Amazing TRICK! Nobody has GUESSED how I boiled the EGGS for this ROULADE!

The Best Barbecue Short Ribs You’ve Ever Tasted

Barbecue short ribs, now there is some awesome flavor. Flavor which comes in nice, tidy little packages even the wife can appreciate. I’ll tell you what, don’t buy the beef back ribs at the store.

Water Smokers For the Backyard Barbecuer

Water Smokers for the backyard enthusiast is a must for everyone. There is just something magical about smoking (and I mean meat) in the backyard. I know, I probably have a lot of hippie friends out here in Colorado that when you say, ‘smokin’ in the backyard….’ they will think of something entirely different that what I am attempting to say here. With that said, electric water smokers are fantastic for the backyard griller/smoker to use and use efficiently.

4 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Brand Name Vacuum Storage Bag For Use With Vacuum Sealing Machine

If you are finding yourself dealing with left over foods for most of the days, then you probably have a vacuum sealing device in your kitchen that is used for storing perishable food items. Using air sucking and sealing machine, you can increase the shelf life of food products and also preserve the taste and flavor. If you are having a sealing machine that removes air from the packs before storing for quite some time, you will soon run out of such bags commonly used for storing foods.

Lunch in a Crunch

Find yourself rushing around each morning getting your kids out the door to school on time? With this time-saving tip, you can shave off a few minutes each morning and prepare a healthy lunch for your kids.

3 Pieces Of Baking Equipment That Make You A Better Cook

Great cooks know that the products that they use in the kitchen often have a great deal to do with the way foods turn out. Silicone bakeware offers some wonderful solutions for your kitchen that will make your job easier and the foods yummier.

Cooking Quick Meals After Work Can Be Easier Than You Think

Everyone would love to have a hot home cooked meal when they get home from work. That is, unless they have to cook it themselves.

Cooking Quinoa – Serving Suggestions

Cooking quinoa is a great way to stay healthy! Here are some serving suggestions.

Finding Quality Knives For Various Culinary Applications

Knives are one of the most essential tools in the kitchen. However, many believe that there is no difference with the knife you use such that rarely do they consider the quality and purpose. But you must consider many things, such as the time you spend on the kitchen, the kind of cook you are, and whether you are a professional cook who spends most of your time cooking.

10 Random Cooking Tips and Tricks

Don’t you love getting useful tips for just about anything? Tips that can save time, money and are easy? Read on, and I think you’ll be pleased with how you can put these to use today!

The Design and Features of Roasting Pans – Real Facts Revealed

Roasting pans are the ones that were specially designed in order to roast things under boiler or oven. They are available in fabulous designs and various facilities in different styles. The style and range involve plain foil roaster pans, which is useful in case of single application such as low fat roasting and many other situations as well.

The Advantages of Rice Cookers

It used to be that if you wanted rice with your meal at home, you had two choices: try to cook it in a pot and hope it doesn’t burn or buy one of those bland box mixes. But a new product on the market gives the home cook a brand new option. If you are someone who enjoys eating a meal that includes rice, you need to think about purchasing a rice cooker.

The Importance of Using Fresh Ingredients in Caribbean Cooking

If you’d like to learn how to cook Caribbean food the first lesson you should learn is that fresh ingredients are mandatory for Caribbean recipes. The freshness of the ingredients will make all the difference in the world.

Making Yogurt in a Food Dehydrator

I am a big fan of food dehydrators, and am always looking for alternate uses to make them even more versatile. So when I came across an article from the University of Missouri Extension Office on how to make yogurt at home I was excited.

Cookbook Clubs – How to Get Started in 8 Easy Steps

Cookbook clubs are a great way to get together over a good meal, try new recipes, and practice cooking. For each meeting, the club selects a cookbook, and every member selects a dish to cook and bring to share with the club.

Cooking is Easy When You Know the Basics

Some people love to cook and others hate it. There are those who want to cook, but are so overwhelmed at all the recipes, gadgets and hoopla they do not know where to start.

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