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How to Prep to Make Pizzas and the Equipment Needed

This article will describe the ideas of using prep tables along with various pizza equipment. Two of the most important pieces of equipment that a restaurant owner needs for a pizza shop is a good pizza oven and a prep station.

Stove-Top Smokers to Use All Year Long

Cameron’s stove-top smokers are great for smoking all kinds of food. Cooks from all over the US have used these stove-top smokers and recommend them over and over again. Everything is included to start smoking today.

How to Brine a Turkey

Are you looking to cook a turkey that is more tender, moist, and juicy? Well, brining a turkey may be the answer for you. So what is a turkey brine, and how do I brine a turkey? In its simplest form a brine is nothing more than a solution of salt that has been dissolved in water.

Barbecue Accessories – Handy Tools and Essential Accessories For Your Barbecue

Some would say that no backyard is complete without a barbecue – and we couldn’t agree more! But no barbecue is complete without some essential barbecue accessories!

How to Smoke a Turkey

Break away from the traditional oven roasted turkey and try something new this year. How about smoking a turkey? You can produce a wonderfully tender and flavorful turkey, by bringing it outdoors and adding a bit of smoke. The additional benefit besides the flavorful turkey is now you’ve freed up your oven to create all those excellent side dishes.

Make Your Own Smoked Salt

An easy way to give any of your food that hot off the grill smoky flavor is to add a dash of smoked salt. You certainly can go out and purchase it, but you’ll have much more control if you make it yourself. Oh, and by the way, it’s easy.

Preparing Quick and Healthy Meals For Dinner

We are usually busy with work that there is hardly any time to allot to prepare dinner for the family. Here are a few tips and ideas to prepare quick and healthy meals.

Authentic Italian Cooking

Italian cooking isn’t as simple as boiling spaghetti noodles and opening a jar of Ragu. In fact, cooking authentic Italian food takes many years to truly master. The Italians know all about clean cooking accompanied by rich, vibrant flavors. Only the finest of herbs and the freshest products will do when creating true Italian food.

How to Make a Novelty Cake

You can make a birthday or family anniversary into something memorable with a cake that is designed to catch the eye and appeal to the imagination. Novelty cakes come in all shapes and sizes and they are surprisingly simple to make.

Steak That Will Shame the Steakhouse

Steakhouses often make great steaks, but is there a secret formula? Can you make a better steak? You bet your beef you can!

How to Make Bentos For Your Children

In America, what kind of lunch would you give to your children if you had any? It would probably consist of a sandwich, a fruit, and a drink, right? Well, in Japan, they do it slightly differently. Of course they give them some kind of drink and maybe a fruit but the main lunch is a completely different thing. They make them bentos, which simply means lunch in Japanese, but the way it’s presented is completely different. There’s all sorts of forms and ways of making bentos, so read on!

Get to Know Your Turkey

All turkeys are not created equal. Knowing the type of turkey you want before going out to purchase it will make the trip easier and a lot less time consuming. When it comes to purchasing a turkey, there are many choices that one can make.

Electric Smokers – The Best Option For “Set it and Forget It” Smoked BBQ

Electric smokers make great barbecue. If you’ve been steering clear from trying to cook quality smoked BBQ because of the time and skill required when using a traditional charcoal or wood smoker, then fear not. Electric Smokers not only let you create top notch smoked BBQ, but they all but cook it for you! Read more to find out how.

Dining Al Fresco – Five Things to Do For Success

Whether it’s for a special anniversary dinner, or you just enjoy eating outdoors, here are five tips for a successful time. 1. Don’t use citronella candles or any scented candles near the table. The scent will destroy the natural bouquet of the food.

Soul Food Recipes – 3 Easy Ways to Cook Healthier

Soul food recipes have appeared back on the radar as a popular cuisine. With one of the few original foods originated and developed in America, many people fall into certain pitfalls.

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