4 Ways To Cook Pollo

Vintage Meal Planning

We like to think of Family Meal Planning as something new from the last 10 years or so but Family Meal Planning is not an invention of the 21st century. As early 1921 we can find some great tips for getting a meal on the table in the family home.

Using Timers to Increase Productivity in the Kitchen

With less time available for just about anything we do, being productive is the name of the game. Everybody wants good home cooked meals done in record time. This article takes a look on how timers can improve productivity in your kitchen.

A Good Roaster is Worth Its Weight in Gold

When making a chicken, turkey, pork loin, or pot roast, everyone has their own way of doing it. Some people use marinades or even a dry rub. Some cooks swear by trussing a chicken and others think that it is unimportant.

The Wide Variety of Ways to Make Chili

If you like spicy food, than you would probably like chili. It seems like everyone has their own special recipe for chili, and each swears that theirs is the best way. There are so many different varieties that it is hard to tell you exactly how to make chili.

10 Signs You Need New Kitchen Pans

Don’t enjoy cooking? Loose handles on your pans? Want to save money and the environment? Find out why new Kitchen Pans could be just what you need.

Cleaning Your Cast Iron Frying Pan

With a properly cured cast iron frying pan you can cook with confidence and get great results. Steps for cleaning and curing a cast iron pan. Plus the pitfalls to avoid when shopping for a new pan.

Preparing Ginger, Garlic and Avocado – 3 Simple Ways to Use These Three Tricky to Use Foods

There are some foods that are tasty and make many meals taste better. However they are also tough to prepare and use. These three tips on how to peel ginger and garlic will save you time and keep you from wasting food.

Barbecue Secrets – Checklist of Essential Items For Competition

So you are getting ready for your 1st competition huh? Congratulations! Not sure where to start? No problem.

How to Cook With Culinary Lavender

Are you in love with the smell of lavender? If so, you probably also know that you can cook with the herb (that’s right…it’s a herb, not a flower!). If you want to try using culinary lavender in your kitchen, but aren’t sure how to start, read on.

Find Cooking Stressful? These Tips Are For You!

Useful information and advice on taking the stress out of cooking a meal for others. Includes 8 top tips for you to follow.

Baking Ham – How to Cook a Ham That Will Wow Your Guests

Baking ham might seem like a daunting process but it’s really quite easy. The key is cooking time for a ham. It’s not as long as you might think. Anybody can learn how to cook a ham.

Pots and Pans – The Foundation of Any Kitchen

When stocking a new kitchen, one of the first items to buy are pots and pans. They are essential to making any food, from eggs at breakfast to macaroni and cheese at dinner. The pots and pans in a home will get the most use so choosing a high quality — and getting them in sets to save you money — will make them last for a long time and continue to cook well.

Reason For Failure in Cake Making

Well cooked cakes should be well risen, firm and a good, even color. A good test is by touch. The top of the cake should be firm and lightly springy, leaving no mark when gently pressed. Due to the evaporation of water during baking, a cooked cake shrinks slightly from the sides of the tin.

Barbecue Secrets & Tips For Great Pulled Pork

What lover of barbecue doesn’t enjoy mouth-watering pulled pork? Whether it’s piled high on a plate, sandwiched on a toasted bun, or topped with cole slaw, pulled pork is a classic. Problem is, most of what passes for pulled pork in a restaurant is pretty disappointing and doesn’t do the real thing justice. Here are some secrets to getting competition quality in your back yard smoker.

Barbecue Secrets – What Type of Fuel Should I Use?

Before I discuss the various types of wood that are available for your smoker, I want to talk to you a bit about your charcoal. There are two types of charcoal available for commercial use: Briquettes and Lump. Briquettes are the ones made popular by a company whose name starts with a “K” and probably the ones most of us grew up watching our fathers use.

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