After I’ve cooked such minced meat, my wife told me to forget about meatballs

The Barbecue “Plateau”

Here’s a tip on how to recognize that BBQ “plateau” where the internal temperature of your butts or brisket seems to get stuck at at 165 deg and it won’t budge. Now you will know that it is normal, you’ll be prepared, and you won’t panic and throw your meat in the oven.

Six Tips for Cooking for the Freezer

Freezer cooking is all the rage. If you haven’t yet discovered this sure fire way to keep you from spending your valuable free time in the kitchen check out these 6 tips to get you started.

Cooking Tips To Help You In The Kitchen

When you are cooking a meal, there are many things that can go wrong and many simple, household solutions to issues that arise that you may not know.

Seven Tips To Make Your Salsa Recipe Better

Creating the perfect salsa takes more than just throwing some ingredients in a food processor. These seven tips will help turn a good salsa recipe into an extraordinary salsa recipe.

Cooking Competition Quality Ribs in your Backyard

Learn how to slow smoke the best ribs you have ever placed your lips on. This is the way we cook them on the competition BBQ circuit. Competition BBQ is better than anything you can get in any restaurant.

Kebabs Made Easy

Sometimes the easiest tips are right in front of you the whole time!

What Can You Add To A Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

Remember when you were a kid, and every chocolate chip cookie recipe turned out pretty much the same cookie? Sure, some were crunchy and some were chewy, but they all basically consisted of a sweet dough encasing half-melted chocolate chips…

Adapting A Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Everyone has a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, whether it’s the classic Toll House one we’ve all tried at least once, a cookbook recipe, an Internet find or something passed down from grandma.

Iron Chef Chen Kenichi

If there’s one chef who has made his mark on television, it’s Chen Kenichi, the only Iron Chef to have been on the hugely successful “Iron Chef” television series from its start in 1993 to 2002.

10 Shortcuts for Quicker Meals

1. Use Your Blender: It can help you chop and dice particular ingredients in a short amount of time. It is generally smaller and easier to clean than the food processor.

Donut Making The Lost Art

I believe donut making is truly a lost art. The bakers and donut makers of yesteryears that trained me would not appreciate me giving away secrets.

An Impressive Dinner Party Dessert for Around $10

The Bargain Queen’s favourite dinner party dessert. It’s easy, impressive, irresistably yummy and costs about $10 for four generous serves.

Traditional Indian Cooking

This article provides an overview of what characterizes traditional Indian cooking. It gives insights into the varieties of Indian cuisines and use of spices.

It’s Time To Step Up To Barbeque Smokers

Using a barbeque smoker is a great way to add flavor to your food. Many grills have attachments to accomplish this, but you wil get the best results by using smokers.

Forged Knives: the Tools for the Professional Cook and the Enthusiastic Home Cook

A forged knive is durable tool made for a lifetime use by the serious cook. The blade is precision-forged from one solid piece of steel and perfectly balanced. The edge is skilfully honed by hand and therefore incredibly sharp and easy maintainable.

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