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All About Eggs – Freshness, Storing and Cooking

Figuring out if your eggs are still fresh and how to cook the perfect boiled egg is information that every cook in the kitchen needs to know. Here are a few tips about eggs to get you going.

Creating Wonderful Cakes From Your Home Kitchen

There’s no special magic needed for successful home baking. You can make great cakes and cookies from your home kitchen simply by following a few basic and simple rules. First and foremost, you need to read through the entire recipe before making your very first move.

What’s Behind Those Common Baking Disasters?

The art of baking entails a lot of precision, and certain rules have to be followed to ensure a successful baking experience. From cleanliness, strict procedures and cooking conditions, defined processes should be followed to the letter, or else you will end up with disastrous results. Here are some explanations behind the most common baking failures.

Anchovies – The Fish You Either Love Or Hate

Anchovies are one of the staples of Italian cooking. However many people, even born and bred Italians will tell you that they absolutely hate the taste and smell of them. Understandably, some people are put off by their pungent, unmistakable aroma.

Fish Baked in Parchment – Keeping the Flavor Locked In

The parchment paper parcel method of cooking is also referred to as En papillote, literally French for in parchment. Technically although the food is baked in the oven the process is one of steaming as the food is cooked by the moisture contained in the parcel.

Magic Crisp Microwave Tray

Tired of Limp Bacon, Pizza, etc? Even in this day and age of eating healthy, who doesn’t eat the occasional pizza or bacon? You can’t make a BLT without the bacon; it just wouldn’t be American.

How-To Freezing Bread Dough

Why should you freeze your dough? Well there are many reasons. The mixing process can some times be time consuming, so it is nice to be able to mix enough dough to make several loaves of bread at once and freeze what you don’t use that day for another day.

Get the Lowdown on Kitchen Blenders

The household blender was introduced in the 1920s and quickly became one of the most popular kitchen appliances ever invented. There are two main types of blenders, traditional and immersion.

Ceramic Knives – The New Hot Item in the Culinary World

Ceramic knives are the newest hot items in the culinary arena today. They have become quite popular because they are stain-proof and rust free. They also do not have a high tendency of picking up or transferring microbes and are a lot lighter and easier to handle than steel knives.

Minimalist Cooking – Kick the Marketer Out of the Kitchen

Minimalist cooking is about simplicity. It is about reducing everything from ingredient lists, shopping trips, anxiety, social fears and more. It is about not letting these tyrannies and the greatest overarching tyrant of all, the marketer from sucking the lifeblood out of something that should be life affirming, a source of great fulfillment and above all else fun.

Save Food Storage Space and Money With These Simple Tips

For most people, they will find that a lot of their food and ingredients are tucked away in the kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, or pantries where they’ll often be forgotten until they turn stale and have to be thrown away. Many of the canned and dry food items and ingredients are often left in the most remote corners of the kitchen where they’ll stay well past their shelf life.

Choosing an Energy Saving Cooker

There are so many ways to cook food. Gas or electric hob, gas or electric oven and grill are all different ways to cook food.

Where Should You Place The Slow Cooker In Your Kitchen? Some Tips

What factors should you consider when you are determining the placement of the slow cooker in your kitchen? This is an important point because proper location is going to increase the performance of your cooker. Doubt it?

Some Fantastic Advantages Of Having A Slow Cooker In Your House

Do you feel that the very idea of a slow cooker is a bad one? Do you want the cooker to complete the cooking process in the standard time without any extension? Even if you feel so, you should consider going in for a slow cooker.

What Is Best for Making Edible Figures?

When making cakes – there are 4 main ways of making edible figures. This article looks at them, and gives a brief overview of features, and problems.

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