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How to Cook Affordable Smoked Food From Your Own Kitchen

Smoking of food is a method of exposing foods to smoke, usually from wood, in order to give the food more flavour and a memorable taste. It’s a simple method, but allows for extra flavours to be put into a meal, and to make things more interesting on the palette. But how can you cook professional tasting smoked food from your own kitchen at an affordable price?

A Stainless Steel Rice Cooker Can Provide Healthy Rice Cooking While Keeping it Warm!

Many people steer clear of attempting to use a stainless steel rice cooker due to the tough challenge they might find it represents. However once you decide to start using one to cook rice you will find it really helpful because not only is it cooked perfectly but you can keep it inside and the rice cooker will leave the rice warm for extended periods of time.

Finding a Substitute For Coriander

Coriander is known by several names; most common are Chinese parsley and cilantro. Many individuals do not like the taste of coriander and want to replace this herb with another that will taste similar, but not exactly like coriander. The coriander leaf has a pungent taste and can be used in several types of ethnic cooking. Finding a substitute for those who do not like coriander or might be temporarily out of this herb leads to quite a culinary adventure.

Cool Elements That Will Elevate Your Party

You’ve probably seen those television shows that feature “Amazing Cakes” for audiences to salivate over. Huge sugary treats that take an entire army to help move to its’ final location. These wonderful designs are huge in size and price.

Start Baking at Home With Quality Cake Pans

These days, where shopping and eating is more of a matter of convenience, the younger generation has taken less interest in baking at home. While their grandparents saw it as necessary to bake their own bread at the very least, today’s busy lifestyle makes it hard for people to find the time to make their own bread or other baked goods.

Coriander Substitutes That Keep Your Culinary Integrity

Every cook or chef runs out of a necessary ingredient at one time or another. Finding a substitute that keeps the integrity of the dish is not always an easy endeavor. Creating new dishes also leads to finding a substitute to a traditional recipe.

How to Prepare a Hearty Vegetarian Meal

Preparing a vegetarian meal is no different from preparing a non-vegetarian meal. All the basic cooking techniques still apply to vegetarian cooking; like baking, roasting, braising, stewing, steaming, grilling, boiling and frying. The only difference is there is no meat involved in vegetarian food preparation.

5 Arguable Reasons Why Kosher Meat is Better

Non Jews always wonder, is kosher meat really better than non kosher meat? Of course, the answer depends on what you mean by better. So let’s put these into categories 1-5 and see what you think.

Backyard Food Safety – Lower the Calories and Protect Yourself From Food Poisoning

Backyard barbecues are a lot of fun, but there are some pitfalls. Some are for your waistline but others can make you very sick.

Make Smoked Barbecue – Five Tips That Guarantee Great Results

Making really fine smoked barbecue is fairly easy if you have an understanding of the process and the right equipment. Here are five tips that will have you barbecuing like a pro in no time. 1. Get the right equipment, 2. Get a good quality meat, 3. Season your meat…

Having Good Cooking Equipment

Different cookware offer different pros and cons. For example, when using a stainless type of steel cookware, it offers a high resistance to water and heat but is not a superior heat conductor. In contrast, aluminum is a superior heat conductor but unfortunately is not as durable as steel.

More on Pyrex

Imagining a kitchen without this durable and versatile cookware is almost impossible. Whether it is used for baking a cake, roasting or preparing a casserole, Pyrex is reliable, easy to clean and can be used to refrigerate the leftovers. It is truly a workhorse in the kitchen. Here is more on this remarkable cookware.

Rice Cookers Are Amazing

This essay discusses the significance of having a rice cooker in your kitchen. If you do not own a rice steamer, you can read more and find out some of the incredible features that rice steamers have to offer. And you should not overlook the fact that rice is a component in a balanced diet.

Great Cooking For a Grand Family

As an avid cook and mother of seven children, I have learned a lot about how to feed an army of kids, plus a wonderful husband. One of the greatest assets to my cooking repertoire has been my slow cooker. I have enjoyed the easy to use and time saving methods to prepare many meals with one great appliance.

Using Your Disposable Barbeque

As a barbeque can reach very high temperatures it’s a good idea to follow some simple safety rules. Make sure you pick the right spot for having your barbeque. If you’re on a slope try to find the flattest bit of land possible.

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