Can You Finish These Giant Foods By Yourself?

10 Reasons to Choose Once a Month Cooking

Do you wish to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family? Do you want to have your family enjoy delicious and healthy homemade dinners every day? Do you have a fast food delivery number on your fast dial?

Advantages of a Small Rice Cooker You Should Be Aware Of

Kitchen appliance invention and innovation happen to ease our lives. In today’s jet age where there is always shortage of time, it is difficult to pay attention to cooking. Our hectic schedules make it very difficult to make a complete meal on a daily basis.

Two Types Of Small Rice Cooker Styles Available

Making rice seems very simple and there is no rocket science involved. However, it must cook to perfection for you to enjoy having it. Using a pot on stove method of making this foodstuff is tedious and time-consuming.

What the Heck Is a Green Smoothie?

A green smoothie is a smoothie where green vegetables are blended with fruit. The best advantage to green smoothies is that it can melt away pounds. It’s also a way to get your veggies without melted butter, salt, or fatty salad dressings.

Sterilizing Jars for Canning

Sterilizing jars for canning is an important step in the home canning process. Although washing jars in hot soapy water is important, it isn’t enough to ensure a clean, germ-free environment. A second step is needed to kill bacteria that might still be hanging around and make your jars are sterile and ready to use for canning.

Thai Green Curry – Make It Fresh Or Buy The Package

People just want everything to be fast, no one wants to wait or spend the time, they think time is money. Buying package curry paste is what most people prefer to do.

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

So you are going to make that special someone a birthday cake? If you are anything like most novice bakers, you have a good cake recipe, however you have no clue how to decorate the thing. Follow these simple guidelines and you will be well on your way to your successful cake creation.

How To Prolong The Life Of Meat In Your Refrigerator

You should know how long meat can last in the refrigerator. Also learn some tips on how to prolong the life of meat in your fridge.

Gourmet Cheese and Beer: Our Salute to Oktoberfest

When you think of Oktoberfest, naturally, you think of beer. And you should since Oktoberfest doesn’t officially commence until the Mayor taps the first keg and declares “O’zapft is” – “it’s tapped”. While Oktoberfest ended this week in Munich, we are celebrating the German cultural festival all month long by enjoying our gourmet cheese with a stein of beer (Lederhosen optional).

Sausage Skin: How to Turn Bulk Meat Into Full-Fledged Sausage Links

Whether it’s a juicy brat on game day or a zesty Italian inside your favorite calzone, we’ve all come to appreciate the crisp-tender snap of an encased sausage. Sausage casing or sausage “skin” is the finishing touch that transforms bulk meat into the bona-fide culinary triumph known as sausage.

Cardamom Spices Up Pastries and Freshens Your Breath

Cardamom is a popular seasoning in Asian dishes, Indian curries and Scandinavian pastries. In the Middle East ground cardamom is added to coffee and tea, as well as sweets. Seeds are chewed to cleanse the palate, to freshen the breath, and to stimulate digestion.

Five Reasons You Really Should Try Cooking With a BBQ Pit

It’s easier and cheaper than you think. Have you ever thought that perhaps you should try cooking with a BBQ pit?

Bay Leaf Sweetens the Stew and Repels Insects

Bay leaf is a popular spice used in pickling, marinades, sauces, relishes, meat dishes, soups and stews. Bay leaf is also called Sweet Bay or Laurel Leaf as it comes from the Bay Laurel tree that is native to Asia Minor. Its aromatic qualities are strong enough to repel insects!

The Crazy History Involving Truffle Oil

Have you ever wondered where truffle oil comes from? I’ll tell you this much, it’s not from real truffles.

Food Saver Bags

If you have ever cooked too much food at one meal, you may be looking for a way to save this food. No one likes throwing out perfectly good food, but sometimes recipes create a little too much for your family to consume. This is the primary reason why food saver bags were invented.

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