5 Unique Ways to Enjoy Rice Paper (and lots of it) – 5 Món Bánh Tráng Trộn Sài Gòn siêu đỉnh

Pasta Dies Can Help You Get Different Style and Design Pasta

We all know that pasta dishes are served with many styles, decorations and theme. This is made possible due to the availability of pasta products in various sizes, shapes and designs.

Will A Low Fat Air Fryer Really Cook Great Chips?

Have you ever thought about getting a low fat air fryer but have wondered if the claims are true? Do they really cook chips that taste like the deep fried variety? Find the answer here.

Commercial Stand Mixers Vs Residential Stand Mixers

Many home chefs and cooks realize at some point that buying a stand mixer could save them a great deal of time in the kitchen. Often, they will go out in search of commercial equipment, thinking the quality will be better. But is it?

Is There a Shortcut in Cooking?

I am often asked this question and I have to say that I love shortcut myself because I live in America with two teenagers, a 24/7 job and lead a very busy life. Whenever I can use shortcuts and not compromise on taste I do so and I teach my tricks to others but when it comes to “Umami”- that deep and evasive flavor and intensity that every chef struggles to develop- there is magic involved and not so many shortcuts. I always tell my customers if you go for Italian and as soon as you open…

How to Understand The Catering Menu – A Catering Glossary Of Terms

Do you have problems understanding the menu when you are looking at it? Do you understand what the word is supposed to say but have no idea what it means in this context? Do you wish you spoke 12 different languages in order to comprehend what those words are that accompany the chicken on the menu? Me too, and I have been a chef for 22 years! That being said, I might know the meaning of a few more terms and words than the average food consumer out there, so I have decided to share with you some of the most common.

Cast Iron Skillet Food Cooking – It Actually Is Healthier

When we talk of the good old days, many times it’s just nostalgia creeping in. But with some of the cookware we use to prepare meals with, sometimes the good old days were much better. In particular I’m speaking of cast iron skillets, and how much more healthy they are to cook with than what many of us use as cheap alternatives.

How to Cook a Duck For Thanksgiving

For many people Thanksgiving is the most wonderful holiday of the year. This is a time for family to come together and celebrate life and give thanks for everything, even the little things. There is no better way to do this than to celebrate giving thanks with an incredible meal. A delicious Thanksgiving meal comes in many forms, usually turkey, but sometimes it is nice to try something new. I can think of nothing more delicious than trying a duck this Thanksgiving holiday!

Why Don’t Women Cook Anymore?

So, “why don’t women cook anymore?” The focus isn’t on women alone – why do men accept wives who can’t cook? Or for that matter, why aren’t mothers teaching their daughters to cook? If you feel that the slant of the questions seems to thrust the brunt of the cooking duties onto the female – that is the intent. Because the woman sets the tone for the atmosphere in the home, it stands to reason that women do the cooking.

How to Spice Summer Food Favorites For Picnics and Barbeques

May is National Barbecue and Burger Month. Celebrate the occasion outdoors and keep the heat out of the kitchen by planning a get together for family or friends. Here are some ways to spice up old standards, even if you buy them at your local deli.

Five Pointers You Learn Out Of Cooking School

A cooking school may provide you with the necessary credentials to make you a qualified chef, but there are a number of things it will not teach you anything about, that are important to cultivating a successful culinary career. This comes as no surprise though, since educational institutions, more often than not, teaches idealisms rather than reality.

Cooking Tips – Meals That Are Easy to Prepare in a Crock Pot

Crock pot meals are perfect for families and working couples. Mom or dad can easily place a meal in the crock pot first thing in the morning, and then return home in the evening to discover a dish that is ready to eat.

Cooking Tips – Planning a Child’s Birthday Party

Planning your child’s next birthday party doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Following a few simple cooking tips can help make the party a huge success.

Top Cooking Tips for Roasting the Perfect Turkey

Roasting a turkey for the first time may seem a bit scary. Once you learn a few cooking tips, however, you won’t have any trouble serving your guest a delicious bird for dinner.

Dehydration – What Are The Benefits of Dehydrating Food?

Drying foods has long history dating several thousand years. This history includes several continents including North America. The benefits of health and survival includes the current century. I am listing the top four benefits from dehydration.

The Craving: Peanut Butter and Jelly and Potato Chip Cupcakes?!

With my daughter, I had a whole other sweet/salty addiction: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with potato chips wedged in the middle! I would sit at my desk at lunchtime, hiding behind my computer, quickly devouring three or four of those bad boys. And while a pb&j may be a classic kids lunch food, it is definitely not a low calories treat. By the time you add the calories of the bread, peanut butter, and jelly, you’re already up to at least 300-400 calories! And when you add the salty, greasy goodness of a potato chip on top of that, it becomes a pregnancy weight atomic bomb. Thankfully, I’ve managed to curb those cravings thus far, but I couldn’t help but think of what a delicious cupcake a pb&j potato chip cupcake would be.

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