How To Make Your Groceries Last Longer

Pasta Basics

When cooking pasta dishes it needs particular attention to be able to achieve the perfect tenderness and taste. Be it fresh or dried pasta, discover plenty of tips and tricks to cooking the perfect pasta dish!

Fun Family Dinners

With hectic lives, busy kids and long work hours it’s hard to plan family meals. We tend to take out, order in and never spend time enjoying the fun in having a meal together. It only takes a few extra minutes a week to plan these fun family dinners together.

Easy Family Meals

Here are a few ways of making easy family meals. You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to have a nice meal that is as simple to make as it is healthy. Contrary to what you may think, healthy food can also be convenient discover how.

Thanksgiving Dinner Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

We tend to think of Thanksgiving dinner as an extravagant blowout – but while that’s usually true in terms of calories, it doesn’t have to be true of the cost. If you’re willing to pass on a whole turkey, you can get the basics of a Thanksgiving dinner for $8 or less per person.

Microwave Cooking – What You Need to Know to Keep From Getting Very, Very Sick

It’s been estimated that 90% of our kitchens… as well as some unknown number of dorm rooms and break rooms across the land contain a microwave cooking oven. These marvels of modern ingenuity have made it possible to prepare all kinds of foods -everything from popcorn and side dishes to full blown meals – in much less time (and with much less mess) than the dinosaur of the cooking world… the conventional oven.

Frying Care

This is a very secret cooking tips from Bengal. Women are mostly scared of frying in hot, bubbling oil. We wash the vegetables and put them straight into steaming oil. And a thunderous sputtering sound sparks off. We jump back. Ok, we Bengalis love fish. And are famous for getting burns on hands. And after some days we develop frying phobia. That is true for others but not for me. I am in my magical world of cooking for many years and have gather enough experiences to write on frying secrets. Today I will tell you about the ins and outs of frying.

How to Cook Low-Carb Long Term Beyond the South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is one of the most popular diets in decades. All over the world, people are taking off weight by stripping carbs and, in the process, learning to eat healthier meals. One of the true beauties of South Beach is that it teaches you a whole new way of eating for a healthier, happier lifestyle. Eating healthy the South Beach way requires an adjustment in your cooking styles, too, though. Once you learn to cook low-carb, you’ll find it easier to maintain your new weight and your new healthier lifestyle. Here are some tips to help you put it all together.

Cooking For Fun – What Happened to That?

Most people think that household chores like cooking and washing clothes are uninteresting or boring especially to the busiest people. Discover ways on how to enjoy and bring the fun into your every day household chores.

Cutting Board Care in Food Preparation

One indispensable kitchen utensil is the cutting board. Whether they are made of wood or plastic, cutting boards require proper cleaning. A quick wash will not eliminate bacteria that can find its way into crevices caused by regular cuts and chops from your knife or a cleaver. Special care needs to be taken when the board is used for cutting raw meat.

Nifty Ideas For Fast Meals

Juggling work, school and extra-curricular activities does not leave a lot of time for family meals. The good news is that there are ways of providing your family with a healthy sit-down dinner without spending a lot of time on preparation.

5 Tips on Budget Cooking For a Crowd

If you find yourself cooking for a crowd of people, either for a once-off occasion or on a regular basis, you may find it hard to keep your food costs down. But budget cooking for a crowd doesn’t have to be difficult or cost a lot of money. Here are five tips that will help you to save money with your planned meal.

Knives – The Most Important Piece of Cooking Equipment in Your Kitchen

As a successful chef I can say that the most important implements in your kitchen are your knives. They are also the most used and abused equipment. They are also very dangerous if not properly looked after.

Chinese Lunar New Year Food

The Chinese New Year falls in the months of January to February, depending on the year in question. The Chinese food that is served for New Year is the foods that are symbolic of fortune, luck and wealth.

Indian Vegetarian Food and Cooking

When people talk about being vegetarian, many usually think that they do not have many recipes to choose from. Furthermore, being vegetarian in several countries like United States would only require them to eat raw or uncooked vegetables.

A Little About Indian Food Cooking

Indian cuisine is considered as one of the most exotic yet tasteful cuisines in the whole world. If you are up for something different, then Indian foods are a must-try. The flavors are so rich and the spices are so intense.

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