Arrange the MEAT over the ONION and cook the DINNER in 10 min!

Tips For Avoiding Food Poisoning For the Home Cook

Many thousands of people get sick each year from poorly handled, poorly stored or poorly cooked foods. Here are some tips to help you avoid getting sick: One of the most important tips for avoiding food poisoning is to use all of your senses. How does the food look?

Gas BBQs Are Your Best Option to Cook Barbequed Meals

If you enjoy outdoor cooking, and you do not want to mess around with a charcoal grill as it may seem to put a lot of burden when you are trying to create your perfect barbeque, probably this is the time to switch to gas bbqs. Discover how this equipment can turn your bbq experience into an exciting activity.

Goodbye to Burnt Steaks and Teary Eyes

No food tastes as succulent and as full of flavour as food cooked on a barbeque. In other words, barbequed food is now the hottest stuff in all Western kitchens, whether it is at home, in hotels or restaurants, at parties, or for outdoor catering or picnics.

Thank Heavens For Gas Barbecues!

Cooking barbecues is a tradition in every family; it has become a national past time for everyone. In parties, whether it is a party for adults or children, barbecues will always be there – if they are not then they will surely be missed.

Online Cooking Classes

Learning to cook doesn’t have to be a daunting experience providing you have the right learning materials. You can even learn from your own home with an online cooking class.

Chef Class Can Help the Home Cook

Chef class can really provide some help for the home cook. I’m sure like most people you have your batch of tried and true recipes you can knock out without too much trouble and they turn out great. But what about branching out into styles or cuisines you’re unfamiliar with? If you’ve never cooked interior Mexican food, how can you tell if a recipe is any good, unless you give it a try of course. But if it sucks, you’re out your time and the money for the ingredients. That’s why taking a cooking class is a great way to go to broaden your culinary horizons at home.

Boiling Peanuts

Peanuts are tasty and nutritious and you can eat them as a snack anytime, anywhere. There are different ways to prepare peanuts. Boiling is one of the methods. Peanuts which are fully mature are not used for boiling.

Garlic is Essential in the Cookery of the Mediterranean, But it Also Has Significant Health Benefits

Garlic is not only an essential kitchen ingredient in authentic Italian cooking; it also has significant health benefits. It is the only antibiotic that can actually kill infecting bacteria and at the same time protect the body from the poisons that are causing the infection. So it is that we see that there is more than the flavour that should encourage us to eat garlic…

Beef Tongue For Weight Loss

Tongue is the tenderest and leanest cut of beef. Great for a diet if you can get past the idea of it. It’s high in proteins and nutrients. That is why it is getting so popular. I remember they used to just about give it away till its popularity cause the price to go up. A four pound tongue costs about fifteen dollars now, about the same as family or cube steak.

How to BBQ Ribs That Are Tender and Juicy

Are you finding that when you BBQ Ribs they are dry and tasteless? Well that’s how I used to make them until I learned how to make them the right way. I did not realize what I was missing out on! Once you learn how to BBQ ribs to get the best taste there are a lot of different recipes you can try.

Wonder Woman in the Kitchen

At one time or another we have all been wonder woman or man in the kitchen. I wonder where I put that recipe? I wonder where my sharp paring knife is? Organizing in the kitchen is just as important as knowing which drawer your underwear is in. For some reason we can get the rest of the house together but when it comes to our kitchen, it’s a mystery.

Home Canning – Water Bath Versus Pressure Canner

The water bath processing method is fairly simple and inexpensive. However, this method is only safe for certain foods. To ensure food safety, you must know which method to use for which foods.

Entice Everyone With Your Home Cooking

When modernization and sophistication crosses a certain limit, scientists often make a ‘back to nature’ call. Something akin to this is happening in the world of home cooking also. Of late, people have been under the spell of fast food restaurants. Fast food chains have mushroomed everywhere, and have been ruling the roost like kings for pretty long. People, by and large, had become so used to its rule and regimen that they had forgotten the pleasures of home cooking.

Get Rewarded With Home Cooking and the Novelty of Your Recipes

Eating out signifies different things for different people. In enjoying restaurant food, some people are seeking satisfaction to their sensitivities as a gourmet. For yet others, it could be a fashion statement, which can be used in conversations to impress others, the way people throw names around to impress. For a third group, it is a convenience, a way of relaxing away from home, and a freedom from the humdrum job of home cooking.

Take a Baking Course to Improve Your Skills

Have you decided to improve your baking skills? Do you want to be able to make some of the amazing pastries you see at the store, or are you wanting to work in restaurant, or open your own bakery?

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