6 Quick And Easy Breakfast Recipe By Recipes Of The World

What to Watch for When Buying Fish

Things to look for when you are looking to buy fish for dinner. Fresh or frozen, don’t buy it without checking this out.

Diversity in Swedish Limpa Rye Bread

While researching the many and varied recipes for Swedish Limpa Rye Bread, this author is amazed by the diverse ways this bread is made. Ingredients range all over the board, from basic to complex, with many ingredients changed for US bakers. I found that this bread was traditionally called Vort Bread, as it was made using wort, or vort in Swedish, which is a product created in the beer brewing process. An acceptable substitute these days for the wort is a stout beer.

Appetizer Recipes for a Fantastic Party

The experience of gathering up a few treats on the plate before moving on the next brings about warm feelings in us all and it all goes back to having great appetizer recipes to work with. These treats can range from simple treats to elaborate Hors d’Oeuvres, and can actually make the life of the party.

The Delight of Cooking

Although cooking can be seen as an ordinary activity for survival, it is also a cultural practice that can provide entertainment, broaden horizons, connect people, and inspire. The delight of cooking can come from many different ways. It can be through experimenting with other food types or exploring another ethnic’s cuisines.

Get to Know Mahlab: A Pleasant and Aromatic Spice

Another wonderfully scented spice from Turkey and the Middle East, Mahlab is the inner kernel from the pits of the St. Lucie Cherry. Lending itself to baked goods with its fragrance of cherry, bitter almond and rose, make this new spice one to try. The tiny inner kernel of Mahlab is an oval, 3/16 inch long, buff or tan colored with wrinkled skin and a creamy colored interior. The scent is a pleasant mix of sour cherries, bitter almonds and a hint of rose.

Galangal – A Pungent Relative of Ginger

Galangal is a rhizome known most in Southeast Asian cuisines. If you have experienced Thai food you may have had galangal. While it is related to ginger and looks similar, it is far hotter and sharper for the uninitiated. China uses a different type of galangal than Thailand, for example. The Polish use galangal to flavor vodka and the Russians still use it to flavor vinegar and some liqueurs.

Cook A Perfect Turkey

Is your turkey dry and flavorless? Here are some great hints for making a great turkey just like a chef!

Sauce Making – The Most Important Element In Preparing Stir-Frying Cuisines

A good quality stir-fried sauce is vital to produce an outstanding Asian cuisine. However, many people tend to ignore this step because they are merely focused on the choice of ingredients and the method of preparation. As a result of that, they may not be able to produce the best stir-fried cuisines even though they have the knowledge and techniques of stir-frying.

Enjoying the Diverse Foods of Guatemala

Learning to cook in Guatemala took me in unexpected directions. Coming from Ohio in 1970, Guatemala was a complete unknown, and the foods were strange. I went with willingness to learn all I could and enjoyed the journey. One of the first foods I encountered was black beans. They were pureed. I had never seen pureed beans of any kind before, and I had no idea what these were. They tasted good, and I continued on. At Christmas in Guatemala tamales are an absolute must. Tamales Rojos y Colorados.

Becoming Familiar With Grains of Paradise

A West African spice, at one time more accessible and less expensive than pepper for spice-hungry Europe. As pepper became more available, Grains of Paradise had less demand and prices rose. Once again, Grains of Paradise are in vogue. Sometimes known as Guinea Pepper or Melegueta Pepper, this spice has been out of vogue for a long time. In the 14th and 15th centuries, production of the spice was so important that the Gulf of Guinea coast became known as the Melegueta Coast. The ease of access to Europe made this spice a popular substitute for pepper from far away Asia.

Five Lesser Known Spices in Indian Cooking

Not everyone is ready to delve into the world of unknown spices used in Indian cuisine. Why invest in something unknown? This article should help with a better understanding of some of these lesser known spices. What about some spices that are totally unknown? The smells of Indian cooking are unmistakable. The smell of something very exotic can be quite enticing. Walking past an Indian restaurant can be an experience all on its own. So what is it that makes the food smell so different? Here are some of the ingredients that may contribute to the exotic scents that are so attractive. These explanations may help you to search out these unusual spices and try out an Indian dish or two.

Traditional Cast Iron Skillet: Not Just for Frying

For a more tasty, juicy, evenly baked and brown chicken, true baking your chicken in the cast iron skillet. The writer tells her experience.

Nigerian Foods: My List of Popular Foods Eaten in Nigeria

Here is an introduction to Nigerian foods, if you looking for quick tips on popular foods eaten in Nigeria this article might be of help to you. I made a list of four popular foods in Nigerian and a little introduction based on my experience and both a Nigerian and a great cook.

The Making and Uses of Ghee, One Does Not Need to Be Indian to Enjoy Ghee and Its Many Benefits

Ghee is most often used in Indian cooking. It is found easily in most health food stores these days as well as some groceries, but it is easy to make and lasts a long time, so try making it at home. One of the near essentials, ghee is used all over the Indian continent. Basically a clarified butter, ghee has one of the highest smoke points of any oil and is wonderful used for frying because it does not go rancid easily. Once made, ghee can last months if stored in a tightly sealed container, away from heat and light. It can be stored in the refrigerator, but will need to come to room temperature before use.

Holiday Cooking: Timing Tips

It happens to even the most experienced of holiday cooks, the holiday meal is not on the table at the appointed time. A lot of final preparations are still not done making the guests wonder when will they ever eat. After all, it’s just a matter of timing everything so that it turns out right.

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