Flowers made of minced meat and potatoes. I cook them for dinner and for holidays!

Get Your Leftovers Signed Up With the Witness Protection Program!

I know this is a really stupid title – but follow me along here for a moment. Do your leftovers get eaten or shuffled around and ignored? Does your family avoid them like the plague – or do they pretend they are completely clueless about how to reheat, just to avoid eating leftovers?

How to Make a Semi Home Made Cherry Pie

How to make a semi made Cherry Pie is easy and fun but first let me define what I mean by Semi home made : It is simply when you use some store bought things in your pie. Now let’s get started.

Discover the Restaurant Secret – Make Something Delicious!

Healthy eating at home can help you stave off extra pounds when stressed, as meals you make are usually much better for you. They are healthier than restaurant food and generally lower in fat than what you get in a restaurant. Cooking at home can save you money, too.Cooking at restaurant style is neither mysterious and troublesome nor very time consuming.

Using Vintage Cook Books

Old cook books help to recreate recipes from earlier periods in time. The language used in old cook books is generally difficult to follow. It consists of terms such as ‘grown flour’ (which means, flour that has got spoiled due to dampness and cannot be used to make bread) barm (means dough which is made sour by adding fermented beer). Terms used for measurements such as ‘wine glass’, ‘gills and ‘tumblers’ make it difficult for a contemporary person to understand.

Fish – So Easy to Cook

Today, we’re all trying to be responsible diners. All of this has done nothing to the fun of eating if you know your way.

Healthy Cooking in a Couple of Easy Steps

Globally, the trend toward healthy eating is growing, which I can just hear our bodies saying Thank You! It needn’t be hard or expensive to cook healthily, its just a matter of returning to basics.

Carbon Monoxide Food Poisoning – What You Need to Know

When you are at the grocery store looking for that perfect piece of meat for the barbecue, you will most likely choose the reddest and leanest cut. What you may not know is this: that red meat may have been altered for packaging and freshness appeal by using a form of carbon monoxide that helps hide spoilage.

Perfect Cooked Mashed Potatoes

They are a fantasy concoction. When they hit the tastebuds, it is short of a trip to nirvana. Perfectly cooked mashed potatoes and what a treat, they are.

Easily Cook Your Favorite Restaurant Foods at Home!

I believe good health is the most important thing in life – because it gives you freedom. Freedom to pursue your dreams and do all the things that poor health won’t permit. Any significant health problem, chronic or acute, will bring your life balance out of order. Nowadays it is very uneasy to keep yourself healthy and in a good shape.

Teaching Recreational Cooking Classes

Cooking skill sets are often learned by trial and error, just like a lot of things in life are. You will find that a good review of the basics never hurts because it can give you a feel for how advanced each of your students really are.

Lowdown on Barbeque – Introduction

Barbeque, in the southern and Midwest parts of the United States, consists of slow-cooking meat over indirect heat. Chicken, beef, pork, sausage, ham, and ribs can all be barbequed – even mutton is sometimes barbequed, at least in Kentucky. With so many ways to make so many dishes, the perfect way to make barbequed meat can be a regional “bone” of contention. In Memphis, Tennessee, barbeque is almost a religion.

Authentic Italian Cooking – What is it and How To?

One cannot help but think that much of what we eat or recipes that we see online are commercialized or have been tweaked to appeal to the masses and to the taste buds of the locals. True authentic Italian cooking or real Italian recipes are those that have been passed on from generation to generation. They use quality ingredients and the finished product typically cannot be purchased in grocery stores or even found in high end restaurants.

Why Cook at Home? Four Reasons You Should Consider

Why go to the trouble to learn how to cook at home? Learn why it’s a good idea and gather tips on just how easy it is to get started cooking quick, easy meals for you and your family.

Moist Juicy Barbecued Ribs Equals Rite of Passage

Yesterday I made the perfect batch of barbecued pork ribs. Accomplishing this was no less important than the first time I watched Rebecca Demornay in “Risky Business”, the first time I wrote a check to pay a credit card payment, or suffering through my first divorce.

Learning the Essentials of Gourmet Cooking

To many, learning the art of gourmet cooking might appear to be an impossible dream. But no matter what your present cooking skills are, this simply isn’t the reality. There are numerous gourmet cooking techniques that you can practice to enhance your everyday cookery skills.

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