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Is Pink Turkey Meat Okay to Eat?

Of course, with pork, the color pink is a sign that the meat has not been cooked all the way through, but with poultry, the meat being pink does not mean that it is not safe to eat. In order to tell if poultry is safe enough to eat you will need to use a meat thermometer to ensure the poultry is cooked to a minimum temperature of 165 degrees, all the way through, so you will need to check different sections of the poultry.

Safely Cooking a Turkey For Any Occasion

One problem that many people run into when they are trying to cook a turkey is how to safely cook the turkey. Many turkeys come with pop up timers already inserted into the turkey, but the truth is you cannot rely on those timers because many times they do not work.

Three Ways to Safely Thaw a Turkey!

How you go out thawing out the turkey is the most important part of cooking a turkey because if it is not done at a safe temperature it can cause the bacteria that is present on the turkey to grow again, while it is frozen the bacteria cannot do anything. To thaw out the turkey you will want to use the correct temperatures.

Cooking Magazines Take You Behind the Scenes With Easy Recipes As Well As Home Cooking Tips

Many people especially those who are into cooking and all things kitchen related would be able to find a glut of information in cyberspace. Choosing a cooking magazine which offers you a myriad of recipes and a host of tips would be easy to do especially if you know where to look.

Need Cooking For Two? Try a Great Selection of Recipes Made Especially For Young Couples

Always wanted to ask that special someone over for a scrumptious, candle – lit dinner prepared by yourself and add a little extra romance to a special night, but confused not knowing where to begin or what to cook? Then you are definitely reading the right article about cooking for two, whether it is for your lover coming over tonight, mother dropping in to have some girl talk, or your best friend calling unexpectedly in town.

Stock Pot – A Brief History

The history of the stock pot is not nearly as ancient as one would think. Cooking vessels were a very slow but necessary part of the evolution of humanity. While early man used reeds, turtle sheets, mollusks and the stomach from animals to heat their food, the evolution to pottery was a slow process. Pottery allowed the containment of the food substances over a slow and low fire. Pottery cracks when it is super heated. Even modern pottery is reserved for slow cooking.

Kitchen Knife Sets – Which One Is Right For You?

There are 3 main keys to focus on when selecting from various kitchen knife sets. These 3 keys will determine your satisfaction with a particular set.

The Top Three Best Food Dehydrators

Food dehydrators are among the most useful kitchen appliances you can own for many reasons. The foods which food dehydrators can process range from a wide variety of delicious fruits, vegetables and meats. They can be bought in varying sizes and capabilities, according to the kind of food a dehydrator is designed to dry.

Stocking Your Shelves When You Hate to Cook

Who has scallions or creme fraiche on hand? If you want to make yummy, easy food in the new millennium, stocking your shelves with the right ingredients is key. The perfect shopping list for people who hate to cook.

How to Cook When You Hate to Cook

You don’t need to be Julia Child or Martha Stewart, and you certainly don’t need a broiler and a baster to cook real, good food. Take it from a girl who is learning how to cook in the new millennium; Cooking doesn’t have to be hard to be great.

Cooking Tools For Your Kitchen

If you cook occasionally or if you are just starting out, your kitchen should be equipped with certain basic tools. You do not have to purchase the most expensive utensils. Purchase what you need within your budget. You can always upgrade later.

Mexican Dishes – Prepare With Modern Tools and Devices

Cooking a Mexican dish will become easier each time you prepare it. And success with one or two dishes will give you the confidence to put these recipes in the rotating file of meals you prepare for your family.

Mickey Mouse Waffles

Mickey Mouse is one of my favorite cartoons from Disney when I was young. Besides that, I also like Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy. He has the most charming appearance of all other cartoon characters. I still remember I went to Hong Kong Disneyland for a vacation and take photo with him and Minnie. It is a good memorable moment!

Useful Tips on How to Choose, Store and Prepare Fresh Cardoons

Useful cooking tips about fresh cardoons. From how to select, buy, keep and prepare it. When choosing the fresh cardoons in the markets, avoid picking those which is wilted or spongy…

Healthy Living Through Better Cooking

Around the globe, healthy problems have become pandemic. There are millions of people who fall prey to heart attacks, cholesterol, high blood pressure which have become so common nowadays in all parts of the world.

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