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One Of The Best Chili Recipes You Will Ever Eat

Here I’m going to share a old time chili recipe that was made around 1845 in south Texas. I’ve modernized the recipe a bit because some of the ingredients the old recipe called for would not be available today. This is a traditional Texas Chili or Texas Bowl Of Red and it’s made with out beans. It makes a lot of chili but it freezes well and I promise you that it’s one of the best Texas Chili recipes you’ll ever eat. This recipe was made out on the cattle trails way back in the old days and it’s one of the most delicious recipes you’ll ever get a chance to try.

The World’s Best Fried Chicken Recipe Is Here

I think I make the best Fried Chicken in the world and here I’m going to share with you one of the best recipes for fried chicken that you’ll ever get to taste. If you follow the recipe carefully I bet you’ll quickly realize that you have the recipe for the most delicious fried chicken you’ll ever eat.

5 Reasons You Should Buy a Pressure Cooker

Want to rediscover home-cooking in your kitchen? There’s no better way than using a pressure cooker for fast and yummy results.

Rice Might Just Be the Perfect Food

How about rice for dinner tonight? This article details why it’s one of the most interesting foods in the world, and how you can cook it easily at home.

Bread Baking With Straight Dough or Preferments: Which Is Better?

Some tips on making great bread at home. Biga, poolish, sponge and old dough and the differences. The difference between straight dough methods and preferments. The reasons you should use preferments in your bread baking.

Change Your Eating Habits to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

In the past it was not uncommon to find meat in every other dish prepared. But, things are changing now and health concerns being one major reason for such change. Animals are chemically injected to beef up and such chemicals are affecting their health and in turn ours.

A Small List of Tried and Tested Weight Loss Food Programs

The article will list of the most popular and effective weight loss food programs that are available. The article will discuss each weight loss food program briefly. Weight loss food programs are becoming available over the years at a growing rate, and people who are new to dieting can be confused about which of these diets should be chosen. The harsh fact is not all the available diets plans that are advertised actually work, or some work in an unhealthy way…

Sauces, Seasonings, And Accompaniments

Do you know how to make great sauces? If not then you might want to read on. Here I’m going to give you a basic knowledge of sauces and I’m going to provide you with some recipes for wonderful sauces your sure to enjoy. With a basic knowledge of sauces and your favorite pasta you can create a great meal with just a little time and effort.

3 Ways To Cook Perfect Rice

I see people struggle all the time with cooking rice so I thought I would do an article on how to cook rice. I hope to give everyone some important information on how to cook the perfect pot of rice. I hope you’ll read my tips on cooking rice and I hope you find this information on cooking rice helpful.

How to Prepare Kobe Beef

A good dinner always equates to a Kobe beef or a steak dinner. Once you announce that you’re going to have this kind of meal for dinner, you can be assured that everybody will be home before meal time. A sumptuous meal always gathers family and friends together, and that’s why you really have to learn the best way to cook steak. Since this particular viand is something that you can’t have every day due to health reasons, you need to make sure that you prepare it well, so that everyone can enjoy its taste and the experience of eating it only every once in a while. If you want to learn how to prepare Kobe beef, here are some tips that you will need to follow.

Steak Recipes – How to Turn Cheap Steak Into a Delicious Dish

If you are in search of some delicious recipes and would like to learn how to cook steak with the best flavor without creating excess strain on one’s pocket, then beef stroganoff is an ideal choice as it is not only delicious, but is simple to prepare. Professional steak cooks have graded it as the finest dish to cook if you want to astound your guests with your culinary skills.

How To Properly Broil Chicken In the Oven

Learn simple rules that will allow you to broil your chicken, chicken breasts and other chicken parts properly. Never overcook your meat again, broiling is one of the better ways to enhance taste in your chicken recipes when done properly.

How to Eat Gluten-Free and Still Stick to Your Budget

Thousands of people are diagnosed with celiac disease each year. Besides the drastic change in diet, the perceived cost of gluten-free food can also be daunting for many people who are about to embark on the lifestyle change.

Quick Healthy Eats For The Busy Cook

Although these ideas might not always work in a family situation, they are great ideas when you are foraging for yourself. So sit back and consider these quick and easy meals. Who says healthy has to be a lot of work?

Why You Should Eat Organic Oatmeal for Breakfast

Organic Oatmeal is a great way to get ready for good day. It is easy to make, fast, healthy and when it is organic, you know it is supporting a good cause.

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