Cook the MEAT in the GLASS. As you cook it, it is EATEN!

How to Make Decorative Bread Designs

Jazz up your breads with easy-to-do decorative designs. Make your everyday staple more festive and more special for home, family, and friends.

How to Make a Bottom Roast

Inexpensive cuts of meat can often be difficult to cook. The tough bottom roast can however be made into some extremely delectable dishes rich in flavors and easy on the pocket.

Juicer Recipes for Energy: Excellent Juicing Advice For Anyone To Get Started With Ease

If you are new to juicing, we have some tips here to help you make delicious and healthy juices, to give you energy and vitality like you never had before. Learn about the proportions of green vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients to make the perfect juice every time.

Home Canning Troubleshooting

Home canning can be easy and rewarding. However, it can be irritating when the jars do not turn out properly. Here are some common things that can go wrong and how to keep them from happening.

How to Use Pectin to Thicken Sauces

A watery sauce can be the undoing of a great meal. However, there are many easy and quick ways to fix such a disaster, and to thicken a sauce to the right consistency.

How to Cook Silver Salmon

Coho Silver Salmon makes for a healthy and tasty meal. Fit for all palates and all kinds of health conditions, Silver Salmon provides essential nutrients without compromising on taste, and the right cooking process can dress it up into a fabulous meal.

8 Top Tips for Flawless Catering

Planning for an event of any shape or size can be a complicated task. Besides selecting a professional and experienced catering company that can work to your requirements, you need to plan for the event budget, the dietary restrictions of your guests, the number of attendants, along with the location of your event. So how do you prepare a memorable meal for your guests? There are some simple guidelines to follow when you’re collaborating with your caterer to tailor a menu for your unique requirements.

Just Another Day As A Diabetic

Diabetes is a disease that is metabolic, what happens is the body has problems producing enough insulin. Your body takes carbohydrates and breaks them down into glucose which is a source of energy for your cells. When the body has too much sugar, then the body stores the glucose in your muscles and in your liver as a glycogen.

3 Ways That Quinoa Has Changed In the Last Seven Years and 2 Ways It Hasn’t

Quinoa is just about as good as you can get in terms of nutrition. It is a complete protein and contains all the essential amino acids. Many of the other faddy foods are simply good in one area of nutrition. Quinoa is an all-round great thing to eat. It’s one of the good guys!

Dangerous Enumbers in Your Food

The packaging technology used in the foods today is very sophisticated. It is done in such a way that the food lasts longer on the shelf without being consumed. This is achieved with the help of a lot of preservatives in the food to keep it fresh.

Instagram’s Effect on the Food Industry

Today’s business owners, which include restaurant managers and bar promoters, are constantly looking for new ways to market their products without breaking the bank. So why not utilize a free mobile application that can help promote certain items, services, or events to millions of account holders all around the world who have constant access to tool? Instagram is an upcoming social media resource that is gaining momentum in the marketing sector and can be very effective in most all business plans. Small companies like restaurants can really use this resource to market menu items, drink specials or even promotional events.

The Importance of Finger Food in One’s Diet

Finger food is not for everybody, but it should be. As kids growing up, there was no alternative to finger food because whether or not the meal was meant to be eaten without a fork or spoon, us youngsters were going to resort to our hands as the primary eating utensil anyway. On the other hand, this practice is more frowned upon then encouraged in the adult community because these are the members of our society that are supposed to be too “mature” for finger food. Unfortunately, I believe this to be a very unfair judgment because some of the best finger food meals exist in almost every restaurant around the world. I also believe that if everyone were to look at all the facts regarding this category of food that they will be surprised with just how socially acceptable finger food is. There are still oodles of recipes and types of food, pizza being the most popular of that grouping, that encourage the use of hands as an acceptable method of consumption.

The Scorpion Pepper – The World’s Hottest Pepper For Your Salsa

The Scorpion pepper is the latest addition and hottest pepper on the Scoville Unit Scale. Learn about this acclaimed pepper here along with a few tips on making stuffed pepper dishes and salsa recipe starters for your next party.

Cooking As a Form of Art

As much as I love cooking and sweating over a hot fry pan, I am often motivated in the kitchen by that sense of accomplishment that follows the completion of a new delicious recipe. However, during this process, I have really began to realize that cooking is much more than following detailed instructions and mixing in ingredients that are precisely measured, but rather it’s a form of art. Cooking is an activity that any chef can go wild with and branch off from the instructions by adding their own twist or flavor to the recipe, which hopefully makes the finished product that much more enjoyable to eat. I have watched the Food Network or other cooking shows and have become very fascinated with the blend of ingredients that certain chefs have put together to make tasty meals. They are combinations that I would have never considered mixing together in my kitchen, but the recipes always seem to receive high taste reviews. From all this, I have concluded that I have a long way to go before I reach my cuisine goals.

Make Your Own Pizza

Why settle for take out or frozen pizza when you can make your own? Follow these simple steps.

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