7 Days, 7 Noodle Recipes

Diet Menus

Are you searching for a simple diet menus? Something that you can prepare even your on the go and is easy to make. If so here’s a simple guide on selecting simple diet menus.

The Right Oil to Purchase For Your Health

What is extra virgin, cold pressed, heat pressed oil. What to look for, how to store, and flavors of oils.

Soul Food Kitchen Ideas For the New Cook

The soul food kitchen is as American as apple pie. It’s the place much of the food of American was build on, especially in the south. Find out the latest soul food kitchen tips to help the new cook. The experienced cook will also learn the latest changes taking place in southern cooking.

Food Therapy

Cooking is such a lovely activity. Simultaneously, it reduces stress, helps you feed your loved ones, provides an engaging yet relaxing activity and increases your skills too! What more could you ask for?

Chinese Rice Recipes

In Chinese culinary culture, rice is an integral part, no doubts. Apart from cheapness, satisfaction and great taste, it can also be used in diverse ways. Rice is simply inseparable from the Chinese culture.

Sushi Plates – A Reasonable Investment For Sushi Lovers

There are so many sushi lovers who love to eat it every day. Even though they love to eat it, they don’t favor to study and make their own sushi at home. They also do not have the intention to go out and eat sushi every day.

Corning Ware Casseroles

One of those necessities is the wonderful convenience of Corning Ware casseroles, freezer to oven safe, as we always say. We have found it to be so convenient to prepare food ahead of time, put it in the freezer to bring back out at a later date. Food stored in glass doesn’t pick up flavors transmitted from the container.

The Sweet and Salty of Raw Food

How to flavor your raw food recipes with celtic sea salt, himalayan salt, or Braggs. You can also use agave nectar, dates, raw honey, or maple syrup to sweeten your raw food recipes.

Propane Stoves and Propane Burners – A Critique

Propane stoves and propane burners are a traditional and very reliable choice for outdoor cooking. Generally, propane burners are designed with safety and functionality in mind albeit some trade marks are notably better than others. In this critique we focus on the use of propane in cooking, explaining why propane stoves and propane burners are the ideal choice when backpacking, tailgating, camping or cooking on the patio.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Turkey Frying

There a whole host questions folks ask when thinking about deep frying a turkey outdoors; here is a review of the main ones. I hope they help. What size of pot should I use for turkey frying?

All About an Egg

Eggs are very useful in the diet. They contain proteins, fat, mineral and vitamins.

Cooking Tips You Need to Know

Most people are going to try to cook at one stage or another in their lives, unfortunately many people will give up after their first attempt because of a burnt pan or an overcooked egg. But with a bit of help, anybody can experience the thrill of cooking a meal for somebody else, and have that somebody else really appreciate the food and the time that it’s taken to prepare. There are many great cooking tips both on the Internet and through some of the many cookbooks that are available.

Suggestions on How to Barbecue a Tri-Tip

Cooking a tri-tip barbecue is easy and satisfying. The greasy layer of fat of the steak helps the meat retain the necessary juices and flavors of the seasonings which results to flavorful and aromatic tri-tip barbecue.

Have You Tried an Electric Smoker?

Smoking your beef is a good way to add new depth to your meat’s flavor. Electrical smokers can help take the trouble and fear out of smoking meats, especially if you have never smoked beef before. Many people that are considering purchasing an electric smoker might be wondering what are just some of the features that set electric smokers aside from a conventional smoker. Traditional smokers use wood or charcoal to supply a flame and smoke.

Cooking Games and Heat

Cooking is fun but be sure that you are being careful. In cooking, be organized and be alert to avoid burns and accidents.

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