Egg And Shroom Sandwich,Quick And Easy Breakfast Recipe

Top Things to Do With a Lazy Sunday

Everyone loves Sundays. While both Saturdays and Sundays alike count as the weekend and give you free reign to spend them as you wish (rather than in a stuffy office), only Sunday has the benefit of being classed as a ‘day of rest’ and of having all the shops closed.

Try Cooking For Kids With Crock Pots

When you’re cooking for kids it can be difficult getting them involved in the process at times. Sometimes I just want them out of the kitchen because the stove is hot and/or the water is boiling. But with all the things your children could be doing – it’s truly best when you can teach and share dinnertime with them during this special time of the day.

How to Cook an Omelet

So it’s back to eggs. An omelet is a bit more challenging than boiling eggs, but most say the end result is much tastier altogether, so I’d say it’s energy well spent.

How to Make the Perfect Boiled Egg

I wasn’t really interested in writing this until I saw how many millions of millions of people are searching the internet for instructions over how to boil eggs. Really?!? It’s eggs, not developing a nuclear plant! This is among the treasuries passed from one generation to another through matriarchal or patriarchal supremacy, doesn’t really matter. It’s like learning to ride a bike, which I neglected to do as of yet.

How to Make the Perfect Holiday Turkey

Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the greatest times of the year. With family gathered together and everyone having a great time, nothing can make or break a perfect evening more than the turkey. When the bird comes out, dinner is served and everyone grabs for the best parts. To make a meal worth remembering start by making the perfect holiday turkey.

What To Look For In A Good Chef Knife

A chef knife can be the most helpful tool you would have in your kitchen. Although the chef knife is extremely popular among professional cooks and even among families there are still a good number of homemakers and households do not have a chef knife in their kitchen. It is much more common for someone to buy one those cheaply made and sold 10 knife sets from a supermarket shelf than to take the plunge with a proper set of chef knives.

Baking 101: Baking Tools and Equipment

One of the basic things you should know about baking pertains to the different types of baking tools. Determine what they are, by learning what they look like and how you can use them.

Cinnamon in the Cupboard – Real or Imposter?

I have a bone to pick about cinnamon. How many of you really know what spice you have in your cupboards? Are you sure it really is cinnamon? We in the U.S. are having the wool pulled over our eyes about cinnamon. What we commonly know in the U.S. as “cinnamon” is actually Cassia (cinnamomum aromaticum). It is a relative of true cinnamon, but not the real thing. The rest of the world uses true cinnamon (cinnamomum verum), in their cooking or baking, yet here we are sold something completely different. Cassia cinnamon is a very good spice, of course. I do not for a second propose we do away with it! What would our apple pies taste like without it? It is a wonderful spice, worthy of the space in our cupboards. However, I propose that true cinnamon have an equal place.

Bake Bread – Five Great Bread Baking Books That Every Home Baker Should Own

Are you eager to learn how to make bread? Maybe you’ve been making homemade bread for awhile and want to learn more advanced recipes. Why not learn the old fashioned way? Many bakers still prefer to use good old fashioned cook books when learning something new.

The Science of Good Cooking: Cook’s Illustrated – A Review

Cook’s Illustrated helps you master 50 simple concepts to enjoy a lifetime of success in the kitchen. Their new book is a must-have cookbook/encyclopedia.

The Art of the Omelette

There are some simple dishes that have a very stylish look and may seem difficult to prepare. Omelettes, a guest star of American brunches, may belong to this category. Simple as they are, though, there are a few points that one should get right in order to go from “scrambled-eggs-with-toppings” to a classy, handsome omelette.

Reasons to Cook Recipes With Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a popular ingredient found in a variety of cuisines including Indian, Mexican, and South American. It may offer excellent health benefits, and it’s widely popular because of its spicy flavor.

Piping For Cupcakes – Things You Will Need

It’s true you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand piping for cupcakes, but you’ll need lots of practice instead. Also, it’s crucial to know what you need in order to get nice piping for cupcakes. This article will tell you all about what you need to know and get.

Shortening For Cupcakes – When You Should Or Shouldn’t Use It

If you’ve been baking for a while now, you might have known that you can use shortening for cupcakes in place of butter. The problem is, most recipes use butter and shortening is actually a butter substitute. So when should or shouldn’t you use shortening for cupcakes? This article will show it to you.

Chocolate Ganache For Cupcakes – What Kind of Ganache Recipe You Should Use For Cupcake Decorations?

There are many recipes on chocolate ganache for cupcakes that you can use, but knowing the right kind will help make your cupcakes look great. There are actually 2 main kinds of chocolate ganache for cupcakes, and I’ll be showing you their differences here, as well as what you should be using.

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