Easy Banana Cake

How to Braise or Slow Cook Tender Whole Chicken

Braising is a combination cooking technique that uses both hot and dry heat and is excellent for cooking whole chicken as well as many other types of meat. This article explains how to braise whole chicken with an example braised stuffed chicken recipe.

Easy Tips on Healthy Home Cooking

If home cooking is still a challenge for you, learn few easy tips to make you a pro in healthy foods you cook right in your home. Believe me, home cooking is an easy and enjoyable process. All it takes is just a little planning done for your meals and all your creativity.

How to Make a Mouth-Watering Hog Roast

Ready for your next gathering? Roasting a pig would be a great idea! Read this article and find out how to prepare a sumptuous hog roast using your roaster.

Outdoor Living – Menu Suggestions for Cooking Outdoors in Winter – Chilli and Soup

Do you enjoy outdoor activities in winter as well as in summer? Do you skate and play hockey on outdoor rinks, ski, snowboard, snowmobile, or just play in the snow with friends and family? If so, why not extend those activities to cooking and entertaining on your patio, deck or outdoor living area? Here are a few suggestions for cooking outside in the winter months.

Cast Iron Skillets: Round Vs Squared

If you are a serious camper and love to cook delicious meals by the campsite, then you know the importance of having a good cast iron skillet. But did you know that the shape of the skillet can make a difference, not just in how well it heats, but also how much you can cook at one time.

How to Cook Juicy Pork (or Any Meat) and Become the Host You Always Wanted to Be

Ever over-cooked your pork? This is the fail-safe method for all your dry protein woes…

Tips for Learning How to Cook Different Styles of Food

When it comes to cooking, there are so many great dishes we can make. From appetizers to entrees and soups and desserts, the options are endless. Not to mention, cooking from home allows us to see exactly what we’re eating, can help us eat healthier and give us a good hobby to work at.

Quality Ingredients: The Key to a Good Recipe

I learned how to cook at the feet of my parents. My parents made everything from scratch. I was completely unaware that cakes could be made from a mix out of a box.

Bread Maker Machines and the Benefits of Ownership

The benefits of using a bread maker are numerous. Just add the ingredients and push the start button. Use your creative skills and produce an artisan quality product. The health benefits when using 100 percent whole wheat flour are numerous. You can add the nutritional ingredients that make it your own or you can chose what ingredients not to add, if you have food allergies or food sensitivities. When you purchase store bought bread chances are there are added preservatives and additives. When you make your own bread, you can keep these and other potentially harmful ingredients our of your recipes. Depending on the use of your bread maker, you will save money. You can impress your family and friends with your baking skills. Volunteer to provide a loaf of bread at your next family party or when friends gather and be ready to receive the compliments.

10 Inexpensive and Creative Ways to Sharpen Your Cooking Skills

How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? Some people say that they want to stop eating out so much, then realize that they need to sharpen their cooking skills. The more you cook, the better you get. Here are some creative and inexpensive ways to learn.

Spice Blends Provide New Answers to What’s For Dinner

Are you bored with the same old recipes? What if you could convert those recipes to something new and flavorful? Spices and herbs can jump start your taste buds and those old standard meals into something very new and flavorful. Here’s how.

The Perfect Cooking Appliance for the Dorm Room or Small Apartment

Anyone living in a dorm room or small apartment, will appreciate this versatile small kitchen cooking appliance. It saves space, time, energy, and money without compromising nutritional value or integrity of taste.

How to Generate New Ideas for Cooking

When considering the daily question, “What’s for dinner?” people often would rather just order take-out or go to their favorite cafe. Trying to come up with new and interesting things to eat can become a chore. However, there are ways that you can find easy recipes for dinner that can rival your favorite restaurant and in less time and money that it would cost to go there.

Why Buying a Good Quality Knife Can Actually Make You a Better Cook (and Healthier Too)

It seems counter-intuitive, but it is true. Buying just one good quality knife can make you a better cook. A quality chef knife will not magically transform you into Jamie Oliver overnight, but it will certainly help you be a better cook. I will explain how buying one simple tool can improve to prowess in the kitchen and lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Ethnic Cuisine Is the New Mainstream of Dining Out

In the modern world, traditional boundaries such as race, culture, language, and religion are slowly fading. Today, it’s quite common to see interracial marriages and it’s very easy for a Russian Jew to befriend a Japanese Brazilian or a Christian Indian.

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