How To Make Bread Boats

Now Take Your Bowl, Put Over Your Head, and Turn Upside Down, Dear

Do you like meringues or sponge-cakes? Sure you do. Most of us love them. But did you ever have an occasion to make them yourself? Actually, it doesn’t matter. To prepare them and many other desserts you need some whipped egg whites. “That’s easy” you may say, “all I do is take the whites and put them into my kitchen robot”. Well that’s true, but since i have my point in this post, I’m going to make it more difficult. Imagine you don’t have your robot, it’s broken or there’s no electricity. What would you do?

Mummy, My Potatoes Are Cubical Again!

Did your mum or spouse ever told you to peel potatoes or other vegetables? I bet she did. In my case it happened from time to time and it usually ended up as a catastrophe. I was watching my mother and grandmother while they were preparing vegetables or fruits with their knives, and it seemed to be the easiest activity on earth. You just grab this small knife in one hand, potato in the other, and quickly peel it. Right. Quickly. My first attempt to do that wasn’t quick. Wasn’t elegant. Uh, to be honest it wasn’t even ‘peeling’.

A Turkey Fryer Can Save Your Holiday

Why would a stainless steel turkey fryer be a part of your planning? Even after years of cooking and baking experience there is always that chance that the bird or the oven just does not cooperate. Why not try something different this year?

Slow Cookers – The Right Size Does Matter

You have decided that you are going to invest in a slow cooker… now the question is: how much do you need to spend to get the model that suits your needs?

The Thanksgiving Turkey – Should You Cook the Stuffing Inside Or Outside the Turkey

Turkey stuffing, Inside or outside the bird. How to safely cook the Turkey and the stuffing. Having a save and Happy holiday.

Tips And Tricks For The Turkey Fryer

There is always a learning curve with any new appliance or gadget. The turkey fryer is no different. There are some simple tips that can get you started quicker and with greater confidence. One of the first questions is usually, “How do I know how much oil to put in the pot?” This is an important question because if too much oil is in the pot and heated then it will most likely overflow the pot or boil over the edge when the turkey is placed in the pot.

Bread Machines 101 – Tips for Beginners

Careful measuring AND following the directions are key to successful bread machine use. Here are some tips for success with your breadmaker.

How to Make Stuffing For Thanksgiving

There are probably as many recipes for stuffing as there are birds being cooked on Thanksgiving day. Stuffing ingredients are a matter of individual or family taste and there really are not absolute rules as to what you may decide to add to your stuffing, but if you want your stuffing to be successful you need to follow some simple guidelines. Here is what you need to know and a version of stuffing my family loves. Perhaps you will too.

Slow Cookers – How Much Do You Need to Spend?

It is important to remember that the basic technology for all slow cookers is pretty similar. There is a removable pot that sits in a heating unit. Ingredients are added, a tight fitting lid is placed on the pot and the heating unit is turned on.

How to Make Brown Gravy From Scratch

I don’t know about your house, but at our house if there is meat on the table my family expects a good gravy to go along with it. They will pour gravy over potatoes, bread, pasta or whatever is on their plate. Sometimes I think I should just serve the gravy and tell them it is soup. If you want to make a good brown gravy, it is important to know a few tips that you can use along the way. It isn’t difficult, but each step is important. Don’t worry, I will take you through the process, step by step.

Tips to Roast the Perfect Turkey

To make your holiday more interesting and adventurous, it is a good way to roast a turkey on your own. Turkey is such a delicious and versatile food.

How To Install A Hanging Utensil Holder

Sometimes, you may not have enough counter space for all the kitchen accessories you’d like to have. A utensil holder is a great way to free up space in a smaller kitchen, but what if you can’t even find space for the holder itself?

Food Safety Tips

Paleontologists – scientists who study fossils – now think that a diet rich in meat protein led to the divergence of human species from our ape ancestors. Whether we actually hunted our prehistoric prey as some maintain or scavenged the rich marrow of bones left by other predators as others claim, the results were the same: Meat made humans what we are today. Meat of all kinds remains a mainstay of human diets.

Healthy Cooking With a Deep Fryer

Think you can not cook healthy with a deep fryer? Think again. This kitchen gadget will be welcome in your kitchen for several reason. The healthy deep fryer.

Breadmakers – Troubleshooting 11 Common Problems

While bread machines make bread baking far easier than the manual method, it can still be tricky. There are a couple of reasons for this. 1) The first reason is because successful bread baking depends on some pretty tricky chemical reactions.

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