6 New Year’s Food For Good Luck!

How to Eat Fresh Lobster

Lobster is a delicious meal. But getting at the meat can be a daunting task if you’ve never had Lobster before. Follow these easy tips and you’ll be eating like a pro in no time.

Why Use a Jerky Gun?

One of the best tasting snacks on earth is beef jerky. Believe it or not it’s also easy to make with the help of a jerky maker gun. This type of tool is also often shortened and just called a jerky maker. No matter what you call it the primary goal of this tool is help you make a tasty batch of beef jerky for you or the whole family to enjoy.

What Makes Indian Cuisine Unique?

Discover the secret to the exotic taste of Indian cuisine. Indian food is not just a flavorful and wholesome brew, it is also believed to help gain the needed physical, spiritual, and emotional equilibrium.

Brown Gravy Mix – The All-Purpose Kitchen Helper

Don’t be fooled into thinking that brown gravy mix is just for making – ta da! – brown gravy. Due to the economy, more and more people are cooking at home rather than eating out or buying fast food; and it’s great to be able to rely upon a mix to inexpensively round out a meal … especially since we’re all so pressed for time these days, too, with work, long commutes, and our kids’ soccer games.

Microwave Madness – The Triumph of Technology Over Taste

Microwave ovens are marvelous but not magical; some foods fare better with more conventional cooking methods. Foodies have more fun when they learn what not to nuke.

Cooking Lobster For Newbies

It’s really easy to cook lobster. Check out the tips in this article to wow your family and friends. Cooking Lobster is really pretty easy. You probably have everything that you need in the kitchen already.

Tea Kettles – The Best Option For Boiling Water

The electric model of a tea kettle is best for boiling water for any purpose. Not just used in homes, it also finds application in hotel rooms or while traveling. One needs to boil water for a variety of purposes- including for making tea, coffee, soups and a number of other food products.

Don’t Clam Up When You Think About Cooking Clams

In New England, where I live we tend to hide our clams either under a crispy batter or floating in a creamy chowder. I don’t have anything against either of those dishes, but they can be time consuming and well, just plain messy to prepare at home.

6 Tips From a Novice Steak Chef

My body type does well with red meat. Not everybody is like this. Some do better on white meats and natural starches.

The Dos & Don’ts of Wedding Cake Decorating

The wedding cake decorating is one thing you want to get right on the biggest day of your life. There’s no bigger occasion than a wedding and there’s no bigger central piece than the wedding cake. We all want it to be the best cake possible and this can be achieved by following the dos and don’ts of wedding cake decorating in this article.

Tips to Make Your Coffee Cake Recipes Even Better!

Coffee cakes are delicious breakfast treats that are best paired with your favorite coffee or tea. Since coffee is a strong beverage, the cake it is paired with has to have a strong but sweet flavor – this is why coffee cakes usually have fruits or nuts mixed in them.

High Cost of Packaged Meats Has Many People Making Their Own at Home

Many people think it is difficult to make their own deli meats at home. It is Not. As prices for deli meats continue to rise more people are looking ways to produce their own at home.

How to Choose the Right Cake Pans For Your Next Baking Project

So you’ve baked a few cakes, and you’re starting to really get into this baking thing. I don’t blame you. I’ve been at this “baking thing” for several years now, and I love it. One of the problems I faced when I was first starting out was choosing the right cake pans for the various baking projects I had going on. I finally figured out how to make choosing the right cake pan simple, and now I’m going to show you.

Garlic Mustard

Garlic mustard is found in the Central and Western Asia, Northwestern Africa, North and East India and Europe. It is a biennial plant that grows from a white, thin deeply growing tap root. It has a life cycle of two years and its tap root has a smell that is similar to that of horse radish.

The Creole Mustard

The Creole mustard dates back to as early as 1720 A.D., when a technique of getting dry powder from the mustard seeds was developed. With Queen Victoria’s mustard-maker, Jeremiah Colman popularized the use of these seeds. He made high quality flour from these seeds. The Colman’s flour is in his loving memory.

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