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Lose Weight With Fish

A great, non-fattening food that everyone should add to their diet is fish. Fish recipes are easy to come by and are make excellent meals. Fish is a high source of protein, but is different than other meat products.

Wilton Cake Decorating Tips

Baking cakes can be great way to show off your talents in the kitchen, but what really makes a cake creation come to life is the icing. These are some of the most popular Wilton decorating tips that leave a trademark design on any of your works of art.

Essential Utensils for the Kitchen

No matter if you’re just starting out or need to update your current kitchen sets, there are a few must have items for the busiest room in the house. With a few choice selections your kitchen will run like a fine tuned machine, without the high price tag. Start off with a medium size sauce pan for everyday use and a non-stick skillet for your amazing egg omelet.

Beef Rendang – The Ancient Amazing Dish From Minangkabau in Indonesia

Have you ever heard about ‘Rendang’? Indonesian, Malaysian and Singapore must be familiar with this food. As a main course, Rendang hold out from many hundred years ago.

How To Make A Hamburger

If you are looking for instructions on how to make a hamburger you will find a variety of methods, with many diverse ingredients and a number of different cooking methods. In basic terms, the hamburger is a closely packed patty of ground beef plus whatever added herbs, spices or ingredients you wish to introduce, and is best broiled or cooked on an outdoor grill.

Hamburger Recall

News of a hamburger recall is, thankfully, very rare indeed yet it is worth remembering that any meat product – indeed any food – can be subject to attack by bacteria that cause it to be dangerous. This is not meant to alarm but to remind lovers of the hamburger that they need to be very careful with the way they store and cook their hamburger meat, and make sure that only the best quality meat from conscientious butchers is used.

Salisbury Steak Hamburger

Is the Salisbury steak hamburger the ultimate incarnation of this spectacularly popular food? Regarded by many as the King of all burgers, and a true American classic in every way, the Salisbury steak takes the traditional burger theme and adds to it, bringing new flavors into a tried and tested recipe.

Hamburger Hash Recipe

One of the most impressive aspects of the hamburger, an item regarded by many in its sole and iconic form, is that it offers a diverse and vast range of possible meal options, each with its own charms and tastes. One of the most popular ways of making a hamburger into something different is to find a hamburger hash recipe, a simple and yet very tasty way of making a full and hearty meal from a humble burger.

How To Cook The World’s Best Hamburger

The hamburger has become such a popular dish that every household with have it’s own homemade hamburger recipe, and that many of these have found their way into cookery and recipe books shows just how much diversity there is in making, cooking and eating a hamburger. The basic ingredients are often the same – lean ground beef and onions – although there is some variety in these on occasions. For instance, some recipes may be a take on the classic Salisbury steak, the famous recipe that includes both beef and pork, while others – vegetarian burgers and turkey burgers – are for those who don’t eat beef.

Your Perfect Hamburger Recipe

As a dish that has been with us for around 200 years the hamburger remains little changed from its original incarnation, and that’s why hamburger ingredients are well-known, plentiful and affordable. Indeed, it is the very simplicity of the hamburger itself that makes this tasty and versatile item so popular, for there is very little needed when making the perfect hamburger.

The Best Hamburger Steak

The origins of the hamburger are rooted in the seafaring Americans of the 19th century and their visits to the important port – Hamburg, in Germany – from which they take their name. It is somewhat remarkable that hamburger steak recipes remain very much the same now as they did then, almost 200 years ago, and it is a sign of the impressive versatility of the hamburger that there are so many different variations on the theme.

The Diversity Of Hamburger

For more years than anyone of us can remember the hamburger has been a staple part of American – and worldwide – cuisine. Indeed, we know that the Salisbury steak – a derivation on the hamburger theme – has been with us since at least 1897, giving an idea of how long the original concept has been in existence. That there are so many recipes using hamburger meat or hamburgers themselves is testament to the versatility of this much favored ingredient, and the list of ways of cooking hamburger is growing all the time.

5 Truly Time-Saving Kitchen Tools

Between cleaning and storing, often kitchen tools that claim to be time-saving are more trouble than their worth. In this article, the author describes 5 tools that make the grade.

Birthday Cake Decorating – 3 Simple Tips

Birthday cake decorating can be a great way to add a little special touch to someone’s birthday. Follow these three simple steps and you will easily enhance the birthday of those you love.

Italian Cookbook – Physical Vs Digital

If you are in the market for an Italian cookbook, one of the first questions you may be asking yourself is “Should I go with an actual paper Italian cookbook, or a downloadable digital copy?” There are compelling benefits to be enjoyed from each, as well as a few cons to consider. This article will help you to identify these.

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