Easy Homemade Pies

Grocery Store Traps

You probably don’t think about all the planning that goes into the displays you pass by in the grocery store. There is definitely a science to being a grocery store manager. I’m going to let you in on a few secrets and tell you how you can avoid spending more money than you want.

Stock Your Freezer Using The Time You Are Already In The Kitchen

Who wouldn’t love to have their freezer stocked with homemade meals so that you can just come home and heat the meal? Many people think this takes a lot of effort to coordinate, but actually you can do it in the time you are already in the kitchen. Here are some tips to get you started.

Eating Healthier – Part 2

Prepare meals without adding additional oil or fat. Use non-stick pans to keep from using any oil. Even spray-on is oil. If you must use a spray-on, use as little as possible. Many times, you can use a little water, or sodium free chicken broth, in place of oils.

Eating Healthier – Part 1

One of the hardest things about eating healthy is having the time to prepare the food. It’s so much easier to grab a snack out of a machine or pick-up dinner through a drive-through. You can make it easier and more manageable by pre-cooking your meals and snacks for the whole week, all in one day.

Cooking Fish Guide – Easy As Fishing

There is nothing more delicious that the smell and flavor of a freshly caught fish, whether sauteing in a pan with butter and wine or grilling fish steaks on the coals. Regrettably, some people are more skilled at fishing than cooking fresh fish. Let this cooking fish guide help you to invent you own recipe and pinpoint cooking tips and ingredients that will guarantee delicious fish.

Cooking Kids – How to Pick Good Recipes

When kids want to cook, it’s a good idea to find recipes that are tailor-made for them. Picking a recipe solely by the delicious-looking picture is not the way to do it. Here are some tips on how to decide if a recipe is a good one for your child to try:

The Mechanics of Cooking

Before foods are cooked, and often after they are cooked, they are subject to a number of different procedures: peeling, slicing, chopping, kneading, folding, mashing, and more. Without a good understanding of these terms, cooking can be a difficult matter. And without some practical experience in these mechanics, cooking would be a chore.

How to Make Raclette and Other French Foods in the USA

While living in France, I learned to make my favorite French recipes. Now that I am home, I have adapted them to American staples. Here’s how I do it.

Smoke With What?

Let’s say you are ready. You have already read up on the process of smoking meats. You have gathered enough information and now you can hardly wait to get that BBQ started. What are you going to burn for fuel?

Children’s Safety Inside the Kitchen

There are few places more fun to spend time with your kids than in the kitchen. Kids love to help out cooking, and it’s a great way to spend time with them while teaching your kids a skill that they will use for life.

Learn to Cook and Simplify Your Life

Eating out in restaurants night after night is expensive and fattening. Learning to cook even a few easy and healthy meals can do wonders for your wallet, your waistline and your stress level.

Once A Month Cooking – Is It Possible?

Have you ever thought about cooking 30 meals for a month to stock in your freezer? Is there a better way to have just as many meals in your freezer without the hassle? Find out what this Mom has discovered that revolutionized her view of cooking.

Knowing How To Be Able To Express Creativity Through Cake Decorating

As a hobby, cake decorating can be wonderful and is an excellent way to express your creativity. Cake decorating is both fun and rewarding and depending on your acquired skills can eventually become a full time profession. While Cake decorating requires some artistic skills to be successful, however anyone should be able to master the hobby with the correct guidance and tutoring, together with fresh new ideas and good decorating tips. As an art form, cake decorating will also help you expand on your imaginative skills and perception, which will make you and the recipient of your work proud and even ecstatic.

Kids in the Kitchen – Educational Cooking

Chocolate chip cookies are especially more delicious when they are made by you and your children. Although children can be messy in the kitchen (and in any room for that matter), there are a lot of good things that happen when you and your children create concoctions together. Cooking provides an opportunity to teach your children lessons on senses, math, literacy, science, geography and safety.

Valentine’s Day Barbecue Checklist

If a Barbecue is your idea of a great Valentine’s Day meal just make sure you don’t fall into BBQ trap. Take note of these barbecue rules and make sure your outdoor grill does the trick.

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