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Mixing Methods Explained

No matter what you are cooking, it most likely calls for mixing. Mixing is the essential combining of ingredients. It’s the process that takes something from being a bunch of separate ingredients to a whole new thing. Take cookie dough for example. In the beginning, it’s just butter and flour and chocolate chips and brown sugar. Separately, they don’t make anything. But together, they make cookie dough. It might be a batter or dough or a meatloaf. It doesn’t really matter. But what you are mixing will determine what you need to use.

Cutting Board Basics

If you are in the kitchen preparing almost any meal, you will need a cutting board. Whether you are slicing an apple for breakfast or chopping vegetables for your stir-fry dinner, there aren’t many ways to get around using a cutting board. Some people prefer the ease of using an electric food processor. But that still requires some initial chopping and it’s harder to control the size of chop with a food processor.

Decorating Cupcakes – Just the Basics

Recently, cupcake decorating has become a quite popular. Bakeries are opening up all over the United States that cater just to the cupcake buying crowd. Some people enjoy them for the memories they bring back of childhood. Others flock to these bakeries for the way they are making cupcakes into works of art. And this love of these small culinary creations has spread to the home baker as well. Cupcakes are popping up by the dozes in sizes and shapes for everyone. They are no longer just reserved for children’s birthday parties. Even some brides are opting for beautifully decorated cupcakes to celebrate their special day. No matter if you are the professional or stay at home mom, a few tools of the trade are necessary for great looking cupcakes.

Healthy Cooking Basics

If you are into healthy cooking these days, it is best that you fully understand the different cooking methods available for you. Read this helpful article for more information about the basics of healthy cooking.

Poaching Methods

One of the least used cooking methods is poaching. This involves cooking ingredients in a liquid that is held at a specific temperature. One example of poaching is boiling; however you may often find yourself trying to maintain a lower temperature.

Buying and Using Spices

Restaurants are a difficult place to eat on a whole foods diet. A night out with friends or family can be a fun treat. But one of the keys to maintaining this diet is learning to cook your own food at home. One of the best ways to get restaurant quality food at home is to learn how to use spices.

Buying the Right Spices

So you found a store that sells bulk spices and are not sure what to buy. If this is the first time you are buying dried herbs and spices rather than simply using a spice rack from a retail store, the choices may be overwhelming.

Extract Flavors of Fresh Onion and Celery With Cooking Oil

Flavors are extracted from ingredients every time we cook. Cooking oils, butter and hot water are commonly used during the course of cooking to extract flavors from herbs and spices. Extracts from vegetables like onion and celery can also be used to season food.

Cooking Methods: Saute

Saute is a word many people have heard. It is a type of pot, is mentioned in many recipes, and is constantly referenced in cooking shows. But what exactly is sauteing?

Poultry Stuffing Recipe Flavored With Onions and Celery

Stuffing, sometimes called filling, is a side-dish that goes well with chicken, turkey and other meat dishes. The names of stuffings usually reflect a special ingredient, like oyster stuffing or sage stuffing, or the type of meal that it’s meant to go with, such as poultry stuffing.

Vegetables For Flavoring Soup Stock

Soup can be a meal to itself or a side-dish served with sandwiches and salads. A cup of soup is a great appetizer for a light meal. A bowl of soup served with hot bread makes for a hearty meal that can take the chill off and warm the soul. Soups range from thin, broth-like soups with few ingredients to heavier cream-style chowders with meat, seafood and vegetable contents that make for a substantial dish.

Herbal Extracts Are Easy To Make In Your Kitchen

Herbal extracts are made from herbs and alcohol. Alcohol has the effect of removing substances from the plant material and releasing these substances into a liquid solution. Extracts are used in the kitchen for flavoring foods and beverages.

Szechuan Pepper Numbs The Tongue and Lips

Szechuan pepper is not a pungent spice, so even though it’s called a pepper, it doesn’t have the same heat and hotness that are experienced when eating black pepper or chili peppers. The pepper name refers to a tingling, ‘pins and needles’ sensation that is felt on the tongue and lips.

7 Sensible Cooking Tips For Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Do you find it frustrating to cook dinner but you sometimes lack the technical skills? This article explains to you the important nuances and tips necessary when it comes to improving your overall cooking skills.

Little Known Ways Of Cooking Eggs

Eggs are used to create many delectable dishes. It will always be convenient to have them stock in the refrigerator. Eggs can be boiled, fried, scrambled or poached. They are useful ingredients in baking cakes and other sweets as well as thickening sauces.

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