Dinner in the pan for the whole family – made of meat, cabbage and eggs

The Basics of Cooking Lobster

Description of the most popular way to cook fresh live Lobster. Article describes the tools you need and the procedures to boils a fresh Maine Lobster.

Six Ways to Add Spice to Foil Dinners

Foil dinners are a great way to cook over the campfire when you are camping. They can be prepared in advance and have require little cleanup. Here are ten ways to spice up and add variety to foil dinners.

Cooking Quick – How Get Your Cooking Done Quickly

Think you’re too busy to cook? Here are some tips for cutting down your time in the kitchen and get cooking done quickly.

Herbes De Provence – Memories of France

I’ve been the south of France many times, usually on cycling tours and once there and you cannot fail to be inspired with the French use of herbs. The most famous is named after the region of Provence, called Herbes de Provence, which is are a mixture of dried herbs from the region. Not many people know that it was only invented during the 1970s!

4 Things to Think About Before You Purchase a Slow Cooker

Features you would want in a slow cooker. Consider the size of your family, for which size of slow cooker.

Yummy Ways to Have Your Vegetables

Most mothers of school-age children know that a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables each day will do wonders for their children’s health. However, getting them to eat the vegetables is an entirely different story. Since it will be almost impossible to serve a hefty plate of steamed vegetables to a seven-year-old, moms need to find creative and delicious ways to encourage children into having their vegetables.

The Origin of Butter

Cheese is a product that is manufactured from the solids of milk, and it provides a valuable food. The making of cheese was known in ancient first made, the fact that bacteria were present was not known, nor were the reasons for the spoiling of milk understood; but it was learned that milk can be kept if most of its water is removed.

Comparing Yogurt Maker Features – What Do You Need?

Homemade yogurt is a healthy and nutritious snack for the whole family and if you’ve ever thought about making it at home, this article is for you. There is a multitude of brands and models on the market these days so the goal of this article is to help you navigate through the jungle of features available and choose the best yogurt maker for your situation.

Fruity Cupcakes All Year Long

When we are in need of a quick-fix to indulge our sweet tooth, one of the foods we normally turn to is a cupcake. While there are now a lot of sweet shops and bakeries to choose from, cupcakes sometimes seem tastier when freshly baked from our own kitchens. We also look for a variety of flavors and nothing can lend variety to cupcakes better than fruits can.

Hiding Vegetables

To hide or not to hide, this has actually become a big question for a lot of parents. Do you have a child who for whatever reason just absolutely refuses to eat their veggies? Are you at your wits end trying to figure out what to do? This may not be for everyone, but it may just help give you some ideas on how to get your child to eat his or her veggies.

Secret to Having the Time to Shop and Cook Healthy For Your Family!

Prior to going into business for myself I was frustrated with my and my family’s eating habits because there wasn’t enough time to shop for groceries let alone prepare a meal. I usually burned something because I was multi-tasking or we ate unhealthy and spent too much money on take out. This article is about choosing to change that.

How to Select an Egg

On first thought it would seem as if there is very little to guide the housewife in the selection of eggs, it being extremely difficult to tell from their external appearance whether or not they are fresh or stale. As a rule, she must trust largely to the honesty of the person from whom she buys eggs. Still she need not depend entirely on the dealer’s word, for, at least to a certain extent, there are ways in which she may judge the quality of eggs.

How to Correctly Beat Eggs

In the beating of eggs, it should be remembered that for some purposes, as in making some kinds of sponge cake, they are beaten until nearly frothy. It is well also to observe that egg whites should always be beaten in the same direction and that the same motion should be continued throughout the beating, for a change of direction or motion always causes a loss of air.

How to Cook and Prepare Onions

When only the flavor of onions is desired in a salad or a cooked dish of some sort, such as a dressing for fowl, hash, or any similar combination of food ingredients, the onion should be added in the form of juice and pulp rather than in pieces. Then it will not be possible to observe the onion when it is mixed with the food nor to come across small pieces of it when the food is eaten. To prepare an onion in this way, peel it, cut off a crosswise slice, and then grate the onion on a grater.

How to Cook and Prepare Mushrooms

Mushrooms are not a vegetable; still they are included in this Section because they are used like a vegetable. In reality, they are a fungus growth containing no chlorophyll, or green coloring matter, and, consisting of an erect stalk that supports a cap-like expansion.

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