Do you want a SUPER RECIPE of MINCED MEAT in the oven? Then prepare the PADDLE

The Worst and Best Foods for Your Kids

North American children have among the worst diets in the world. The obesity rate in youth aged 2 to 19 has grown to an alarming rate of nearly 45% and childhood diabetes has quadrupled in the last 30 years. At this rate, our children actually have a shorter expected lifespan than we do!

7 Common Baking Mistakes to Avoid

Why is it that Mom’s cakes and pies were always so perfect and you can’t even seem to make a batch of cookies from a just-add-water mix? What’s the secret? Is there some magic potion you don’t know about?

Learn About The Long History Of Hamilton Beach Appliances and Their Great Electric Food Mixers

Most persons affiliate Hamilton Beach with being one of the leading manufacturers of commercial restaurant equipment, air purifiers and kitchen appliances, which have primarily been marketed in Mexico, Canada and the United States. Some of the products that are manufactured by Hamilton Beach include: air purifiers, irons, slow cookers, toasters, mixers and blenders.

Homemade Vanilla

Have you ever wondered how pure vanilla extract is made? It’s actually much easier than you think! Check out this easy to follow guide on how to make your own pure vanilla extract.

The Importance of Fruits In Indian Cooking

Indian cooking is known for its sharp spices, pungent flavoring and fiery tastes, but few people stop to consider that the sweet taste of fruit is just as intrinsic to the cuisines of the country. Here are some of the most prominent uses of fruit in Indian cooking.

Learn About the Hamilton Beach Toastation and Its Many Features

The Hamilton Beach Toastation has two popular models on the market today. The first is the 22708 Two-Slice Model, while the second is the 24708 Four-Slice Model. This review will focus on the 24708 Hamilton Beach Toastation, which is just as efficient and versatile as the 22708; however, it is quite larger.

What Is It About The Vita Mix Vita Prep 3 That Puts It In A Class Of Its Own?

I had been looking forward to my bowl of soup tonight. It was going to be thick and smooth and full of flavor, just like the soup I had a few weeks ago at Jane’s house. It was a simple dish, just black lentils with a bunch of soup celery, a couple of onions, chicken stock and garlic, all simmered together and blended in her Vita Prep 3. It was a pretty humdrum mix of ingredients, but what a treat with some yoghurt stirred into it at the last moment. Thick and creamy and wholesome.

Mealtime Tips for One – Overcoming the Problems of Living Alone

Living alone is not an easy thing to do, especially if it leads to depression and even anxiety in your case. You will look to other people for support but this will make them resent you for your extreme neediness. Many people find being alone to be quite difficult because of a variety of reasons, one of which is that they just don’t like cooking for one person.

3 Surprising Foods You Can Make in a Blender

Don’t let that expensive blender sit on the counter gathering dust! Get busy making amazing foods you never thought could be made in a blender. From soup to ice cream, the options are endless. Let your blender do the work to whip up a delicious meal tonight.

Top 10 Holiday Meal Prep Tips

Don’t have another holiday meal prep meltdown. Experts say that a little advance planning will save you tons of time and aggravation the day of. To that end, here are 10 tips for Zen-like holiday meal preparation.

How Many Times Can You Use Deep Frying Oil?

Oil used for deep frying can be used more than once. If cared for properly you may get a few good uses out of it.

The Perfect Grilled Steak

The perfect grilled steak is not as hard as one may think. There are just a few key elements in achieving the perfect grilled steak, one of them being the cut and grade of beef to use. When choosing your steak to masterfully grill, think of three elements for your steak to have.

Venison – How to Make It Great

Some insight and ideas for preparing venison. Using the right marinate and preparing a finishing sauce makes for a great plate of prepared tenderloin.

How to Spice Jicama – An Uncommon, Low Calorie Snack Food

For those of you who have never heard of this plant, jicamas are the portly potatoes with tan skins that you often see near the other root veggies, like parsnips or carrots, at the grocers. With lots of fiber to make you feel full, this sweet, watery snack has less than 50 calories in a cup. Time to get to know this legume a little better.

Making Healthy Sausages

Sausages can be made healthy by eliminating animal fat which lowers calories and cholesterol. This innovative approach to traditional sausage making requires a new method of thinking – the sausage is not just seasoned hamburger meat that is stuffed into a casing, but becomes a “packaged” product where meat is just one of many ingredients.

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