Fancy Breakfast Recipes For Bae

Sushi Bar at Home

For many of us Japanese food is connected with wild enthusiasm: sushi, rolls, sashimi. For fans it is a great gastronomic pleasure. So why not try to cook all this at home?

Using a Food Dehydrator – Do’s and Dont’s

Food dehydrating is fun, healthy and will save you tons. Before dehydrating the first time, here are some simple tips, do’s and dont’s of food dehydrating at home.

How to Select a Potato Cutter

Most people looking to cut potatoes, are doing it for french fries. Given that, most potato cutters you will find on the market are for matchstick type cuts for potatoes. You can also find cool machines that put out turned potatoes too (see the Chateau potato cutter).

Oil and Vinegar Bottles – Why You Need a Set For Your Table

Oil and vinegar bottles are used in millions of homes across the world, however there are probably an equal number that access these condiments straight from the bottle they came in. While this is functional, it’s not really the most effective for getting the right amount of what you’re looking for.

Hosting a Raclette Party

The word ‘Raclette’ can be used to refer to three things –  a particular type of cheese, a grill that is placed on the dining table to melt cheese, and a type of meal or a manner of eating. The Raclette cheese is a Swiss semi-firm cows-milk cheese that is very popular in Switzerland, and although originally from the Alps, it is also made in France.

Simple Solutions For Low Cholesterol Cooking

Many of the people that are told by their doctor that they need to lower their cholesterol are aghast at the fact that they will need to change their dietary habits to improve their health. What these people do not understand is that low cholesterol cooking can be very simple and easy to accomplish. If the person is already well versed in different ways of preparing food, adapting their cooking style to low cholesterol cooking will be a breeze with a few simple tips and tricks.

Pasta Boat Review – 5 Reasons Why Pasta Boat is the Must Have Kitchen Tool in 2010

Pasta Boat is an all in one pasta maker that can be used to cook, strain, serve and store pasta. Its unmatchable features make cooking pasta extremely convenient and quick. If you love Italian food, you will definitely fall in love with this nifty little tool.

Rubbermaid Storage Container – For Your Food Needs

If you are like me then chances are that you have a great need for food containers. There are many different reasons that you might need to have containers on hand to store your food in.

Making Edible Eggs is Very Easy

The majority of everyone loves to eat edible eggs. They are healthy, quick, and easy to make. There is a large variety of different ways that you can actually cook eggs. Because of this it would actually take you a pretty long time to get tired of eggs.

How to Cook With Homemade Red Wine

Homemade red wine can be used as a marinade, before cooking; as a liquid to add flavor while you are cooking; or as a touch of extra flavor, to a finished dish. The objective to adding wine to your recipe is to fortify, enhance and accent the flavor and aroma of the food you are cooking.

Cooking Roast Beef – Seven Useful Tips to Create a Culinary Masterpiece!

Although it appears to be otherwise, there really are simple and effective techniques to prepare beef effectively. These techniques will lead to an adequately tasty finished product, but if your aim is a perfectly prepared roast beef dinner, the roasting technique of cooking should be your preference. Let’s face it, you will find few things in life that compare to the very first bite of a properly prepared cut of roast beef. Although not the most difficult meal to prepare, there are still a lot of mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.

Healthy Eating With the Cuisinart Griddler Jr

If you have always wanted to be able to cook amazing food quickly and efficiently without the hassle of lots of cleaning after or if you cannot cook very well, are fed up with boxed meals or plain old sandwiches which are really boring, or are just limited with space, then take a look at the Cuisinart Griddler Jr. It quickly and evenly grills, panini sandwiches, steaks, fish, chicken, burgers and vegetables and makes the food look nice with seared in Grill marks (which not all grills or sandwich makers can do well).

Mixing it Up – Exciting New Methods For Preparing Fish

Sometimes all that it takes to make dinner truly memorable is a new approach to the same old ingredients. After all, switching it up a little bit means a bit of excitement not just for whoever’s doing the cooking, but also for everyone planning on eating! And when favorite ingredients are presented in a new way, the dishes are often just as pleasant a surprise to the chef as they are to those eating.

Learn How to Cook Snow Crab Without a Fuss

Snow Crab is an amazing thing. It is delicious and light, especially on a warm summer’s day. Hailing from Alaska’s fertile seaboard, it is a nutritious addition to anyone’s diet.

How to Create Whimsical Edible Favors Using Cookie Cutters

I love using cookie cutters to create whimsical edible favors that coincide with my party theme or event. These edible favors are easy to make and the final result is always worth it and the accolades too.

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