I haven’t eaten SOMETHING tastier – POTATOES with MINCED MEAT in the OVEN

How to To Cook the Thanksgiving Day Turkey

Holiday time is just around the corner and Thanksgiving is just days away. One of the most often asked questions is how to best cook the Turkey. The centerpiece at any Thanksgiving Dinner is the “Bird”, we all want our turkey to look well roasted, brown and juicy. No respectable housewife wants to present her guests a dried up turkey. There are many methods for cooking the perfect turkey, which one you choose usually follows family tradition.

Great Fried Chicken Recipes Make All the Difference

There is nothing better than one of the great fried chicken recipes. Or maybe I should say there is nothing better than great fried chicken. It’s so good, crunchy and juicy all at the same time–and so satisfying. Where do you get yours? I like Popeyes or KFC. But have you ever tried to make it? In reality it’s not too hard to make, as long as you have a good recipe.

The Perfect Soup Tureen & Ladle

Serving the perfect soup is an art, finding the perfect soup tureen and soup ladle is a bit of trick. These quick tips will take the guess work away and make presenting and serving your creation a snap!

Cooking With the Right Knives

When you watch the cooking shows on television you marvel at the way they can cut and chop the food. Like any other art the result comes from the right tools and how they are used. As I was reading to prepare for this article I was surprised to learn a dull knife is dangerous.

How to Make Sweet Potatoes For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving would not be complete without sweet potatoes or yams. If you are not from America you may not be familiar with this vegetable. They originally came from South America, where they were native to the land. They are now grown in many other warm regions. They came to our shores long ago by slaves coming to America. Sweet potato can be cooked in the same ways as white potatoes. They do differ from white potatoes in that they can be used as pie filling. This is a very common practice in the American South.

Soup, Stews, and Stocks, Oh My!

Getting your kitchen in shape to tackle soup, chili and chowder recipes is a snap! Yes, there’s a few tools of the soup trade that are useful to have on hand – a small investment will open up a world of new culinary soup adventures. Save money with delicious soups and discover your inner artist!

Learn to Substitute Ingredients in Recipes

What to do if you do not have the right ingredients for a recipe? Maybe you just want to change a recipe around for something different.

Cooking Food – Different Methods For Different Foods

Cooking food will be the topic that will lead your mind to the several techniques to ready the foods before serving them on your dining table. Certainly, the foods will be cooked based on people’s taste or will depend on the meal you wanna prepare. For example, you can steam, bake or grill the foods.

Learn Healthy Cooking Options From Cooking Magazines

Healthy cooking has become a casualty to our fast-paced modern lifestyle. When time seems a luxury, we are looking for easier options, like home-delivered burgers, pizzas, and other fast food from take-away eateries. Even the home cooking is now getting increasingly confined to scrambled eggs. Reason? The lack of time and awareness about healthy diet.

Why Do Many People Prefer Down Home Cooking?

The down home cooking will be the things you will for all time miss very much, as it brings a different feeling for you. Perhaps, you wanna eat at your favorite restaurant very often or for your particular occasions. You will find the delicious and special-prepared foods served for you.

Freezer Cooking – A Great Way to Save Money on Your Monthly Grocery Bill

Cooking items one day a week and freezing them is a great way to save time and money. Tips and strategies to make this method of cooking easier.

Fast Cooking – 5 Top Tips How to Prepare Delicious Healthy Meals in 30 Minutes Or Less

Never has the need for fast cooking skills been as great as now. In this hectic modern time, we often don’t find time to cook and take our refuge to ready-made meals or take-aways that cost us a fortune and can have quite a negative impact on our health. But if you follow the simple tips outlined in this article, you can prepare great meals in as little as half an hour. You will safe a lot of money, and your family’s health will benefit too.

Why Choose Pressure Canning and What is It?

What is pressure canning? Why should I use it instead of water bath canning? Discover the difference between the two and the dangerous reason why you need to use pressure canning for certain foods.

Barbecue Cleaning Made Simple

As the barbecue season begins, our attention is turned to the chore of cleaning the barbecue grill. This barbecue cleaning guide offers useful hints and tips to make the process of cleaning your barbecue grill much easier.

Tips For Roasting a Turkey

You may been told that roasting a turkey is something difficult to do. Well, you will discover by reading these tips that it isn’t as hard as it sounds. This article will teach you a basic method for roasting a turkey. Step-by-step instructions included.

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