I don’t need anything else if I have a beer and pork neck

Choosing the Right Flatware For Your Home – Othenia Flatware

Othenia is a unique piece of Oneida flatware in that it was inspired by the designs and sculptural details of Scandinavian furniture. Even though the inspiration comes from classic design, Othenia flatware still presents a sleek, clean design for your tabletop setting. Othenia is part of the many lines of flatware from the historic Oneida Ltd. Oneida has a history of top of the line craftsmanship in stainless steel silverware for over one hundred years.

German Sausage Recipes

My Favorite German Sausage Recipes, today I decided to cook sausages in a new unusual way. I found these German sausage recipes long time and haven’t told you yet.

Organizing Your Kitchen and Inexpensive Utensils Every Kitchen Should Have to Prevent Food Poisoning

If you watch any cooking show you will see that a key factor in producing a successful and timely dish is a very well organized kitchen where everything is stored so as to be easily and quickly accessible. There is also a food safety aspect to a well-organized kitchen. This concerns primarily minimizing the potential for cross contamination (mixing or contaminating ready-to-eat or cooked food with raw foods) and the possibility of errors or mistakes in the cooking process including using the wrong products, wrong measurements, etc.

Crushed Red Pepper – 10 Ways to Add Spice to Your Meals

Turn a boring meal into an exciting one. It’s easy to add spiciness to everyday meals with a few flakes of crushed red pepper.

Cooking Healthy With Oil

There are several oils for healthy cooking. One of the best is olive oil. It has a high smoke point and does not break down quickly as some other types of oils do. When cooking with olive oil it will not lose its health benefits so it is a good oil to use in salad dressings and for cooking with. Extra virgin olive is the best in terms of nutritional value and health benefits. It is good for your heart too.

Food Processors and Their Uses

Food processors have become a necessary kitchen appliance today. Somewhat the same as a blender, processors can cut, chop, blend and liquefy many different types of foods and liquids. Blenders are appliances that have a pitcher with the blade that is not detachable. Food processors however have a bowl type container where the blades can be removed and swapped with other blades.

Mozzarella Di Buffala – The King of Mozzarella!

When making pizza, you can get good results with commercial grade mozzarella. You can take your homemade pizza to another level with Mozzarela di Buffala, fresh mozzarella made with buffalo milk.

Leftover Rice Recipes

Rice is a major staple in most homes. Available in a many varieties from white to brown to even black you will discover this grain is a beneficial addition to many meals. It is a filling food that goes along way. Sometimes though we make a little too much and not know quite what to with the leftovers.

One of the Best Kitchen Tips Ever

Have you ever forgotten a stainless-steel pot or pan which was cooking on the stove and burned it? I mean left it almost ruined and carbonized?

How to Make Scones – Scrumptious Scone Tips

We all know the scene, someone’s coming to tea, what shall I give them? – I know, I’ll knock up some scones, they’re quick and easy. But how often does the result turn out to be disappointing? Yet scones are supposed to be very simple to make – it may surprise you to know that even meringues do not have as many pitfalls.

Bread is Tasty Science

Bread is such an ordinary thing that we often forget how much science is involved. It’s amazing to consider that bread has been known for thousands of years and is known in all cultures.To create bread, the following ingredients are essential: liquid, fat, sugar, salt, flour. There are two varieties of bread: quick breads and yeast breads. Quick breads are generally sweet varieties, such as some types of coffee cakes, that don’t use yeast.

Basil – 5 Ways to Use the King of Herbs

Basil – such a pretty plant with a luscious aroma. Here are some great ways to use fresh basil, the king of herbs, in your foods.

Sherry, Sherry Baby – 5 Ways to Make Your Food Dishes Sing

Are you looking for ways to make some of your dishes sing with flavor. Here are 5 tips for cooking with Sherry.

Making Chicken Recipes Easily

You should get together some easy chicken recipes so that you have a selection of things that you can make when you are short of time. Some of the best recipes are the ones that have simple ingredients and that don’t take long to put together. You don’t have to spend hours near the cooker and in the kitchen to make things that are sizzling, delicious, and excellent for your family.

Chief Recommendations For Choosing and Cooking Beef

The beef can be almost the same softness as veal, or, on the contrary, very rigid – all depends on breed of the animal, its age and specificity of the muscles chosen for preparation. Rich flavor of cooked beef depends on fat in the meat’s muscle, while tenderness comes from different cooking methods.

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