How to keep potatoes unbroken! The combination with minced meat is pure GOLD!

Solar Ovens: Cooking With Sustainable Energy From The Sun

A solar oven cooks with direct sunlight, the cheapest and most sustainable energy source on (or off) the planet. Every morning brings a fresh supply of clean and renewable fuel for solar cooking. Best of all, it’s free. Use as much solar energy as you want!

Learn to Cook With Satellite Internet

Everybody knows that satellite Internet has completely changed the way that Americans socialize, do business, and pay their bills. People who a few years ago could barely type now view and pay their credit card bills online, constantly update their Facebook pages with new family photos and status updates, and do all of their shopping online instead of by ordering from catalogs or driving to the store. But satellite Internet does not simply make things that you used to do easier, faster, and more convenient. It also allows you to learn completely new skills, and explore aspects of your personality that you had not even considered before. For example, did you know that you can learn to cook with satellite Internet?

Pros and Cons of Freeze Drying

Freeze drying is also popularly known as lyophilization. In freeze drying food items are frozen at first and then places into a vacuum chamber to get rid of all the moisture. Once all the moisture is removed from the food items they are then vacuum packed into airtight containers. This process requires complex modern equipments and so cannot be done at home by individuals.

Cake Decorating Central – Cake Decorating Techniques

Once you have all the equipment and tools you need for cake decorating you will need to learn some of the techniques involved in the process. Read on to see what cake decorating techniques you will need to get started.

Why You Should Bake From Scratch

Some call it old-fashioned, but they’re many benefits to baking from scratch. Not only is it a healthier option, but it’s cheaper.

Cake Decorating Central – Making Cake Decorating Fondant

Regular fondant can be difficult to make and is not very palatable. To solve that problem I recommend a marshmallow fondant and will give you the recipe and some techniques on how to make this cake decorating fondant inexpensively and quite easily.

8 Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas for Families on the Go

The school year is in full swing and so are the year’s activities. If your family life is like mine – among ball games, play rehearsals, youth groups, homework clubs and social engagements – it’s certainly not easy to find time to sit down to a relaxed family dinner. Still, we know that the busier we are, the more important it is to check in with our kids and to preserve the routine of a family dinner (at least on most nights).

Conveniently Cooking Healthier Meals With an Infrared Oven

What most know about an infrared oven is that it makes cooking faster and more effective. Yet, to truly take advantage of this cooking tool, there are ways to make healthier meals.

A Few Apple Pie Tips

Here you will find a few tips on how to prepare the best apple pie ever made. This is not a recipe, just some tips on how to prepare for cooking if you are a cooking beginner.

The Importance of Ensuring Food Safety to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Food safety is important for all living beings. It ensures that you will be able to perform different role of your day-to-day life without any hassles. Moreover, it is also very important to maintain a healthy and disease free body.

Eating Sushi Can Benefit Your Over All Well Being

If you haven’t tried eating sushi yet, I guess you’re not alone. There are a lot of Canadians who have probably missed out on this delicious and nutritious Japanese delicacy. For what reason, I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s quite unfamiliar to us North American people from eating raw fish.

3 Great Ways To Use Hamburger

Three pounds of inexpensive hamburger can make amazing meals. 8 hamburgers, large meatballs, and 8 servings of meatloaf from three pounds.

6 Tips To Put Celery In Your Diet

This food is inexpensive. We see it when we are in the grocery store. Knowing how to use it can add flavor and texture to your food. Here are 6 tips for you.

Tips for Serving Holiday Punch Recipes

Holiday punch recipes are always a nice addition to a holiday party. After you make the perfect punch, you’ll want to serve it beautifully as well. When it comes to serving any dish or drink at a party, presentation is half the battle. People are more likely to enjoy something that looks beautiful, as well as tasting great. As you are serving up the punch this holiday season, here are a few great tips that can help you serve up that punch in style.

Start Enjoying Fresh Baked Bread Everyday With The Cuisinart Bread Maker

In many countries bread is an important staple since it provides important nutrients and much needed fiber. Yet in most places fresh bread is still left to the baker to make. Additionally, many have had a difficult time doing so at home until the bread makers for home use were introduced.

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