GOLD, not meat! EVERYONE asks me how I cook this

How to Brine Meat

What is brining? Why do it? Brining is soaking meat in a salt heavy solution.

Prepare a Healthy and Delicious Breakfast With the Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker

There must be some healthy way of eating sweets with out endangering our health. One of this ways are waffles, especially home made ones with the Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker.

Get Started With Home Baking – Monkey Bread

Learning to bake yeast breads at home will open the world of fantastic baked goods to your cooking repertoire. With a few simple tips, you can make delicious treats at home while saving money and eating healthier food.

Safety Consideration in the Kitchen

Nothing is as disgusting as allowing what you spend your money to purchased work against you. Most of these occur when we do not follow or learn the safety tips.

What to Do Before Starting to Bake

Read your recipe thoroughly. Gather all the ingredients needed and the utensils you would need to bake. At least if you do not have some of the ingredients you could opt for another recipe or substitute the ingredient.

Kitchen Cutting Board Cross – Contamination Solutions

Kitchen Cutting boards can be a primary source of food poisoning. Properly disinfect your Kitchen Cutting boards to solve cross-contamination problems. Consider Owning several cutting boards to solve cross-contamination problems – one for meat, one for cheese and one for produce. Glass Cutting boards can help solve cross-contamination problems in the kitchen.

Rotisserie Cooking Creates Healthy, Delicious Dishes

If you’ve ever eaten rotisserie cooked foods, you already know that healthy doesn’t have to mean a salad for every meal, and delicious doesn’t have to mean high fat. Rotisserie cooking results in tender, juicy meat and flavorful vegetables that have been slow cooked to perfection… without the added fat and calories of frying, or the potentially dangerous consequences of grilling.

Betty Crocker Slower Cooker and Accessories – Quick, Easy, and Efficient Cooking

The Betty Crocker slow cooker product line offers some great cooking related products. This includes both the Betty Crocker slow cooker and the recipes/cookbooks. These Crock Pots are great for making all kinds of soups, meats (beef and chicken), vegetables, and more.

How to Cook a Delectable Turkey Breast Anytime of the Year

Many home chefs wonder how to cook a turkey breast that is truly delectable and will please even the most demanding palate whether it’s for a holiday dinner or simply for a great meal anytime of the year. A whole turkey takes more time, oven space and can be a pain even while serving, although a well browned, whole turkey is a beautiful work of culinary art.

The Steamer and the Cleaver in Chinese Cookery

Another Chinese utensil, the steamer, though not as essential or as versatile as the wok, can be adapted for many purposes. The Chinese make steamers in stacked sets that fit into each other, as many as five at a time, so that several different dishes can be steamed at once. Thus the cook saves time and fuel.

Using a Chinese Wok

As you start to learn about Chinese cooking, a few special implements can be very helpful. However, Chinese utensils are not absolutely neces­sary, despite the insistence of some enthusiasts. Even some of the Oriental women who have settled abroad do very nicely without them, for quite acceptable substitutes are to be found in any kitchen.

Fresh Pasta, Yum!

If you are passionate about cooking and you enjoy pasta, you will love having a pasta maker machine. What a difference these machines will make in the freshness of your meals. If you want to try one out without spending too much money, try a manual hand-crank machine. They are easy to use and churn out great pasta.

Yum, Rotisserie Chicken

A George Foreman Rotisserie can save you time and money. There will be no need to make a last minute stop to pick up the night’s meal at a busy grocery store on your way home from work.

How to Cook a Great Omelet

Knowing how to cook a great omelet at home is a useful cooking skill for singles as well as for those who cook for large families. Omelets are versatile meals and can be served alone or with any number of side dishes. This tasty food can also be served anytime of the day or night since tradition has broadened beyond simply a breakfast dish. Many restaurants offer this dish throughout the day and produce various renditions that please just about any food preference.

Homegrown Vegetables, Cooking and Your Health

Did you know that most of the groceries and vegetables that you buy at your local grocery store or Wal-Mart tainted or even heavily laden with chemicals, steroids, fertilizers and insecticides that are harmful to your body. Not only do these unhealthy additives cause things like cancer and other diseases but they also changed the look, flavor and taste of your food and cooking. Instead you can easily grow your own vegetables, spices and more and have a healthier diet and better tasting food.

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