A Whole Christmas Feast

Prawns, Curry, and the Most Exquisite Meal of All

There can only be one result when a cook brings together large, fresh Alaskan prawns and one of the many varieties of curry seasoning, and that would be extreme salivation on behalf of anyone within smelling distance of the kitchen. Any prawns curry dish is sure to be an absolute success with family and guests, and these preparations have the additional feature of being relatively simple to create. The most important aspects here are 1) selecting fresh, large, shiny Alaskan prawns from a reliable seafood provider, and 2) buying a quality curry product, of which the most flavorful generally are the small glass jars of curry paste (red or green).

The Do’s and Don’ts of Alaskan Seafood

There are a few dishes that most anybody knows how to cook. For breakfast, you would be hard-pressed to find people who do not know how to scramble and egg or make some toast to satisfy their morning hunger (and if you did, they will probably be the people eating cereal, bagels or toaster pastries instead). For lunch, frying up a grilled cheese or creating a sandwich from cold cuts and deli meats are easy assignments (or you could just eat more cereal). Dinner however, can be more difficult.

Alaskan Prawns – Just Another Member of the Mighty Alaskan Seafood Family

When it comes to seafood, there is no place on other to compete with Alaska. The northernmost state of the Union has basically everything when it comes to seafood: a wide variety of species, all of significant size and/or of unbeatable taste, and highly uncontaminated if not entirely pristine marine habitats whose stocks of seafood have been wisely and diligently preserved and harvested in a sustainable fashion. Among all the species of seafood being cultivated responsibly throughout Alaska, one which deserves a higher degree of recognition (and already has it among Alaskans) would have to be the Alaskan prawn.

Spice and Condiments in Indian Recipes

Indian cooking is more about flavoring. Seasoning and tempering is an essential need in all parts of India. India is known for its versatile variety in cooking and owing to urban residency there is an easy transition of adopting cooking trends. Meals are generally of gourmet nature in any part of India. Read this article and find out more.

Quick and Easy Bites

If you are looking for some appetizers to serve for your next gathering or some nibbles to go with drinks, use this formula: bread, spread, main item and garnish. Such a simple formula offers enormous variety and can produce highly sophisticated combinations. We are going to stick to the quick and easy.

How to Flash Freeze Make Ahead Cookies

Home baked cookies are a perfect dessert for holiday gatherings, birthday parties and your children’s school functions, but having to make them on the same day you need to do one million other things, like working a full time job, or cleaning your house, can be a major challenge for a busy mom! Fortunately, many cookie recipes can be considered “make ahead”, meaning, make the dough ahead and freeze all of it, or a portion, for later use. With cookie dough that you’ve made ahead and frozen, you spend less time in the kitchen, which stays clean, and you have some delicious homemade cookies to offer your guests (or to send off to school) in a snap. Here are some guidelines for freezing make ahead cookies.

Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies – Two Must Know Tips

Taking your chocolate chip cookies out of the oven at the wrong time can mean the difference between a rich gooey cookie or disaster. There are two tips that will help you determine the best time to take a cookie out of the oven, and they may just surprise you.

All About Making Stock at Home

Stocks are extremely important when making sauces and soups. It is basically a liquid that is prepared from simmering bones and/or meat along with vegetables, herbs and seasoning. There are many different types of stocks and they include beef, veal, chicken, vegetable and fish.

How to Buy Fresh Sweet Corn on the Cob

Nearly everyone loves to eat sweet corn on the cob. There is something about it that children and adults love and just cannot resist. Corn on the cob is great for a barbecue or garden parties, but can also serve it when the entire family is together for a reunion.

Exotic and Super Spicy Foods Korean Kimchi

Kimchi is a traditional Korean pickled dish made of vegetables with varied seasonings. It is a delightfully fiery hot and delicious Chinese cabbage dish. However, it must be prepared far in advance. When you sit down for Korean foods and they bring you sixteen bowls of vegetables, fish, pastes and sauces – a lot of that is kimchi. It is always something that’s there (at the table).

Olives – Different Types Plus Olive Tapenade Recipe

Olive and the different types Unripe olives are green, whereas fully ripe olives are black. The only difference between green olives and black olives is ripeness and black olives contain more oil than green. Olives are cured or pickled, using various methods including oil, water, lye, dry and brine.

Quick and Easy Microwave Sauces

A sauce acts like a condiment, complementing the flavor of the food without. Try adding sauce to make plain food interesting and try the microwave oven to make preparing a sauce quick.

The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker – The Best Way to Cook a Beef Brisket

The Weber bullet smoker is a tried and true smoker for everything from ribs to chicken. Customers speak very highly of its ability to maintain an even temperature for hours which in turn, can produce some of the best smoked meats and fish you will ever taste. This grill is on the higher end regarding price, but will last a long time and create many barbecue pork or beef briskets.

A Chocolate Chip Cookie Secret You Want to Know

Everybody wants to achieve perfection when baking chocolate chip cookies. It is the quintessential cookie. The cravings evoked at the mere mention of its name are powerful. Therefore, it is always so disappointing when they come out of the oven far less than perfect.

How to Cook Game Meat

As most of us know, game animals lead a very active life and as a consequence to this, their muscles are somewhat lean. This aspect leads to make the game meat drier in comparison with the meat from the domestic animals. For this particular reason, it is crucial to use specific cooking techniques that add flavor and juiciness to the drier cuts of the game meat.

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