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A Few Tips on How to Make Jam

Jam is a preserve made from fruit stewed with sugar. There are many methods for making jam, good old fashioned ways and, also, modern ways.

An Organised Pantry – The Key to Establishing Your Garden Cooking

This article outlines the necessary steps you need to take in order to establish a successful garden cooking. To eliminate wastage and understand the most frequently used fruit and vegetables in your household, it is important to gain a thorough analysis of what you eat, how often and when. And its easy all you have to do is follow a few simple steps that run over two week period.

Tailgating Food Ideas – Top 5 Tailgating Foods You Will Love

Ah, football season is in the air! And what says football better than all of those yummy tailgating foods. The burgers, dogs, wings, side dishes, and so much more! But, as we all know too well, those awesome foods come with the not-so-awesome fat and calories.

Cooking Lessons – 5 Ways How Learning to Cook Makes Your Life Easier and Improves Your Health

We all need to eat, but there are many people who can’t cook. Did you know that what you eat and how you cook can have a great impact on your health? And did you ever realize that if you know how to cook, you can prepare healthy meals in little time which will improve your health and save you money? Read these five valid reasons why you should learn to cook!

Mexican Food Breakfast

Learn about Mexican Breakfast (El Desayuno) and Brunch (Almuerzo). This informative article includes recipes for Huevos Rancheros, Frijoles Refritos, and delicious Chocolate topped Mexican breakfast Buns!

Tips and Basic Guide on Quick Breads

It’s easy to understand why quick breads are so popular. First of all, there’s such a wide variety of taste-tempting breads from which to choose. And, they’re relatively speedy to prepare and bake, especially when you take into account the rising time necessary for yeast bread preparation. Also a recipe on a quick bread — Zucchini Nut Loaf.

4 Kinds of Beef Steaks and 4 Different Ways to Cook Them to Perfection

These are 4 of the best beef steak cooking techniques, using the finest classic cuts of steaks, that I have come across and tested. Follow these methods carefully, using the best cuts of meat you can find (from a butcher, and not the supermarket). Each technique will turn out deliciously perfect steaks every time, just the way the top chophouses do.

Blackberry Jam

In late August and early September, if you take a walk in the English countryside, you will often see hedgerows full of plump juicy blackberries. If you have a garden or allotment, you may well have blackberries growing there too, and of course blackberries can also be obtained from “pick your own” farms, and ready packed and prepared in supermarkets. However you obtain them, although sometimes a little sour, blackberries can be quite delicious and can be used in a number of different recipes.

Chinese Wok – How to Buy a Wok and How to Season and Take Care of This Traditional Stir-Frying Pan

The wok is the standard cooking vessel of China and Southeast Asia. The word wok means “pan” in Chinese. Traditionally, woks were made of cast iron, but today they are made of any number of materials.

Bamboo Cutting Boards – Eco-Friendly and Slightly Kitchen Unfriendly

With all the eco-friendly advantages to Bamboo chopping boards people seem to be missing an all important flaw in them for use in the kitchen. See the full picture before you buy one of these latest fashionable accessible!

Electric Egg Poacher Purchasing Guide

There is nothing better in the morning for breakfast then a poached egg. Not only are they healthy, but they are quick and easy to make. However, making a poached egg without an electric egg poacher is no easy task. That is why many kitchen hacks and chefs alike have added an egg cooker to their compliment of small kitchen appliances. These devices simplify the sometimes tricky task of cooking an egg with consistent results.

Know More About Outdoor Pizza Ovens For Sale

Have you ever thought of owning an outdoor pizza oven for your own convenience? If not, then you should try getting one for your own use. This is one of those outdoor convenient gadgets that you can make use of to enjoy creating your home style pizza even if you are not in your very own kitchen.

How to Boil Lobster

Learn to boil lobster and feed the seafood lovers in your house. Impress your dinner guests with this scrumptious meal! It’s easier than you think! Here is how to boil lobster for your seafood dinner…

Save Money Buying Whole Chickens

Save money buying whole chickens. Learn how to properly plan meals and uses for whole chickens by freezing and separating the parts. Learn how to use every part of a whole chicken creating several meals from just one chicken.

The Orion Cooker Makes Barbecue Fast

The Orion cooker makes outdoor cooking and barbecue fast and easy for the novice and 5 star chef alike. No more agonizing for hours over a hot charcoal smoker praying your meat, chicken or poultry comes out perfectly moist and juicy. Your meals whether smoked or cooked will be done fast.

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