DINNER idea – with meat and…with skewer sticks. I’m cooking it TODAY!

Cake Baking – The Top Ten Tips

Every cake recipe is different, and yet there are basic techniques and methods that are common to most. Follow these top tips and hints to get the best from your baking, and you will be turning out cakes like a pro in no time.

Cupcake Decorating Ideas – Easy Buttercream or Frosting

If you are looking for some cupcake decorating ideas, chances are whatever you find will involve using buttercream (or frosting). This is the most simple and effective recipe and for buttercream. Really easy and really tasty.

How to Preserve Taste and Texture of a Freshly-Caught Fish

There is nothing as pleasing to a fish lover as a fresh fish. If there are many ways to cook a freshly-caught fish, there are also ways to retain the quality of fish just after the catch. You will be able to preserve the flimsy flavor of a newly-caught saltwater or freshwater fish by handling it properly.

Tips For Popping Popcorn

Popcorn is a nutritious snack that is whole grain. In fact a cup of unbuttered popcorn has 23 calories compared to over 200 calories in one cup of corn chips. Really when you think about it popcorn is an ideal snack. It is not expensive, salty or fatty.

10 Tips For Dressing Up Spaghetti For Dinner

Everyone loves spaghetti for dinner. It’s one of those wonderful comfort foods like macaroni and cheese, chicken noodle soup and beef stew. However, sometimes we may get a bit bored with just plain spaghetti. Here are some tips to take ordinary spaghetti to something new and different.

Eskies and Coolers

An Esky is a particular brand of cooler which has become practically synonymous with coolers in general in Australia – much in the same way that many people refer to the vacuum cleaner as a hoover (when a Hoover is in fact a particular brand of vacuum cleaner only). Whatever you want to call them though, coolers (also called cool boxes, ice boxes, portable ice chests, chilly bins and more) are incredibly useful items to own which can make life a lot easier for anyone wanting to make themselves a nice picnic, packed lunch or drinks container.

Stocking a Non-Toxic Spice Rack

Although many spices and herbs are full of vitamins and nutrients, there are some that should be used in moderation or not at all. Here are a few culinary herbs and spices to be aware of in order to avoid problems.

Checking Out The Benefits Of Stevia Recipes

Everyone has a sweet tooth and satisfying can sometimes cause problems, especially for those people suffering with diabetes or those trying to lose weight. Many sweet concoctions that call for sugar can taste great when you use stevia as a substitute. Check out these ideas for stevia recipes that are healthier and delicious.

What Are Some Alternative Meats?

The most popular meat eaten in the UK is currently Beef, followed closely by Chicken, Pork and Lamb. The Sunday Roast is a tradition which has sustained the meat industry, as well as the British love of a beef steak. It is hard to believe these will ever be replaced as the nation’s meats of choice, as they are readily available, and evoke feelings of comfort and tradition – as well as the fact that most people know how to cook them.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Food Processor

A newly purchased food processor comes with a small manual. Most of the content included is related to safety and warranty information. Little is dedicated to getting optimal performance from your new kitchen appliance. This can lead to frustration on the part of the user and eventual complete abandonment of the food processor. It doesn’t have to be this way. A properly used food processor can give you invaluable assistance in the kitchen when used properly. It can become quite indispensible once you are familiar with the inherent limitations and intended uses. Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

Making Ricotta Cheese at Home

Ricotta cheese is one of the mouth watering dishes which you can easily make at home. With its special taste, it is bound to make your meal a lot more palatable, not to mention, delectable. So, it is natural that the knowledge of how to cook ricotta cheese at home is a worthwhile addition to your culinary skills, as well as to your monotonous diet.

Organic Oregano – You Make the Choice

Oregano is certainly one of the must have’s in your kitchen and combines with basil and thyme as a cornerstone for the big three in Italian cooking. History records that oregano became popular when soldiers from the Second World War returned to the US and brought with them the taste for pizza, which is probably the most common dish associated with it as a herb. When buying Oregano there are some things you need to know.

How Does Cooking Affect Spice Flavor?

You made the leap and are now eager to add more spices to your meals. When is the best time to add them? Does it matter how you cook them? Here are the tips you need to get the most out of cooking with spices.

Cooking for Beginners – Where Should I Start?

Cooking for beginners appears like an painless enough task; however, when you begin to cook you must take many different criteria into mind. First, it is pretty important to be secure in your kitchen. Take plenty of time to take a look over your own personal kitchen, you may not know your way around it to begin with but soon enough you will be at ease enough to gather new abilities and create things off of your new found know how.

How to Make a Perfect Pizza – Tips and Step by Step Instructions From a Professional Chef

After 22 years as a chef I’ve come to learn the hard way about making pizza. I’ve seen it done the right way, the wrong way and every way in between. Two things that I’ve learned is that you don’t have to be Italian, and there is no right way. There are a lot of wrong ways though. Here are some tips and tricks to perfect your pizza.

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