Century’s DISCOVERY! You can make MIRACLES using potatoes and minced meat

Pasta – In Any Shape Still the Same

One can hardly think of Italy without thinking of pasta. The two just go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly or Lucy and Ethel. For years, I had heard the legend that the recipe and technique for making pasta had come back to Italy with Marco Polo after he had traveled to China. Later research seems to disprove that. Evidence of pasta in Italy has been found in the Etruscan and Roman times. Nonetheless, pasta is truly the quintessential Italian food dish.

Birthday Cakes for Kids

Dough, pastry, and icing are among the most versatile of mediums for an artist. This makes it ideal for an artistic baker to use for his creations.

Different Methods of Cooking Meat

The meat can be cooked in various ways and the speed of cooking depends on the type of the meat that is under consideration. The hard parts of the animal body are difficult to cook as these are muscles and need more time. The softer portions of the body are relatively easy to cook in any way.

Tips on the Perfect Roast Beef

The beef you buy is important. Buy beef from a butcher, and make sure it has a thick covering of fat, and is marbled. This adds flavour to the meat, and importantly, stops it from drying out during cooking.

Sweet and Sour Pork – Home Cooking Tips

Sweet and sour pork, featuring for its sweet and sour taste, is liked by many people. The ingredients of this dish is simple, also it is not difficult to cook. However, if you want to cook it at home and get a originate one, you have to know some basic home cooking tips of this dish.

Grinding Meat for the Best Burger Recipes

Today’s market has no shortage on equipment for grinding meat. Most meat grinders are attached to some food processors. Such also include instructions on how to use them. Thus, grinding meat has also become a more personal and domestic chore for those aspiring chefs in your kitchen.

Cooking for Two Tips

Cooking ground beef or any favorite hamburger recipes for someone special makes it a labor of love. Whether it’s for your spouse of 20 years or the boyfriend you just met two months ago, it’s the perfect activity to punctuate a fun day together.

Ginsu Knives Information

The ginsu knives use special double edge blade for precision cutting. These will be the serrated knives which don’t call for sharpening for power and durability. They’ve industrial high quality.

Cooking Splatter Screens – Or How To Keep The Fat In The Pan and Not On You

How do you stop bacon from splattering you with oil? How do you stop sausage from popping and sending sizzling oil flying around your kitchen? Cooking with oil and fatty foods like these can make a mess of your kitchen and give you some annoying burns in the process. That’s where a splatter screen comes in handy. Learn more about splatter screens and protect yourself from messy clean ups.

Italian Cooking, What Makes the Difference

Italian cuisine is considered to be one of the best in the world but what is it that makes it so special? Maybe it helps to take a closer look at the recipes.

How to Griddle Meat and Vegetables

Griddling food is healthier, adds flavour and the food looks more attractive. This article explains how to griddle food without oil, how to get those attractive criss-cross marks on the food and how to look after your cast-iron griddle pan.

Tips on How To Prepare Maple Danish

These are great for a Sunday brunch. You can experiment with other uses for the dough and add poppy seeds or maple for variety. They look very pretty on the table.

Do You Want to Try a Chili Cook Off?

Many people wait with so much anticipation for spring to come so that the fairs and festivals will start back up again. Fairs and festivals bring so much enjoyment and pleasure for so many people. People hurry to get their livestock ready to show, and others get their best chili recipes together for chili cook off contests.

Can You Cook Mom’s Chili?

Some people think that no one can make a pot of chili like Mom can. Many people have spent hours over the stove, even adding secret ingredients, in order to prepare the perfect pot of chili. However, if you want to take the easy route, you can search the internet for tasted and recommended chili recipes that are easy to prepare.

Who Invented Chicken Fingers?

Find out who invented chicken fingers. You may have heard of chicken nuggets, but did you know that they can also be called chicken fingers?

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