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Quick Easy Appetizers

Quick Easy Appetizers are a simple way to impress your guests. They are easy to make and do not require much preparation time. Should a guest drop in unexpectedly, they are an easy solution. If your fridge is well stocked, then you will have no problem making something delicious in record time.

Party Appetizers

These kinds of starter dishes can carry the occasion just by themselves. They are easy to eat and can hold your appetites till when the main meal is served. When carefully planned they can be quite tantalizing. They are a great way to entertain your guests.

Mexican Appetizers

Mexican appetizers are based on the seasonal produce and are naturally flavored. They are fresh and very colored. They are a good choice if you intend to host a party. They can be suitable for almost any kind of party be it an important occasion or just a get together with your neighbors.

Holiday Appetizers

Different flavors that satisfy and stimulate your taste buds are what holiday appetizers are all about. They may be used during Christmas holidays, or any other parties you may choose to have. A table laid out with a variety of delicious and attractive starter snacks are a great beginning to any party.

Halloween Appetizers

Halloween appetizers are a kind of starter dish prepared for parties. These kind of snacks include corn puffs, goldfish crackers, butter, cheese, bread crumbs and many others. They help you maintain your appetite as you wait for the main dish to be served.

Easy Party Appetizers

Easy party appetizer recipes are the way to go if you are planing to have a party. They can be easily made and will allow you time to mingle and chat with your guests. They are a sure way to add some zing to your party.

Dill Pickle Recipe

These mouth watering delicacies are the best you can serve as a snack or an appetizer. In America they’re quite popular but I am sure their taste is credited to that. They’re quite easy to make and in fact, following this dill pickle recipe is even much easier.

Fried Pickles

Though it originated from New Orleans, it’s very popular in Southern America. This mouth watering snack is on any restaurant’s menu and it’s made by deep frying sliced and smashed cucumber pickles. Naturally, fried pickles are irresistible and the deep fried ones can actually be made from any kind of pickles i.e sliced, spears or whole ones.

Lime Pickles

Lime pickles date back to the olden days when the kings would carry them to the battlefield due to their long storage duration. They’re normally preserved either by adding salt or sugar. They can be either spicy or sweet depending on your desired taste.

Dill Pickles

If you haven’t eaten dill pickles, then you’re surely missing out on their mouth watering taste. In fact, these are the most popular types of pickles made of a variety of dills such as kosher, overnight, polish and genuine dills.

Kosher Foods

This is a Hebrew word which means “fit”. It’s also used for foods that abide with the Jewish law. Basically Jews have very strict rules when it comes to food stuff. In fact, such things as a meat and milk mixture are prohibited, there’s rabbinical supervision as well as certification for vegetables, fruits etc.

How to Make Pickles

With the crunchiness and the mouth watering taste of pickles, we all want to learn how to make pickles right in the comfort of our homes. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t forget that salt is a basic and necessary ingredient, and in this case not ordinary salt but special pickling salt.

Green Tomato Pickles

Like all other pickles, green tomato pickles are very tasty and definitely a choice of many. They can be prepared using a number of recipes and the end product is surely something worth every effort.

Canning Pickles

As important as it is to make delicious pickles, so is the process of canning pickles. In fact, it’s a process that ought to be done with a lot of care, precision and diligence. Basically, this is the storage of pickles and it’s normally done in cans.

What’s the Best Way to BBQ Chicken

Barbecuing is a way of life for me. There is nothing better than barbecuing for family and friends and seeing the smiles on their faces, and well, them wanting more. You can never learn enough about improving your skills. Here is a tip on what’s the best way to BBQ chicken

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