I have never eaten meat so delicious, tender and juicy!

Advantages of Glass Cutting Boards

Whether you’re a TOP CHEF, an everyday mom and dad cooking for yourself and family, or you’re just a hardcore health conscious individual, having the right cutting board is essential. Let’s focus on the positives: Glass or tempered cutting boards depending on the brand you choose are virtually indestructible. For instance, the brand Tuftop is made with highly tempered glass that will look like new for years in your kitchen without cracks, chips, scratches, or cut marks.

What is the Best Turkey Cooking Temperature?

Some people mistakenly cook a turkey at too high a temperature, and keep it in for far too long – this can leave you with a turkey that is very dry and over cooked. Don’t let that happen to you.

The Great Annual Tradition – Cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey

Are you feeling some stressed about cooking thanksgiving turkey? Most likely, the stress isn’t caused by a lack of cooking skills, but a lack of confidence, since you want to make sure that the holiday is perfect, and the meal served up meets everyone’s expectations.

Grandma Hystad’s Cleaning Tips, Food Information

When we spill something on our rug, chairs, we spend a lot of time trying to find out how to remove it. Most stains require different treatments. You can save on your house cleaning bill with very good results using less toxic substances. I have put together some of Grandma’s Hystad’s cleaning, stain removal tips, you can copy and have the information on one page for future reference.

Planning a Menu For Your Family

Need quick meals? Need them fast? Don’t sacrifice good eating for convenience, these tips show you how you can have both – quick meals that are nutritious.

Campfire Cooking in the Open Air

This can be done in several ways – buying a camp stove, kerosene, matches and all the rest or going the boy scout way and starting from scratch , building a fireplaces from stones, collecting kindling and wood and making fire. Fire pits, troughs and charcoal are other ways. Whichever way you choose you will need pots, heavy duty foil or a spit and something to support them.

Healthy Eating Guidelines – Hygiene in the Kitchen

Following Healthy Eating Guidelines and improving your diet is all very well, but what if the food itself is causing you a problem? Eating healthy food will boost your immune system, and give more energy and vitality – but only if the food itself is wholesome. There are many food borne bacteria and diseases which can cause food poisoning or worse which are a real threat to our health and wellbeing.

Tips About Kitchen Knives – Quality Vs Costs

The most expensive knife isn’t necessarily the best. If you don’t keep your knives in good condition, they won’t be easy to cook with, no matter how costly they were. It’s vital to have the right knives and be able to make sure they’re in good shape, if you want to have an efficient kitchen and avoid accidents.

Turkey Cooking Time – How Do You Know When It’s Done?

Overcooking or under cooking your turkey can have unpleasant consequences, so it’s important to educate yourself about turkey cooking times and learn how to do it “just right”. Here’s some help to do just that.

Making the Most From Your Barbecue

This article provides you with a few tips for using your BBQ safely and efficiently. Cooking outside is great fun, and provides great food and entertainment for guests, this guide gives you the low down.

Some Useful Tips on Preparing Perfect Pasta

This article provides you with some tips for making pasta meals that will please your loved ones. If you have an active life and quite a few ravenous kids to appease, pasta is the ideal meal to solve your problems, it is cheap, tastes great and is very quick to cook.

How to Make Sushi

If you want to make sushi, you should know that there are more varieties to sushi than the ordinary fusion of raw fish and rice. A Japanese staple that has earned the favor of the rest of the world, sushi is now considered to be one of the most popular Asian dishes. Sushi has evolved into more than a culinary treat but an enduring art form, after it has originated in the Muromachi period when fish and rice were first fermented together.

How to Make Marvelous Meringues Every Time

This article could well have been called ‘marvelous meringues’ for that is what they are. quick to make, mouth-watering to look at, and delicious to eat, meringues are everyones dream dessert. The basic mixture is made from castor sugar and egg whites. for perfect meringues use fresh whites and, when separating the yolk from the white, make quite sure none of the yolk has slipped into the white. Egg yolk contains fat and any type of fat will prevent egg whites from frothing.

How Long Does a Turkey Breast Take to Cook?

Turkey is a dish most people ignore until around the time of thanksgiving, but it is actually a tasty, and healthy meat that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Turkey is ideal for sandwiches, stir frys, salads, and lots of other dishes, and is a good alternative to chicken when you fancy a change, but want to stick with white meats. The cooking time of a turkey breast depends mostly on its size – bigger portions of meat take longer to cook.

Five Practical and Easy Tips For Cooking a Turkey

Believe it or not, cooking a turkey is actually pretty easy once you know the trick to it. Take a look at these 5 practical tips tips that will make your next turkey cooking session go that little bit more smoothly.

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