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Microwave Corn on The Cob And Don’t Shuck It

To all of my “corn on the cob” loving friends out there, I have some really great news. None of us really enjoy the hassle of shucking those ears, and trying our best to get all of those silky hairs off the corn, and ourselves!

The Proper Way to Cook Bacon

If you are just piling your bacon into a pan with the flame on high, you’re doing it all wrong. When people do cook bacon wrong they are making two major mistakes. If you have your flame set on high you are going to get burnt and soggy bacon.

Your Smoker Grill and Fresh Salmon – What a Great Combination

Salmon season is about to kick off here in northern California and hopefully, it will be a bountiful season. Salmon are a good fighting fish so, whether you are fishing the rivers or in the ocean, salmon are a lot of fun to catch. Oh, and by the way, they really taste great, and they are really good for you.

Five Booster Foods To Improve Your Nutrient Intake

Do you want to improve your vitamin intake, while still enjoying your favourite foods? Just add any one of five simple food sources to enrich the nutrient intake of your favourite snacks and meals.

5 Meals You Can Create Using Nothing More Than A Food Processor

I’ll be teaching you about 5 dishes that can be made quickly and efficiently in a food processor. Most of them can be made in under an hour and require no other appliance other than a processor.

Learn How to Make Healthy Fried Chicken

If you’re on a diet, fried chicken is probably not on your food-choice list due to the extra fat from the oil. However, do you know that fried chicken can actually be a healthy dish if you know how to cook it? Oven frying the chicken is the trick to make it a healthier recipe. By baking the chicken, you will still get the crisp and crunch of fried chicken without the oil that comes from deep-frying. You are also able to do other work while the chicken is baking. So now, check out the detailed process of oven frying a chicken…

Discover How to Dehydrate Food for Any Survival Situation

Dehydrating food is one of the first forms of preserving food. Here you will learn how easy it is to dry food, and how to store it. These steps will help get you started with preserving your produce.

Basil – How To Use It In Flavoring Food, Gardening And Making Pesto

We’ve all heard of basil and often associate it with Italian cooking. But what else can you do with it? A pesto recipe is included.

Save Money by Planning Your Meals for the Week

Provides tips for maximizing savings by planning out your meals for the week. Cook at home more by having a plan and save money on your monthly grocery bills.

How to Spice Beets – Preparation Ideas Beyond Borscht

Often the only time we eat beets is if we see them included in a local salad bar. Whether you get them from your garden, in the produce section of your grocer or precooked in cans, you need to think beyond those tart pickled beets of yesteryear and take another look at the colorful beet.

Stretching Food Dollars by Cooking Creatively

Are you trying to save money in your food budget? Learn how to stretch your budget by cooking imaginative and healthy meals.

Canning Jar Lids

Canning Jar Lids are an essential part of canning jars. In this article we review when you need to replace your canning lids and where to find the best selection.

Bacon Causes Stove Fire

We all know that bacon is the key to a man’s soul. There is just something about bacon that men seem to love.

Cooking 101: The Use of Thyme and Sage Leaves

Cooking is a fun experience. This is where you can use your creativity. You can even create your own signature dish. This article is about the flavorful herbs you can use, mainly thyme and sage leaves.

4 Tips For The Better Indoor Grilling

If you’re dying to grill, but can’t due to bad weather or simply lack the space for a huge outdoor range, then indoor grilling is your best bet. You can still get that “outdoor grilled taste” when grilling indoors among many other benefits. So what are some of the best indoor grilling tips, benefits, and tricks?

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