Different Ways To Cook Mashed Potatoes

Fresh From the Bering Sea to Your Table, Pollock is a Versatile Mealtime Option

Alaska has over 34,000 thousand miles of rugged coastlines. Its icy waters are home to countless shellfish, whitefish, and salmon. But of all the delicious seafood living in Alaska, Fresh Pollock is the most abundant; what’s more, it is the most abundant food fish resource in the world! On average over 1.5 millions tons are caught every year, almost all of it from the Bering Sea. Known for its light flavor and firm texture, Alaskan Pollock isn’t to be confused with its oilier, “fishier” cousin, Atlantic Pollock, which is a different of fish species. A little known fact is that Pollock is used as the raw material to make surimi, or fish puree, which in the United States is then used to make imitation crab meat.

Cook Ahead to Save Time and Money

One way to save both time and money is to organize your schedule and your pantry and begin to plan your meals in advance. Planning even one day ahead will make a huge difference in your pocketbook.

How to Can Salmon Using an Electric Portable Burner

Learning how to can salmon is relatively easy following these simple steps outlined below with using an electric portable burner to save your self some stove top space.  First of all we have our salmon frozen; this is pulled out the day before and cut up into nice sized chunks to fit into your canning jars. We prefer to use the small salmon jars and others use the pint sized jars.

Lavender – Try it in the Kitchen For a Beautiful Flavor

Dried lavender leaves and flowers are commonly used in potpourri and sachets. In the kitchen, lavender is an essential ingredient in herbes de Provence, and a teaspoon of finely crushed dried leaves sprinkled on a vegetable stew right at the end is a surprisingly wonderful addition. Lavender is a must in many herbal tea infusion blends.

Quick Cooking – 5 Top Tips How to Spend Less Time Cooking and Still Eat Healthy

Sometimes we have plenty of time, but there are also days where we don’t have a clue when we should still prepare a meal. These days when you come home in the afternoon, then you rush through the supermarket because you have to buy groceries, and six o’clock supper must be ready because your husband still needs to go out. Does that sound familiar?

Amplifying Your Salmon Options

Thankfully, even when we don’t have fresh salmon available at the supermarket, there are still many ways to enjoy the splendid taste of salmon: by eating it out of the can. Though obviously having fresh and wild Alaskan salmon fillets is the wish of any salmon lover, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying this fine specimen of fish in canned form; in fact, it’s quite delicious, and takes on a taste quite its own. The great part is that there are so many good canned salmon recipes, and a little creativity can make this simple ingredient go far beyond what you may expect of it.

Enjoying Salmon – Fresh From the Unspoiled Waters of Alaska to Your Dinner Plate

Wild Alaskan salmon is a vitamin rich, omega-3 fatty acid filled fish that can be prepared in a wide variety of ways. It’s also incredibly easy to prepare, for those who are always on the go and haven’t a second to spare. Moreover, choosing salmon, especially wild Alaskan salmon, is not only a healthy choice, it’s also good for the planet.

Why Canned Salmon Fits the Bill

Salmon has got to be one of the most popular products of the sea, and as science has revealed to society some of the health benefits of salmon over the last few decades, the dish has taken on even more appeal and captured ever more devotees. And, even though it’s considered by many to be a “health food,” salmon is equally popular among the junk food crowd. A great way to get all the benefits of salmon without having to wait for the salmon season to arrive is by mastering a great canned salmon recipe or two, which you can wow family and friends alike with at any time of the year.

Simplicity is the Virtue of Canned Salmon

Just about any supermarket in America offers its customers canned salmon, and thankfully so, since otherwise we would all have to go without any salmon meat for many months of the year, in between seasons. Nonetheless, many folks don’t seem to quite appreciate the versatility of canned salmon, and fail to realize the wide variety of delicious recipes with canned salmon that, in addition to being simple, will exceed the highest expectations that can be placed upon this treat of our rivers and seas.

Eating Delicious Salmon All Year Round

If you haven’t seen fresh salmon displayed on the ice or syran-wrapped in the seafood aisle of your local market, do not despair: you still can enjoy the great, bold taste of salmon meat. Just go on down to the canned foods aisle and get yourself some canned salmon, available all year round in most parts of the country, guaranteeing the satisfaction of a growing and adamant part of the population-the part that has learned how important salmon should be in anybody’s diet.

Savor the Delectable Taste of These Baked Dishes

One of the most common and special methods of preparing foods, baking is widely used today because it produces healthy, nutritious, as well as savory dishes. Two delicious and easy-to-prepare baked dishes that everyone must try at their homes are Baked Ham and Baked Chicken.

Tips For Preparing Perfect Pasta

The key ingredient in many Italian dishes is pasta. Preparing the perfect pasta is a lot harder than it seems. Many people find that their pasta turns out to be mushy or sticky or that it ends up watery and cold. The secret is all in how you cook it, so here are the tips that you need to know.

Cooking Perfect Risotto

Risotto is an important part of Italian cuisine, but making the perfect risotto takes a bit of practice. Beyond that, risotto needs just the right timing and concentration.

Preparing Perfect Pizza Dough

Perhaps one of the most famous Italian foods is pizza. It is hard to find someone that doesn’t like pizza, especially since pizza artisans can create the perfect food with whatever toppings your heart desires.

Basic Principles of Arranging Chinese Menu

The fundamental towards any memorable dining experience is not to be taken lightly not only on the ingredients and preparation of each dishes. The final part of arranging the menu is essentially critical to ensure the best possible dining satisfaction through the skillful and balanced arrangement of dishes by their cooking method, food group, taste, color, and complexity.

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