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The Ultimate Package of Birthday Cake Decoration Tips

The following article deals with the best birthday cake decoration tips out there so that you can add a fresher and more exciting touch to the traditional birthday cake. You look at your calendar and realize that your kid’s birthday is coming up soon. You’re certain he’ll want some sort of party and that automatically means that you will need a cake. However, you do not want to purchase one from the local shops as they are pretty similar and bland. You want something fresh and exciting that your kid will adore.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to “How to Decorate Cakes”

The following “How To Decorate Cakes” guide has been designed for complete beginners, that is, those people who have absolutely no idea about the art of cake decorating. So if you are one of these people, get excited because you are going to learn a lot of exciting stuff in the next couple of minutes.

Learn Cake Decorating Today in 3 Easy Steps

If you’ve ever wondering about how to learn cake decorating, you’d be glad to know that it’s more possible and easier than ever before. Never before has there been the amount of resources and information available to us at an instant. Use each of the following tips in the article to practice cake decorating so that you can eventually master the art.

Cake Decorating Tips

Baking a cake is no hard task, until it gets to the point of decorating it. However, depending on the attitude you attach to the whole task, it can either be fun or it can turn out to be a disaster. Appetite stems not only form the smell, but from the look of food as well.

Tips on How You Can Do Weekly Menu Planning

Everybody is looking for ways to save money and cut expenses these days. One of the easiest places to cut back is on your monthly grocery budget. Weekly menu planning will allow you to budget and stick to a set amount that will be spent at the grocery store.

What Are Some Basic Cake Decorating Ideas and Tips?

The next thing to do after cooling the cake that you have baked is the process of cake decorating. This part is the most pleasurable and fun part. It is also the process where your skill and patience will be tested. The following tips in cake decorating hope to give you more enjoyment in your hobby.

Grandma’s Canned Sausage

During the canning season I can often recall that my grandmother used to take and can sausage patties. She would take fresh made patties and stack them neatly inside a wide mouth jar and then fill the container full of hot sausage grease. She would then place the lids securely on them, turn them upside down to seal and she was done. How I remember going to the food closet and seeing dozens upon dozens of jars carefully stacked upside down. It seems that in those days it was customary to place the jars upside down to ensure a good seal.

Perfect Hard Boiled Egg – How to Cook Them Just Right

The quest for the perfect egg has been a mission of many cooks since chickens started laying them. I have found, (with a bit of research and experimentation) what I believe, makes a perfect hard boiled egg. This method makes them firm without a smelly, over cooked yolk. This makes a great tasting egg, great for any hard boiled recipe. The method I use is easy, but should be followed exactly for best results.

How to Make Dark Colored Icing – Making Red, Black, and Dark Blue

Have you ever tried to make red icing, but it only looks pink? Then, to try to make it darker you add more and more food color. Makes sense right? Next thing you know the consistency of your icing has changed. So you give it a little taste and yuck! It now tastes bitter and disgusting. Does this sound familiar?

Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Valentine’s Day is without a doubt a very special day and even though we should show our affection to our loved ones throughout the year, there’s still something magical about February 14 that makes it like no other day of the year. And being such, there’s no better way to get the romance going than a special breakfast prepared with much love for your special someone.

Making Fresh Sausage at Home

With the economic crunch everyone has to pay high prices for just about everything. At first we just thought we were being forced to pay higher gas prices but we soon felt the higher prices at the grocery stores, with the utility companies and more.

Easy to Prepare Valentine’s Day Recipes

For most couples, it has always been a habit to go out for dinner when Valentine’s Day comes. However, this practice can be very expensive too, especially when you already have a family to take with you. This is why dinner preparations are also viable options for those who want to save money this Valentine’s, and this article can get you started with easy recipes to prepare for your family.

Budget Cooking For a Crowd – Feeding Many For Less

If cooking for a crowd seems overwhelming to you, and you are worried about the expense and time involved, then this article is for you. It presents some great ideas on budget cooking for a crowd.

Beef Casserole For a Nutritious and Filling Meal For Your Family

All families have their favorite foods that they can not get enough of but having to cook the same dishes all the time can become quite tiresome. If you are stuck in this predicament and are looking for a nutritious and filling meal for your family then you need to look more closely at a beef casserole.

Smoked Salmon Appetizer

Smoked Salmon Appetizer Recipes are great to use for holidays or any other parties you may be hosting. They are easy to eat and can be used in cocktail parties. This is because they can be eaten as finger foods that allow people to mingle as they eat them.

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