How To Meal Prep

Making Sushi At Home

To make great sushi you need the right sushi supplies. Perhaps one of the most important is the rice cooker. To make scrumptious sushi, you want the rice to be cooked just right and the rice cooker will make certain that your rice is just the right texture.

What Do You Put on Your Banana Cake?

I quite often talk about fruit and how good it is for you. I know that it certainly annoys my wife to some extent because it plays with her conscience when she is tucking into a chocolate bar then having a rant about not losing weight! This is when I break out the banana cake recipe.

How To Clean Your Electric One Touch Can Opener

The can opener is an essential tool in your kitchen which gets used nearly everyday. If you have an old fashion traditional manual can opener probably made from chrome plated steel or even stainless steel you know you can put these in the dish washer. However other types of can opener are not possible to put in the dishwasher.

Back to Basics Products – Value and Selection

Back to Basics products have been trusted by Americans for many years. The wide selection of Back to Basics small appliances will have you filling your kitchen with useful products like an ice cream maker, a toaster, a milk shake maker, and a grain mill, all from the same trusted brand. Indeed this is only scratching the surface of the kinds of variety you can find from Back to Basics small kitchen appliances.

Barbeque Mustard Sauce: 7 Cool Ways to Use Barbeque Mustard Sauce

Summer is the perfect time to have a cookout, and every good one has the usual BBQ chicken and ribs. But once the weather starts getting cooler and winter draws near, the cookouts are replaced with indoor activities, which is a shame for lovers of the taste of barbeque mustard sauce. But all is not lost! There are many other ways of using that delicious sauce than just on chicken and pork.

Delectable Pulao Vs Delightful Biryani – Do You Know What Makes Them Different?

Sadly, you’ll find numerous people out there who are of the opinion that pulao is the same thing as biryani. This is incorrect. Even though each dish is mainly rice based and derived from the Middle East or the Indian subcontinent, there are several dramatic differences that make both dishes unique.

Simple and Easy Soup Recipes

Soups are easy to cook and certain soups are less complicated than others. Here I will put up some easy soup ideas that utilizes just a handful of components – so undemanding, even a beginner can cook them.

That Is Not A Barbecue – It Is A Food Smoker!

When you think of a food smoker you normally think of mouth watering barbecue. But food is a generic term because your smoker can be used for more than just juicy ribs and brisket. Check out all the great things you can do with your smoker.

What You Need To Know About The Oil In Your Turkey Fryer

Deep frying is a quick and trouble free method that appeals to many homemakers or backyard cooks. As with any food preparation activity many cooks have their favorite oil or process for frying turkeys and other items. Cooking oil if properly handled can be easily and safely stored and re-used.

What To Look For In A Turkey Fryer

Turkey fryers are a fairly simple appliance. Stainless steel while more durable is heavier. These units except for models designed to be used on a stove top are equipped with a metal stand which supports the pot and contains the burner.

The Marvels Of Cake Decorating

Cake has existed for thousands of years, but cake decorating as an art form did not emerge until the mid seventeenth century. Decorations then tended to be inedible, therefore cakes were mostly used for show and reserved for nobility. With the emergence of baking powder, baking soda and the temperature controlled oven, cakes became available to the general public.

Slow Cookers – A Perfect Meal at the Touch of a Button

How long has it been since you enjoyed a slow cooked meal? These kinds of dishes are famous for their tender meats, succulent flavors, and thick sauces. However, in a day and age where speed is paramount, how can anyone have time to dwell over a slow cooked meal? Fortunately, with programmable slow cookers, you can enjoy a scrumptious meal when you get home from work with a bit of preparation the night before or in the morning without a second thought all day. What you will find today are electric slow cookers, which cook food evenly and thoroughly at the touch of a button. Because of this, anyone with a basic knowledge of cooking will find it even easier to use kitchen slow cookers.

Deep Fryers – Great for Home Use

Deep fried food is some of the most delicious-tasting food there is. For most people, devouring something deep fried can only be done on certain outings. However, when you invest in home deep fryers, you can create delicious breakfasts, side dishes, and desserts from the comfort of your kitchen. What you will find today are electric fryers, which are so versatile you will find yourself frying more than you ever thought possible. Indeed, kitchen fryers allow you to fry traditional fried foods like onion rings, fries, and chicken, but you can also make breakfast scones, churros and funnel cake. The versatility continues when you realize you can fry vegetables, dumplings, chili rellenos and Buffalo wings in your own kitchen.

Cupcake Frosting

One of the best parts about decorating cupcakes is that it’s all about creativity, not following rules! I love to make cupcakes for my family, but get tired of doing the same thing every time, so I try to find recipes for frosting that are both easy and fabulous.

5 Essential Items For The Retro Kitchen

This year, retro style is back in fashion in a big way. One place where retro style fits perfectly is the kitchen. A quick search online or trip to the shops will reveal that, if you know what to look for, you can find a surprising number of items and gifts that you probably thought you’d never see again. If you’d love to recapture your childhood and turn your kitchen into a retro time-warp, or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect house-warming gift for a friend who loves retro chic, these are the essential items you’ll need.

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