Brown Butter Maple Blondies

Using Oils to Flavour Tender Meats

Marinating a tender piece of fish fillet can ruin the meat potentially. Using a mixture with oil can be much more successful, learn about its power now.

Easy Marinade With Spicy Cinamon and Soy For Lamb Dishes

If you prefer a more Asian or perhaps even Middle Eastern spiciness, you can use hoisin sauce with cinnamon. The cinnamon will neutralize the salty tastes from the soy and it will have a quite amazing flavour.

Great Toppings For Burgers

A good burger should be full of toppings, just like a good pizza. If the most toppings you’ve had on a burger before was ketchup and mayo, you should definitely read this!

Easy Marinade For Spicy Lovers With Soy & Cilantro

If you are a lover of spicier foods, then you need to try this spicy soy marinate with cilantro. It goes amazing with beef but it can be done with any other meats as well. It can however overpower your seafood, so avoid using it for that purpose.

Summer Squash Chutney

A juicy sauce you can use is summer squash chutney. You combine it with lemon juice, orange juice, red onions and some orange juice. This goes very well with any type of meat, but works the best with chicken.

Yummy Roasted Red Pepper Steak Salsa

Salsas can add an exotic touch to a rather boring dish. One of my favourite easy to cook salsas that can be used as a marinate is roasted sweet pepper. It goes great on any steak or fish.

Creamy Asian Style Peanut Sauce For Your Steak Or Noodles

This yummy sauce goes well with anything. Originally intended for steak, some people liked it so much they are using it on their pasta now!

Gingery Cream Sauce For Boring Fish

This will show you a great way to make a creamy sauce from ginger. It will spice up any boring fish dish.

Using Sauces to Add Moisture to Dry Meat and a Low Calorie Recipe For Sauces

Using sauces and condiments is very important when it comes to grilling a perfect steak or fish. They add that perfect touch at the end, for a great delicious well rounded meal. Not only do sauces add good taste, but they can also give rather boring looking meals an interesting look and smell.

Importance of Using Rubs on a Steak

Rubs can make your steak taste a lot better! They are also much faster than marinating a piece of meat.

What Defines Great Ideas For Weekly Meal Planning?

There are a lot of ideas for weekly meal planning out there, but not all of them are good for your family. You need to find out which ideas work best for your family, and here are some of the factors that separate the good from the bad ones.

Condiments For Spicing Up Your Steak

There are many choices when it comes to spicing up that boring meal. Why not take the plunge?

Cook Spaghetti Perfectly

Spaghetti is a fantastically versatile part of many a meal. There are an endless array of sauces that can be spread on top, pesto’s, put in bakes, mixed into other meals and enjoyed cold..

Fresh Versus Dried Herbs – Storage Tips

This article discusses the importance of storing fresh herbs versus dried herbs. It will enhance the quality of your cooking!

Herbs Basics – Basil, Cilantro, Cayenne and Chili Powder

Small discussion for those who are starting to experiment with herbs. Here we discuss basil, cilantro, cayenne peppers and chili power.

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