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Your Kitchen Questions Answered!

We obviously all have questions about meal solutions for our family. Maybe you’re looking for quick meals, budget friendly recipes, menu planning or different types of recipes and the kitchen tools used to make them. You may be interested in all of the above.

Trying Different Pork Tenderloin Recipes

The last time you ducked into the grocery store, you found pork tenderloin on sale. Never being one to pass up a good deal, you swooped right in and brought it home with you. However, now you are uncertain how to fix the meat. Whether you are just tired of your standard pork tenderloin recipes or have never actually fixed this boneless cut of meat, you can find new recipes and surprise your family with more variety in your dinner fare.

Best Kitchen Knives

A kitchen knife is a knife specifically designed to prepare food. How do you choose the best knives for your kitchen needs? When you’re an inexperienced cook, the hardest part about figuring out how to choose the best knife, is where to begin.

How to Make BBQ Beef Ribs – Expert Advice For the Best Ribs Ever

Ok. So you want the best BBQ beef ribs ever. You want the flavor cooked down to the bone and you want the meat to fall off the bone as the juices explode in your guests mouth. You want the praise of family and loved ones. Well here ya go!

Importance of Using a Stainless Steel Skillets

To insure only the best in cooking, every kitchen must be furnished with the proper arsenal to accomplish the job. The skillet seems to be one of the most essential armors contained in the arsenal. Skillets, commonly called frying pans or frypans, are used for frying, searing and browning food.

Quick Meals For Busy Soccer Families

Having a house full of children involved in extracurricular activities can put a strain on the food budget as well as the physical and emotional health of the family. Families on the go will drive through the local restaurants or heat store prepared meals, which tend to be more expensive than preparing meals from scratch.

Meat Dehydrators

A meat dehydrator is to prepare meat the way you want it. By adding your own touch of seasonings you will have your perfect taste.

Cooking the Rachel Ray Way

Even if you were a brand new cook you’d be able to handle the type of cooking Rachel Ray shows you how to prepare on the Food Network. If you are looking for quick, easy, fun and awesome recipes that will impress your family, look no further, the Rachel Ray way of cooking is here to stay.

3 Common Methods For Cutting Deer Meat

Believe it or not, the method you use for cutting deer meat can make a difference in how good your meal will taste. Three common methods for cutting meat are bias slicing, shredding, and cubing. Find out how to do all three.

The Best Way to Marinade Venison

Do you want to make a venison dinner that will impress your family and guests? Venison marinades are the way to go. Read on the find the best way to marinade venison.

Is it Better to Can Venison Or Freeze It?

Some people like to can venison, some prefer to freeze. Which is the best method of storing and preserving your venison?

5 Easy Ways to Prepare Delicious Venison Meals

Does your husband keep bringing home venison and asking you to do something with it? Most of the “hunting widows” I know have no idea what to do with the meat, so they make the same stew or chili over and over. That can get pretty boring pretty quick. When my husband started hunting seriously and I found myself with 200lbs of venison in the freezer, I decided I needed to figure out some fun things to do with it. I’ve made a lot of recipes, and here are the five easiest ways I’ve found to prepare the meat.

Basic Cake Decorating Tips

Find out what simple steps that all home bakers should take to make their cake decorating experience a better one. If you follow these then your cake is sure to turn out the way you hoped it would.

How to Avoid Creosote When Using a Barbecue Smoker

Have you ever gotten numb lips or tongue when eating meat that was cooked in a barbecue smoker? That comes from creosote, and you can learn to avoid creating it.

Baking With Artificial Sweeteners

A guide to replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners in baking recipes. Specific properties of several major sweeteners.

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