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Tips For Roasting a Turkey

You may been told that roasting a turkey is something difficult to do. Well, you will discover by reading these tips that it isn’t as hard as it sounds. This article will teach you a basic method for roasting a turkey. Step-by-step instructions included.

What Do You Really Know About Barbecues?

How much do you know about Bar-B-Q? This is a great American tradition that everyone loves, but not many know how it started.

Summer is Here and My Barbecue is Excited!

The smell of the grill, the smoke on the air, the tang of the sauce; all signs of the beginning of summer and its greatest pastime, barbecue. Families and friends across the globe share the primal enjoyment of cooking over a flame, outdoors under the sky.

Tomatoes – The Easy Way to Remove the Skin and Seeds

So many people out there are fond of pasta sauce, marinara, and or salsa, but don’t really have a clue on how to go about making them. One of the most important ingredients, for any one of these items, is of course tomatoes. This article will share the simple way to prep your tomato’s so you can make any one of these dishes, with great ease.

Fast Cooking – 5 Top Tips How Your Food Choices Can Create Delicious Healthy Meals in 30 Minutes

In our hectic time with longer working hours and a very busy schedule of our loved ones, it’s often difficult to find the time to prepare home-made meals. And what happens when you don’t have the time to cook? It’s again pizza service or burgers, or a ready-made frozen meal from the supermarket.

Frugal Cooking For Beginners

So you want to eat the low budget way huh? Believe it or not but having a REAL home cooked meal is a lot more affordable than you might think. First off, cooking for yourself is always cheaper than eating out, ALWAYS! Even if it’s just a burger from McDonald’s. Even the worst cook can whip up a meal comparable to Olive Garden, all you need is the right recipes with some simple guidelines.

Hold the Vegetable Oil – Pass the Gourmet Olive Oil For Healthy Cooking

Family cooks are searching for more and more ways to feed their family healthy food. One simple way to do this is to replace vegetable oil with a high quality Gourmet extra virgin olive oil.

Lobster at Home – Part II – Breaking it Down

Here you are looking at this large, bright red, steaming hot, mouthwatering delicacy on your plate and you just aren’t sure what to do with it, right? Well, read on and you will find that it’s not at all difficult and with the tips and tricks I have given you, you will be offering these delicious crustaceans more often at home.

Lobster at Home – Part I – Cooking

If you go to a good seafood restaurant these days you can count on shelling out – no pun intended – a substantial amount of money for a boiled or steamed lobster. Order it baked stuffed and you can add even MORE onto the tab. Lobsters cooked at home are such a better deal; learn how to cook lobsters at home here.

Cooking With Alcohol

When you add that rum to your holiday cookies, brandy to your pudding or whiskey to your BBQ sauce all that is left behind is the flavor, right? That cooking sherry might get you drunk right out of the bottle but it just ads a nice taste to that saute, right? You better think again based on a study performed by the USDA.

About Asian Food and Cooking

Asian cooking can generally be classified into several categories on the basis of the regional styles of cooking and the people and culture of those regions. Some of the main categories of Asian food are East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian, Central Asian and Middle Eastern.

Private Cooking Classes

Private cooking classes are perfect for those people who don’t have enough time to attend a regular class or prefer learning in a one-on-one environment. Learn to cook in the privacy and comfort of your own home!

Cooking Short Cuts From a Pro – This French Toast Never Gets Flipped & Never Burns

When people actually cooked at home a lot more than they do today, they didn’t have 100’s of exotic recipes that used 3 tablespoons of some crazy condiment kids won’t eat anyway. Recipes like frittatas and French toast were designed for practicality—they’re highly economical because they use things up…old bread, roasted asparagus, cheese.

Saving Ideas For a Wise Grocery Shopper

Shopping and savings do not always go together. Using some of these tips and ideas may change that for you and your family.

Five Big Tips to Save More on Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can be fun if you use these helpful hints and ideas to lighten your load but not your wallet. Clean the refrigerator out before shopping. Look closely at the food you already have. If the fresh produce is past using in a salad, plan a meal using it in a cooking recipe. Ninety-five percent of wilted produce can be used in stock, stews or a sauce. Don’t waste it, use it!

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