AMAZING food made of MINCED MEAT and ingredients that you have in your HOME!

Kitchen Cleanup Is Easy When You Start From the Beginning

Cooking can be fun, but cleanup usually isn’t. With a little advance planning and some practical tips, cleanup can be a breeze.

Seven Ways to Use Up Leftover Bread

Do you find yourself throwing out stale bread? These tips will help you make yummy dishes from the ends of your loaves.

Individual Serving or Family Style?

How do you serve your family meals? Do you serve from the kitchen, or do you bring all of the dishes out for people to serve themselves? In this article I compare the two approaches.

Use Your Oven Wisely and Frugally

Your conventional oven is the largest cooking appliance in your kitchen. It’s also the most expensive to run Knowing what it’s good at and when it’s wasteful will save you big books. Learn the basics along with some little known tips for getting the most out of your oven.

How to Improve Your Cooking Skills

Have you ever wanted to know more about cooking and baking? There are several ways to achieve that. Here are a few tips to better your cooking prowess.

Pressure Cookers for Quick, Frugal and Healthy Meals

Pressure cookers require an initial investment, but they pay for themselves by the saving in cooking time and energy. Here are some tips to get started.

Are You Going Bread Machine Shopping? – It Pays to Shop Wisely to Find the Best Bread Maker

Baking enthusiasts who enjoy making bread at home like to discuss the topic of which is the best bread maker to purchase. The answer to this question is that really it depends on your individual circumstances and personal preference. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for the best bread maker.

How to Choose a Suitable Cake Pan

If you hesitate in choosing a shaped cake pan, there are a few things that you should look for before buying. First of all, and most importantly, is depending on your skills in cake decorating, and second, your cake should fit the theme of what you are doing it for. To get the right decisions, and get a successful result, please read on to learn more.

How To Cook A Beef Tenderloin

Here is a simple and easy way to cook a beef tenderloin. With a few simple steps you can “wow” your dinner guests with this uncomplicated recipe.

Why Use Glass Cookware?

Leave the problems of metal cookware behind. This article will detail why you should stop using metal cookware and begin using glass cookware.

Cooking Prime Rib Roast: Boneless

Before cooking prime rib roast boneless, be sure and place the roast in the pan with the fat side up. The fat side is always opposite the bone side so if you have the butcher tie them back on he will know to tie them back on where they go.

Which Blender Will Kill You And Which Is The Best Blender

Some blenders will truly kill your pockets and others will be refreshingly reward you. The best blender is difficult to find but once you have, it will lead into many years of satisfaction. Instead of creating wonderful recipes of magnificent healthy consumption, a terrible blender can be loud, annoying and drain electricity. The best recipes indeed need the best blender in order to create that much sought after texture.

Herbs and Spices – Secret From Restaurants

You should always remember to keep your spices in a cool and dark place. You do not want to keep them in a humid place full of light and exposed to heat because they tend to lose their flavor quicker. Many people like to keep their spice rack on or above their stoves, but if you are one of those people, you might want to consider moving them to a different place to keep their flavor and freshness longer. I recommend to storing you herbs and spices in a refrigerator due to the level of humidity. However, if you want to store large quantities of herbs and spices, I recommend you store them in a freezer in a tightly sealed container to keep them fresh.

Go for Vegan Recipes and Be Healthy

Vegan Recipes have amazing nutritional value and can have marvelous and incredible results on the body providing essential nutrients to your body. They boost your energy and you can experience some life-changing benefits such as weight loss, clearer and vibrant skin, free of some common heart diseases, no blood pressure etc. Become a vegetarian and enjoy the various benefits!

Eight Dance Steps to Stir-Fry

Just about everyone, at one time or another, decides that stir-fry is the perfect food preparation technique. Fast cooking, choice of material to cook with (as healthy as you want – or don’t), and not a lot of expensive equipment to buy. There are thousands of good recipes, dozens of good techniques, but not a lot on the basics.

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