Do you still fry meatballs? This is the only way I cook minced meat – with potatoes!

The Top 3 Keys to a Healthy Meal

This article gives you a guideline how to plan a healthy meal based on experts recommendations to which extend which foods and food groups should be consumed. It also explains why these food groups are advised to be used that way, why the specific foods are important and what problems they might cause.

What Makes a Good Wok?

There are various issues to consider when buying a wok. These include the material it’s made from and the size, shape and type of handle. Information to help you buy a wok is in this article.

Dinner Plates Are Precious – How to Look After Them

So you’ve just been and splashed out on a brand new set of dinner plates which match beautifully with your new dining room decor. Whether you have chosen bargain basement items or a top of the range dinner service, I am sure that you want to look after your new dinner plates as well as possible.

Just Another Gem in the Alaskan Seafood Industry

Alaska’s bountiful and rewarding waters provide our country-and a good part of the world, too-with seafood of unrivaled taste and nutritional quality. The sustainability of the Alaskan fisheries and the pristine condition of the waters off our northernmost state’s coast help assure that that will be the case indefinitely; and thankfully so, since our appetite for seafood is simply insatiable.

Try Out a New Kind of Recipe With Your Salmon

The incredible thing about salmon is that, in addition to being incredibly tasty and firm in its texture, it is also totally versatile in the kitchen, and can be prepared in as many ways as you could imagine. It’s great grilled, broiled, fried, steamed, and it’s good fresh, canned, pouched, and any other way you could possibly buy it-like salmon jerky, a rare and delicious treat indeed! One interesting option when preparing this prized fish is to make salmon meatballs, which will certainly go down in history as a favorite in your family.

Great Smoothies From Your Smoothie Maker

In recent years people of all ages have become more health conscious, and the prime way of keeping healthy is by following a healthy diet. As a result, smoothies have become more and more popular. The only drawback with shop-bought smoothies is the cost – they can cost several pounds for just a small smoothie. An ideal solution to this problem is to buy a home smoothie maker.

Six Experiments For Your Toasted Sandwich Maker

Toasted sandwich makers, also known as sandwich toasters, have become more and more popular over the last few years. Their price has dropped, and they can now provide affordable, healthy, delicious light snacks. You can even use meatier fillings to create small meals.

Saving the Planet With Your Microwave

Most homes these days would struggle to get by without a microwave oven. Those who are concerned about the planet and try to conserve energy may however be concerned that microwave ovens may be using a lot of power and be potentially damaging to the environment.

Microwave Cooking – Benefits and Ideas

Many people across the world own a microwave. In fact the microwave has come so far since it first gained popularity in the early 1980’s, that recent estimations indicate 90% of American and European households possess one. Despite this, many people are unaware of the full capabilities of the microwave, and do not realise that they can be used for so much more than just re-heating food. This guide will provide you with some benefits that microwaves bring and give you some recipe ideas for cooking with this extremely useful device.

The Right Kitchen Knife For the Right Job

Many people have a kitchen drawer full of various different knives without actually realising that kitchen knives are like the carpenter’s toolset – each different knife is designed to use for a specific task. Most people will simply reach for the first sharp knife that comes to hand when they want to chop up a carrot or choose any large kitchen knife for carving up a joint of meat. If you actually use the knives which were designed for that specific purpose though, it is guaranteed that you will be able to carry out your required task much easier and also more safely.

Fish Roe, a Delicacy Everyone Can Enjoy

Roe or fish eggs are an extremely popular delicacy, especially within Eastern Europe, Russia and Japan. You can buy already processed roe such as caviar, and eat it as a spread; additionally, you can buy fresh roe at your local seafood market. Salmon roe, though not considered real caviar by enthusiasts, is a great tasting alternative. Top quality salmon caviar, also called red caviar or salmon roe is actually quite plentiful and inexpensive. This is the type of roe, you will most commonly encounter.

A Quick Guide on Handling and Preparing Salmon

Salmon is an extremely tasty and healthy choice for any meal. There are a wide variety choices, however most salmon you’ll get from your grocery store is Atlantic salmon because it is quite abundant. Other popular and also tasty types of salmon include Sockeye salmon, Chinook salmon, and silver salmon. If available, you should give these a try as well. When you do select your fish, make sure that it is fresh-the fresher the better. The flesh should be bright and colorful, rather than dull or grey.

A Quick and Easy Way to Fillet Salmon

Salmon fillets are sections of salmon that have been separated from the ribs and the backbone, giving you two good portions of boneless meat. Fillets make for a great presentation at a dinner party and they are easy to eat as all the skin and bones have been removed. Fillets are good for recipes involving steaming, poaching, curing and smoking, and pan-frying.

Slicing and Dicing Salmon For Steaks

Salmon steaks are somewhat similar to fillets, however, fillets are actually cut lengthwise, between the meat and the bones and steaks are cut across the fish with bones included. They are great for making a wide variety dishes and they are particularly good for grilling. Although you can easily head to your local market and pick up a few salmon steaks, there is nothing like taking it up upon yourself and seeing the whole process through. Learning how to steak salmon is a lifelong skill.

Let Salmon Be Your Constant Health Companion

A lot of people think that any old kind of salmon is good for them, which is not exactly true: the good stuff is wild, and is almost exclusively from Alaska. Wild Alaskan salmon has to be one of the most exceptional sources of balanced, effective nutrition known to science, rich in excellent proteins and omega fatty acids that keep our bodies strong and healthy. Due to the strong regulation and sustainability of Alaskan fisheries, and the fact that the ecosystems that Alaskan salmon are being harvested in are still quite pristine, there’s no need to fear contamination in wild Alaskan salmon.

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