Southern Cooking Brings Soul to Food

How much do you know about southern cooking? If you are someone that was born and bred in the heart of the Deep South then you can, perhaps, remember spending long afternoons on your grandmothers porch drinking iced tea and shelling peas and butter beans.

Digital Meat Thermometer

Cooking is a passion shared by lots of folk. Be it a world famous cook or a normal housewife cooking for her folks, cooking could be a satisfying job that requires less effort but lots of love. Yes, less effort is required in cooking especially if you provide yourself with all of the obligatory tools that you want to get the job finished. One of those tools that you shouldn’t didn’t have is the digital meat thermometer. There are some points to consider that you need to mull over…

What Everybody Ought to Know About Healthy Cooking

As it concerns healthy meal preparation for your family, you can always find some balk in the group. One good thing is that there are healthy recipes but the extent to which these recipes are healthy is always subject for debate.

Once a Month Cooking – Time and Energy Saving

Most moms, these days, are stressed out after busy workdays and when they are in such state of mind, their cooking might not be top-notch. In other words, the result of the food that comes out of the kitchen for the family dinner may not be as nice as intended.

Microwave Cooking is the Wave of the Future

In most homes today, the microwave is just another kitchen appliance. This appliance is mainly used as a coffee warmer, dinner warmer, popcorn popper and as a meat defroster.

Interesting Facts About Barbecue Rib Recipes

North Americans have a special affinity with spring, because this is the time when they prepare some of the most delicious barbecue rib recipes. The meat is definitely tasty, but the history of barbecue recipes is equally interesting.

How to Quickly Prepare a Tasty BBQ Vegetarian Dish

Having a barbecue is great fun, but what if you or some of your friends are vegetarian. Here is some ideas for quick and easy ways to make great vegetarian dish quickly to make your barbecue going with a zing.

Learning How to Use a Smoker – Fuel Choices

Today’s tip on learning how to use a smoker is about different fuel sources. Your options are propane, electric, and my personal favorite, charcoal or wood chips. I feel that when smoking meat for long periods of time, the most flavors are achieved by using charcoal.

Planning Side Dishes For Your Christmas Dinner? Discover 6 Tips For Your Christmas Dinner!

So, are you planning your Christmas Dinner now? Discover 6 tips on planning your side dishes that helps you to plan a delicious dinner for your family.

What is Rolling Sushi?

Rolling Sushi making is not easy as special procedure is followed is making them. You need to learn it well.

How to Keep Your Bread Fresh So You Never Eat Soggy Bread Again

Stale bread is tasteless bread. That is how we use to describe bread that loses its crustiness and delicious airy characteristic. So why not learn ways to keep bread fresh until dinner tonight or better yet, breakfast tomorrow? When baking your own bread or buying newly baked bread, you must remember that there are certain steps to follow to prolong its crispiness and retain its baked oven taste.

Three Reasons to Buy a Waffle Maker

Even though you can only cook one thing in a waffle maker, they tend to be very useful. Among other things, few foods are as tasty, or as easy to prepare for the first meal of the day. At the same time, if you choose the right ingredients, you can always have peace of mind knowing that you will be eating something filled with high quality nutrients.

Chinese Cooking Ingredients – Healthy Spices and Ingredients For a Healthy Cooking

Traditional Chinese cooking is known to be healthy as it focuses more on having more vegetables than meat and it promotes a variety of colorful and crisp vegetables that is ideal for a healthy recipe. If you are interested in learning Chinese cooking at home, here are some of the popular Chinese cooking ingredients, spices and herbs that will help you add more flavor to your Chinese recipes.

Meals – The Benefits of Planning Ahead

Do you know anyone who plans meals a week or even a month in advance? I once had a friend who kept a dry-erase board on the fridge, and written on it were seven squares, each with a day of the week noted above it. In each square there was a specific meal; Tuesday might have been taco night, or Friday might have been do it yourself pizza night.

Seven Benefits of Menu Planning

This article offers seven reasons to try menu planning. You’ll save time and money and get to try delicious meals.

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