Call Your Friends Over For A Filipino Feast

How To Use Gourmet Sea Salt In Your Food

Have you ever found yourself looking at all of the varieties of gourmet sea salts available? There are hundreds to choose from! We offer new and interesting ways to use some of the best gourmet sea salts out today. Find out what types of sea salts to pair with foods.

Cast Iron Skillet Cooking Advantages

This article talks about the cast iron skillet. It explores the reasons why you should have one and use it for cooking in your own kitchen.

Red Or Green – That is the Question!

Southwest cuisine at its finest. But be ready for the question and learn how to properly answer.

Food Preparation Tips for Efficient Cooking

All cooks learn tricks and techniques in the kitchen to create cooking shortcuts or to enhance a finished product. Here are some tips to make food preparation more efficient and enjoyable.

French Cuisine For the Everyday Cook – 4 Ways To Simplify The Complex

When it comes to getting complicated in the kitchen, the first cuisine novice cooks think of is French. Whether it is presentation or preparation, it always seems that our European food lovers always do it so fancy.

Barbecue Methods for Beginners

Have you ever decided to host a barbecue party but then realised that you’re a little out of your depth? These can be daunting experiences, but you can make a success of the day with a bit of preparation.

Impress Friends with Barbecue Food

The thought that you could impress other people with barbecue cooking may seem like a slightly hopeful concept. After all, who is likely to be impressed by burnt sausages and burgers? You can prepare a meal to remember, with just a little bit of effort.

Is Barbeque Cooking Too Difficult?

Those of us who struggle to produce good quality meals from a barbeque may wonder whether cooking in this way is just too difficult. Is it even possible to produce great tasting food when cooking outdoors?

Sharpen Up Your Barbeque Skills

When you invite friends and family to one of your barbeque events, do you sometimes wonder whether they are secretly dreading having to taste your food? You can take the anxiety out of such events by sharpening up your basic skills.

Making Good Use of Your Barbeque

I see lots of people who go and buy top of the range Weber barbeques, but then end up producing food that has not been cooked properly. What is it that they’re doing wrong?

Summer Barbeque Cooking

If you want to host great summer barbeque events then you’ll need to put a little effort into the preparations. Fortunately, by preparing properly, you’ll still be able to fully enjoy the day itself.

The Simplest and Best Way to Cure Olives

If you are lucky enough to have your own olive trees, you will know how bitter raw olives taste straight from the tree. This article outlines the simplest and cheapest method to prepare them for eating, using only salt. It’s the way olives have been processed in Greece for over three thousand years.

Great Italian Food Starts With Fresh Herbs

There are many wonderful ingredients which add to the richness and flavor of Italian food, but it’s the fresh herbs and spices that really make this food delicious. Learn about popular Italian herbs and how to cook with them to make your own scrumptious meals. Herbs are easy to grow too!

Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Melting Chocolate

If you haven’t had it happen to you at least once, consider yourself lucky. You’re standing there at the stove, melting some of those little blocks of chocolate that come in boxes. You anticipate with glee those chocolate-dipped strawberries that will be tonight’s dinner finale. You look up to check the time or talk to the kids, and when you look back at the stove, your chocolate is not becoming silky smooth, but gloppy and weird. And to add insult to (culinary) injury, the more you heat and stir, the lumpier it gets.

Teaching Kids How To Cook

Kids can be given cooking lessons by parents. Cooking activities help the kids to realise the importance of a healthy diet.

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