took place ages ago. The idea behind it is that the spirit and ghost world and the human world do cross each others paths at one time during the yearly calendar.

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