Everything You Can Make With Eggplant

Flatware Holiday Cooking

Holidays are a joyous time visiting friends and family enjoying the fellowship and food. It’s a time that we can remissness about the good and bad times in our lives. We can share and express our feelings of gratitude sitting around a warm fireplace sipping on a cup of our favorite beverage. With the smell of traditional holiday food cooking in the kitchen making us hungry.

How to Brine & Roast a Perfect Turkey

Roasting the perfect turkey can be very tricky as it is easy to end up with tasteless, dry meat. Especially the turkey breast. This turkey turns out flawless because it soaks in brine for 24 hours and then it is roasted.

How to Make Flawless Brown Gravy From Scratch

Making a silky, lump-less gravy is not at all hard! All you have to do is follow some basic steps and your final result will be completely successful.

How to Cook For Your Family on a Budget

Cooking for your family can be very stressful. And its even more stressful when you are on a budget. The tips below are there to help you and teach you ways to save without lots of work or money.

Foods That Do Not Freeze Well

Some foods do not freeze well, or do not have the quality of the fresh product. The following list gives some of the foods that do not stand up satisfactorily in freezer storage. Check this list against the recipe. In many recipes, a food or seasoning that does not freeze well can be omitted at the time of preparation and added after the package is taken from the freezer.

Cooking Cedar Planked Salmon Aboard

Cooking meals aboard a boat is a pleasure, and can make for some fond memories. Cooking on board does not need to be processed meals and sandwiches. Let me show you how to fix a gourmet fish fillets meal that will impress your dinner guests on board your boat. Planked grilled fish fillets on board our trawler, the Patricia Ann; it’s the talk on the docks these days.

Cooking Lamb – The Forgotten Part of Barbecue Cooking

Cooking lamb on your outdoor grill is not something that everyone thinks about, with most concentrating on beef, chicken or even exotic meats like kangaroo! In most barbecue cooking, beef or chicken or even seafood are considered mainstays on the barbecue cooking menu. However, cooking lamb on a barbecue can give you fantastic results, and you are not just limited to lamb chops.

Barbecue Brisket

This is a great method to get perfectly cooked BBQ Brisket. Everyone loves great cooked brisket but are scared to try it on the barbecue.

4 Ways to Eat Steak – How Do You Take Yours?

Many people eat steak that is cooked differently. Some prefer it cooked thoroughly while others have it barely cooked at all. How do you take yours?

How Long Should You Boil?

Ever wondered how long you need to boil certain foods to make them safe to eat? Use the following guidelines to making your food safe.

Barbecue Pork Ribs

Pork ribs are a must at any barbecue. Use these tips and techniques to get perfectly grilled pork ribs.

Different Types of Rice

You already know there are many different types of rice. That’s right with an estimated 120,000 rice varieties world wide, you may have a hard time deciding on which rice to use with dinner.

Baked BBQ Chicken

Baked barbecue chicken is delicious when you finish it off on the barbecue. Use this grilling method to get great tasting BBQ chicken.

How to BBQ Chicken Breasts

Chicken breasts have proven to be quite difficult to get right on the barbecue. Use these tips and technique to get perfectly grilled chicken breasts.

Recreating Local Restaurant Recipes at Home That You Discover While You Travel

It never fails to happen in my family. We’re on vacation, traveling by car, when we come across a cute little restaurant. Maybe it’s a “Mom and Pop” restaurant, or maybe it’s a regional favorite, but either way we are almost always guaranteed a good meal.

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