Foods To Celebrate Pride Month

Selecting Kitchen Canisters & Their Origins

Richard helps you select the best type of kitchen canisters and lets you know the origins of the humble kitchen storage jar. One of the most well-known manufacturers of such jars was Sneath who made them for Hoosier style cabinets.

How to Open Fresh Oysters – Shucking Oysters Has Never Been This Easy

Opening oysters, known as shucking, requires a certain amount of skill, which can easily be attained with some practice. The preferred method is to use an oyster knife which is a variant of a shucking knife which has a short and thick blade that is about 2 inches long. So now you have the right tool for the job, how do we best use it?

Things To Know About Building A Barrel Smoker

Smoked meat simply tastes better, but a good smoker can be expensive. One way to save money is to build your own barrel smoker. Here’s how you do it.

How to Purchase the Freshest Shrimp – This Is What You Must Know Before Eating Or Cooking Shrimp

Fresh shrimp can be cooked on board the vessel of capture the moment they are caught and then refrigerated for maximum freshness before being delivered to the markets normally within 24hrs of capture. How do we tell if cooked shrimp is still fresh by the time we look at it in a shop window?

A Few Useful Tricks To Whip Eggwhites Easily And Almost Effortlessly

A lot of desserts require to have whipped eggwhites in them, such as creams, mousse, chocolate cakes and pastries… The problem for the less experienced cook is to to whip the eggwhites. Because of the fear of messing this important step, most people will avoid making the great desserts.

How to Choose the Right Avocado

I’ve been asked by many people how you know what avocado to buy. It’s funny because even while shopping in a grocery store or even at the checkout, people have approached me to ask how you know about choosing the right avocado.

Economical and Popular Potluck Dishes

As a woman working in the IT field with predominate young male employees, I have participated in contributed meals with enough chips, soda, paper plates and plastic forks to supply the next three potlucks on the calendar. Sadly, though, there is often not enough “real” food to go around.

The Wonderful World Of Vegetable And Fruit Carving

It’s considered that fruit and vegetable carving originated from Sukothai within Thailand close to seven hundred years ago, although some people challenge this fact and believe that it initially began at about the time of the Tang Dynasty in China. The Thai Art of Fruit and Vegetable Carving is a important historical past of Thailand and one of their oldest art forms. Coming initially from around 14th century when a young Thai woman ornamented the floating lamp for the Regal Festival that is celebrated during the night of the full moon.

Make Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes at Home For Less

With today’s economy we all can’t go out to eat as often as we would like. Learn how to make those mouth watering dishes at home for a fraction of the price. Enjoy the dining out taste in the comfort of your own home. Impress your family with a meal they will crave and rave about!

Creative Cooking and Baking Tips

Cooking is very forgiving and allows you to take a recipe and switch it up by adding, deleting or exchanging ingredients. Say for instance you see a recipe that calls for a spice that you just don’t care for or perhaps something that you are allergic to, most of the time you can substitute another spice for it and the dish will come out pretty close to the original recipe.

Utensils That You Will Need For Baking

There are simple need that you need to know in baking. You need to have the basic utensils for you to be able to do it successfully. Keep in mind that there are some equipment that you need to prioritize to buy. Try to remember them all the time.

Why Making Pizza Is Fun

Cooking can be fun! That’s true regardless of what you make, and includes making pizza. Making a pizza from scratch can be particularly fun (and sometimes messy!). Here are some of the benefits of using a particular pizza recipe to make a DIY pizza in your own home.

Discover the Secrets to Restaurant Food So You Can Cook Them at Home!

As an adequate cook, I often find that, no matter how good my cooking is, it’s never as good as in a restaurant. Frustrating as this can be, I choose to stay in and cook, as the price is much cheaper. Only if I could somehow stay at home whilst providing the same, high quality food being offered in good old-fashioned American diners.

Learn How To Cook Easily

Practice will help you improve your cooking skills. Try to do it as often as you can. There are simple ways that can help you to learn cooking. You just need to remember a few things that will surely help you. Try to remember the tips mentioned for you to learn cooking.

How To Stop Your Food From Getting Freezer Burn

Don’t you just hate when you open the freezer door, pull out the steaks or chicken or whatever yummy thing you’ve been looking forward to having for dinner only to find that it’s turned gray and dried out or maybe it’s encased in ice crystals? This is freezer burn and it’s ruined many meals.

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